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Title: it's not a big deal, really | Noa

Cato Armstrong - December 6, 2011 02:08 AM (GMT)
Cato had been sitting awake in his cabin for a while, just laying on his bunk listing to his ipod. First, there really wasn’t anything to do and second, he had promised to meet someone here. Not just anyone either, Noa. The pretty girl he had been getting along with for quite a while. Although Cato didn’t ask Noa why she wanted to meet him here, he had an idea.

His stupid birthday. Honestly, Cato didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but Noa seemed to be insisting it was. It wasn’t like it really made a difference whether he was fourteen or fifteen. He still couldn’t drive or anything. Birthday’s had never really been exciting for Cato. Sure, his mother threw huge parties every year with all the ‘popular kids’ at school, but they were nothing special. Just the same as all the other kids parties. Celebrations weren’t really a big deal to Cato anyways, like Christmas or Easter. He just wasn’t that type of person.

Turning on his side, he faced away from the door, waiting for Noa to arrive. She wouldn’t be too much longer, right? Okay, maybe she still wasn’t supposed to meet him for another five minutes, but he had been waiting all morning. Plus, since it was his birthday and all, shouldn’t she be, like, early or something? Whatever, he would just wait. Any time with Noa was something to look forward too, as sappy as that sounded. There was something about her... that was all.

Noa Burton - December 6, 2011 10:17 AM (GMT)
Oh yes Noa thought birthdays were a big deal and really, they were! In fact, birthdays were so important for her that for Cato's birthday she had even dressed up. She had managed to get him a cake and although she hadn't been outside of camp to buy him a present, she had a pretty good idea of what she could do instead. She was a demeter kid after all, and even the raspberries on the cake were ones that she grew herself. Noa rather liked raspberries and even her shampoo smelled of it, leaving Noa with a hint of raspberry everywhere she went.

She knocked on the cabin door quickly before pushing the door open and walking in with the cake carefully in her hands. Kicking the door closed behind her she slowly walked up to him, though keeping her distance since for all she knew she might startle him and hit the cake out of her hands right onto her dress. That would be bad. So instead she stood a little further away from his bed as she started to sing. "Happy birthday to you.." it was a short song and Noa wasn't the best singer around but really, singing happy birthday to someone wasn't a matter of being able to sing well.

"Do you feel fifteen yet?" Noa asked him and went to put the cake on a table before sitting on the edge of his bed. "I remember when it was my birthday, I didn't feel like it was.. So you should feel like it's your birthday.." she told him with a smile and looked around for a couple of seconds. Her present could wait until he had turned to her so he could see it. Yep.

Cato Armstrong - December 13, 2011 01:29 AM (GMT)
Hearing a voice out of his one ear, he turned to face the person he had been waiting for. Really, his birthday wasn’t a big deal, but if anyone were to make a big deal about it, he was happy it was Noa. As she sung, Cato smiled and sat up on his bed, eying the cake. Food? Yes. Best part of birthday’s right there. Presents were cool too, but what did Cato really need? He had enough, in his opinion. That wasn’t to say that he would like a present, but he didn’t actually need anything in particular.

Noa really was the only girl he talked to at this camp on a regular basis. He knew plenty of others, but he really wasn’t bothered to go find them to hangout with them. There was something about Noa that made him want to be around her. Cato had been friends with many girls before, but Noa seemed special for some reason. Of course, that might of been his dang teenage hormones kicking in. Wouldn’t be surprising.

“Nope, still feel like my fourteen year old self.” He replied as she sat down beside him, his eyes drifting back from the cake and over to Noa. Of course, he couldn’t help but smile as she talked on and on, something she seemed to do often. It wasn’t annoying or anything, more like endearing. Rubbing his hand through his blonde hair, he smiled, mostly waiting for what she had to say next. He wasn’t really much of a talker, but luckily Noa seemed to cover that. He could force himself to speak when needed, but was much more comfortable waiting for what she had to say.

Noa Burton - December 16, 2011 09:38 PM (GMT)
Noa smiled when he smiled. She liked people in general and would generally smile at them, but there hadn't been many people that made her smile just by smiling at her. Cato was one of the people that did manage it and it was a weird feeling. But a nice one, too. Weird wasn't necessarily bad, after all. She had put down the cake in her lap and she simply smiled at Cato like she was some kind of mad person.

“Well, you should have some cake then. I didn't bake it, but I bought it myself.” She admitted with a grin. There wasn't even a kitchen around. How would she even cook anything herself, anyway? “Cake makes people feel like it's their birthday, right?” she said and held it up to him. “But I have to admit, you also still look like you're fourteen. I mean, it's not like you grew a couple of inches overnight.” she said and smiled at him. Gosh, she was being awkward.

Okay. Done with being awkward though and the first thing Noa was doing to do was decorate the place. “Your cabin seems a little.. under-decorated.” Noa said and stood up looking around again. Slowly waving her hand suddenly flowers started to grow all over the place. Even if usually it wouldn't have been possible to have them grow from walls and such, Demeter kids could do it. “There, that looks better.” She said and turned to Cato with a smile.

Cato Armstrong - December 18, 2011 05:48 AM (GMT)
When Noa offered him cake, there was no way he would refuse. Cato? Refuse food? Yeah, no. “I’d love some.” He said with a smile, taking the cake and putting it in his lap. If he were just around guys he would have already dug in, but since he was around a cute girl, he thought maybe pacing himself would be best. Lifting up his fork, Cato smiled. “Want some?” She bought it for him. It was only fair he shared, even if it was his birthday.

Still looked fourteen? Cato towered over all the fourteen year olds he knew; even the tall ones. “Pfft. Come on, I have to look older than that.” He wasn’t a little kid anymore, even if he was only fifteen. “I gotta look at least fifteen, if not older.” He said happily. What fourteen year old was this built that she knew? Cato resisted the urge to flex and shoved a bite of cake into his mouth.

Cato laughed as Noa decorated his cabin with flowers. As much as he was okay with Noa’s touch, it would be funny to see some of his Sisters reactions to all the flowers. “I wonder how Pepper and the others will like all the flowers.” He said with a laugh, looking over at Noa. It was actually amazing how she could just grow flowers like that. Okay, maybe Cato wouldn’t want to be able to grow flowers, but to control water like the Poseidon kids? Or lightning like Zeus’s kids? Why couldn’t Ares kids have any cool talents? And no, fighting didn’t count. “It’s pretty cool how you can do that, though.”

“So, you said something about presents?” Cato said with a playful smile on his lips.

Noa Burton - December 18, 2011 06:25 PM (GMT)
She slowly shook her head when he asked her if she wanted cake as well. "No thanks. I only brought one fork anyway.." Noa said with a smile and blushed slightly at the thought he might offer to share. No, that would be too awkward. They were only friends and friends didn't do that. Well, maybe if you were both girls. This was just different. She simply smiled and watched him eat.

She laughed softly when he said he had to look older than that "Well okay fine you look older than fourteen, but I mean you don't look any different from your fourteen year old self." She explained and chewed on her lip slightly. Even she wasn't all that short, but Cato was much much taller than her. She couldn't exactly say she minded though. Tall guys were the best anyway. At least she'd probably never be taller than him and if she was going to really like him, that was a good thing.

Yes. Presents! Okay, so maybe Noa hadn't known at all what to buy him. Maybe she had gone to visit a couple of her male campmates to ask them what she could get him and maybe, just maybe she had managed to go out and get it for him herself. "Yes, presents." Noa smiled. She was happy to see that he liked her flowers, but it was time to get the real presents out. Quickly she walked back out the door for a second and took back in three boxes.

First she handed him the flat silver one. "This is kind of a joke.." Then the second, the golden/bronze box. "Aaand apparently all boys need one of these.." And then the third, the small round black box. "And this isn't new.. It's mine but I thought you would like it.." Noa said, not mentioning that in fact those were the headphones Gavin had liked a lot when he had seen her wearing them. Giving these headphones to Cato was more special than she let on.

Cato Armstrong - December 24, 2011 05:34 AM (GMT)
Of course the thought of them sharing a fork passed through his mind, but Cato wasn’t going to ask. Being a guy, he really didn’t think it was a big deal, but he wasn’t going to make Noa uncomfortable. If she did ask, he would have no problems with it. Instead, Cato just took another bite of his cake.

Cato was actually surprised Noa had gotten him presents at all. It wasn’t like they knew each other that well. How did she know what to get him? Well, whatever she had gotten him, he would be happy about it. He was lucky to even have her as a friend to begin with. Putting his cake beside him on the bed, Cato opened his presents in the order they were passed to him. First was a flat silver box, apparently a joke present. Opening it, Cato held up the socks that were in the box. He smiled. Amazing present, Noa.

Next up was the bronze coloured box. Taking off the bow around the box, Cato lifted the lid. In the box was a black and silver watch. Still not saying anything (although his smile showed that he was happy), Cato slid the watch onto his wrist, and then held it out, showing it to Noa.

The last box was a small, round, black box. Apparently the present wasn’t new, but that didn’t bother Cato. Opening up the box, Cato picked up the blue headphones. He had seen people wear these before, but he didn’t own a pair. All he had were the terrible earphones that he had gotten with his iPod forever ago, and he had blown one of the earpieces a while ago. All Cato ever did was listen to music, so it was good thinking on Noa’s part. Cato, of course, had no idea how important they were to her. Sliding them around his neck, he turned to Noa. “How do I look?” He said with a playful smile. Did he look stupid with the headphones around his neck?

“Thanks for all the presents, Noa.” He said, holding out his arms for a hug. “You’re the best.”

Noa Burton - December 26, 2011 08:25 PM (GMT)
Just the thought of sharing a fork nearly freaked out Noa. Not that she thought he had cooties or anything. Of course he didn't have cooties. She had grown out of thinking boys had cooties a long time ago but it seemed like a couple thing to do. Couples used the same fork for eating and perhaps best friends. But she was barely a good friend of Cato's. Going as far as calling him her best friend was a bit much. So she simply smiled as he ate his cake.

Now, as Cato opened the first two presents, she wasn't nervous at all. They were simply presents that any boy could expect to get for any birthday. Not specifically for his fifteenth birthday. But when the third present came around, Noa couldn't help but shift a bit uncomfortably on the bed. This was important. Giving him this present was kind of a big deal because the headphones were rather special to her. But she wanted him to have them. She just wanted him to really really like them. What if he would pretend to like them? What if he hated comic books and thought the headphones were silly? No. She had to stop worrying. Boys liked comic books, didn't they? Gavin had loved these headphones. Cato had to love them as well.

So when he put them around his neck she sighed in relief. She hadn't even realised that she had been holding her breath when he opened the box. She couldn't help but laugh softly when he asked how he looked. How did he look? Surely he knew that he was always one of the most attractive boys Noa had ever seen. She couldn't imagine any boy being as cute as Cato at this point. Frankly, he was even more attractive than Gavin. Wait. What? Noa stared at Cato and suddenly felt guilty. How could she even think he was cuter than Gavin? What if he came back and saw she wasn't waiting for him. She had sort of promised, right?

She snapped out of it when she realised she had been waiting too long to answer and she smiled and nodded. “They look great on you!” She said and watched him hold out his arms. Oh gosh his arms. “You're welcome.. I hope this is your best birthday ever.” She said and went in to hug him tightly. Oh. He smelled good too. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds before letting go of him again. “I try.” Noa said with a big smile. She really did try to be the best. The best friend, that was.

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