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Pepper Clancy - June 23, 2011 10:03 PM (GMT)
For the past several weeks, Pepper had been trying her best to adjust to the life of a demigod. Before she had come to camp, she had been trying to avoid those creepy figures sometimes trailing her and she even had to fend off one or two attacks. Still, it was proving difficult to believe that she was a demigod, a thing of legend. Despite the evidence being right there, dangling in front of her face, she couldn’t quite grasp it. At least she had been faring well at the camp where she had fallen into a basic sort of daily routine of participating in all the activities. A few traits of hers made sense now, like her skill with weapons and her love to fight which apparently came from her father, a god of war. Still, she wondered if her mother ever knew who that man had been; if she knew it had been Ares.

That had her wondering if any of her other siblings’ mothers knew that they had fallen for the Greek god of war. Her siblings. That was also a major surprise she was attempting to get a grip of. None of her brothers or sisters seemed particularly bad and she, currently, didn’t have any conflict with them. But just the idea that she had siblings was a hard one to believe. She had been an only child her whole life and never even had a single proper, true friend. Now she had multiple brothers and sisters around her own age. Who would have guessed? Certainly not her. Still, she wasn’t close to any of them and hardly interacted with them either. Actually, any positive relations with anybody at camp were close to none for Pepper. She supposed it was time to fix that. It would have been feasible if Pepper had a basic idea of how to make friends rather than enemies.

Jogging up to the steps of the Ares cabin, the braid running down the girl’s back swung back and forth with every step she took. Pausing at the entrance though, she took several steps backwards to examine the exterior of her new home, which was truthfully hard on the eyes now that she took notice to it. Having not given much of a thought about it before, her eyes scanned almost every inch of the building before landing on the boar’s head staring down eerily at her. Lips curving into a frown, she could help but loudly mutter a comment. “That sure is ugly.” Even if she couldn’t care less for her own appearance, she wondered whose decision it was to slap a severed head in their doorway. A boar too, for crying out loud. Couldn’t they have found something more tasteful to put there? Maybe even a wolf or another animal associated with Ares? Or a spear or sword?

Jake Owens - June 24, 2011 11:28 AM (GMT)
Jake was having a day off. Sort of. He never really did need a day off, everyday he did what he liked and it wasn't exactly a hard day. Camp here provided everything he liked for his life: quiet, training, good food. There really wasn't anything more he'd like for his life. Back home, his training had been no more than physical exercise, and he had always felt like it wasn't enough. And now he had discovered the wonders of weapons. Ancient weapons, swords, shield, knifes, everything. He wanted to be the best at every single one. And he was getting there. Having an affinity for war ran in his blood, and it seemed to come out in these few months he had been at camp.

He remembered clearly how he had first felt about all this. Cynicism, he didn't believe it. And then he liked it here, as much to his surprise. And now here he was finishing up his normal jog around camp. The cabin was nice enough, though the decoration of it was rather... morbid and rather... well, just terrible. But having to share it? He liked his personal space and privacy, mind you, and he didn't exactly think that sharing it with other people met that criteria. And even people that he was supposed to consider siblings or something of the sort.

He slowed down his pace as he approached the entrance of the Ares' cabin, he noticed Pepper was standing in front of it. He approached just in time, feeling sweat run down his neck, back and arms. It was too hot to run with a shirt on, mind you, as it always was. Weather didn't seem to change at camp at all. "I'll have to agree with you," he offered, staring up at the boar's head too. It was ugly.

Pepper Clancy - June 25, 2011 12:12 AM (GMT)
Looking over her shoulder as she heard someone else approach, Pepper gave Jake a quick close-lipped smile, which was really the only way she ever did smile. “Hey...bro,” she greeted him, having taken a moment to actually address him as a brother. It was still odd, to know that boy standing near her was someone she was related to. Not that she was complaining necessarily. From what she could tell, he was pretty cool. Well...minus the fact that he didn’t play along with making Matthew feel like a wimp back up at Zeus’ Fist. But honestly, she didn’t know anything about him other than his name was Jake and he was also a child of Ares. Pretty lame of her, but then again, she hadn’t bothered to get to know anyone at camp, even her siblings. was time to make an adjustment?

“Yeah, it’s pretty...nasty,” Pepper murmured. “I mean, yeah, everyone knows we’re the god of war’s children, and we can be pretty dangerous, but I don’t think we need that to represent such a thing,” she chattered, almost making it sound like a rant. At least someone agreed with her. “Hey, do you think if we got our other siblings to agree that we could take it down and change it?” she asked Jake, hazel eyes examining the boar head. Chances were, permission to do such a thing was unlikely, but it was still an idea. How long had that thing been there? Maybe it had some sentimental value which was why no one else had taken it down yet. Or maybe their father didn’t want it removed...? Hmph. Part of Pepper didn’t give a damn what their father thought since it didn’t quite seem like he cared about them. Then again, it probably wasn’t a wise idea to possibly defy him in any way.

“ went for a run? Er, was it good?” inquired Pepper, trying to be friendly. Hah. Pepper. Friendly. She didn’t have any friends, let alone know how to make any. Her basic philosophy was, since no one had ever seemed to want to befriend her, that they had to enemies instead. At least, that was what she had been telling herself most of her life.

Jake Owens - June 25, 2011 09:44 PM (GMT)
It'd be rather a stretch to say Jake knew anyone at camp. Alright, he had met some people and he knew some people's name, but he didn't necessarily know them. For that, he'd have to have had a more than one time socialization. Even with his so supposed siblings, he hadn't really spent any time with them. There had been that one time at the arena with Sidney, and that had been awkward enough. He wasn't exactly one to seek out social contact, and he wouldn't on a full sighted initiative. He caught her 'bro' and replied, "Sis." Like he would be calling anyone brother or sister any time soon. He got the feeling Pepper hadn't meant it as a real thing anyway, so. Pepper was alright, he guessed; wasn't really his place to judge a twelve year old. ... was she twelve? Blergh, he had no idea. He knew she was younger, rather younger, but he wasn't sure of her age.

And come on, it was just creepy of him, nearly seventeen, to be sharing a room with a twelve year old. It was weird, siblings or no siblings. Made him feel like a creeper, alright. He chuckled at the thought of Pepper as dangerous. Then again, she did probably have the same affinity he had for weapons and battle, so perhaps she could turn into a little devil. She seemed pretty harmless at the moment, mind you. "No one'd want a wild pig to represent them," he replied quietly, shoving his hands into his shorts' pockets. He shrugged involuntarily at her use of 'our other siblings', and then answered, "Hum. Well, I can put in a word for it, if you get all others to agree." He was the cabin leader, right? So, he may suggest something like that? Rather doubted Mr.D would be that open to change but who cared. Boar was ugly and it wouldn't kill him to give it a shot.

"Sure. It's a bit hot out, though," he replied. "It's always hot here," he muttered, running his hand through his hair. Sunny all the time, yipped di do. "How 'bout you?" Being sociable say what? Hum.

Pepper Clancy - June 26, 2011 11:44 PM (GMT)
A smile played on Pepper’s lips as Jake addressed her as “sis”. Indeed, he probably didn’t see her as a sister like she didn’t see him as a brother. Who knew. They had only been there for awhile, hadn’t they? Pepper herself had arrived just under a month earlier and was almost done settling in. Give them a few more summers together and perhaps she could finally begin feeling like at least one of her cabin mates was her sibling. Of course, she wasn’t counting on anything since she hadn’t completely decided whether or not she liked Jake. So far, she did, but her opinions could change in a flash if something occurred. Hopefully she wouldn’t have to dislike him ever because that would make things awkward seeing as how they shared a cabin and all.

Unlike Jake, this fourteen year old didn’t find sharing a room with him or any of her other siblings odd or creepy in the slightest. Undeniably, she loved her privacy and was a tad annoyed that she had to share a cabin at all. However, she would survive. She hardly spent too long in the cabin anyways since she preferred the outdoors. Mostly she could be rather indifferent about the whole thing. Basically she just slept in there.

“Well, I does,” Pepper replied to the comment of nobody wanting a wild pig to represent them, hesitating at calling Ares her father. “Could you rea- Oh, right, you’re our cabin leader or something aren’t you?” The redhead gave a quiet chortle, completely having forgotten the older boy’s role. She honestly never gave much care for authority which was partially why she didn’t know most of the cabin leaders. Probably it would be a wise idea to respect Jake, but she still didn’t quite know how to exactly show that. Pepper told herself she had best just be relatively nice to him since getting in trouble with her own cabin’s counsellor would certainly be a bad move. “Well, I might look into it, yeah,” she nodded. Though in Pepper’s books, that meant if she quit being lazy and actually wanted to really take the initiative.

“Yeah, you’re right, it’s been pretty hot here. But you’re complaining?” chuckled Pepper, shaking her head at the ridiculousness of such a comment. “Besides, it’s summer,” she emphasized. “Hm? Me? I just got back from the arena. I was practicing my spear handling.” Pausing, she eyed Jake curiously. “Hey, what weapon do you use?” In the back of her mind, she was wondering if she could possibly beat him in a battle. It was surely an idea and she was willing to challenge him. Foolish? Yes, but Pepper could care less.

Jake Owens - June 28, 2011 12:33 AM (GMT)
It was definitely something he could appreciate in his cabin: there was no instant overly appreciation of the other members, almost as if all of them were as reluctant to accept him as he was. It was a silent thing; nothing had been said directly on that. This exchange with Pepper may have been the farthest it had gone. Jake was nearly making four months at camp now, and he had watched as his cabin grew from empty from progressively welcoming more members. First, it had been Sidney. Then Pepper. And now there was a new one he hadn't bothered to check who was. Which was still rather irresponsible of him, considering he was the cabin leader... meh, whatever. He wasn't taking anything for granted; he had heard of the brutality of being a demigod. Just because someone was there one summer or one year, didn't mean they were coming back, and he wasn't expecting much of his cabin mates, considering he hadn't even asked if they were gonna stay year long like he was or run off to be eaten by monsters.

Well, Jake was surviving. He was rather uncomfortable with it, but he was good at adapting himself and so he was learning how to live with it. Jake was rather the fan of the outdoors too, and that explained why his contact with his cabin mates was immensely reduced to start with. Nevertheless, the fact that the meals took place on tables designed by cabins, it gave them more time together. Jake usually just ate and listened, since he never really have that much to say anyway.

Jake snapped his gaze back at Pepper and looked at her, questioningly. She had been there for a shorter period then him, so he could conclude she had learned of this demigod business for a shorter time than he, and she was already referring to the God Ares as 'dad'? How on Earth had she manage that? Disgusted by his show of emotion, Jake glance at the sky for a distraction and a few seconds to clean his expression. "Yeah, I guess he does. Doesn't give us a very good picture, though," he replied, referring to the Ares' kids reputation at camp. "Yeah," Jake answered again to Pepper, shrugging slightly. He was sure it had been so because the cabin had empty upon his arrival. He certainly didn't plan on enforcing any sort of authority, even if his character demanded at least respect, but not by his position. He gave Pepper a short nod, as if to agree and settle the matter without words.

"Hum. Well, not exactly complaining. I just like... variety," he explaining, smiling briefly. "It is summer. Makes it all much more bearable. Nevertheless, if there's no difference between summer and winter..." he glanced up at the sky for a second and then looked back at Pepper. Oh, spear handling. He chuckled at the thought. Pepper was sooo small. Well, not incredibly small, but Jake was 6''1, and so she seemed all the shorter. "Sword, mostly," he answered. "Why?" He would laugh at the thought of Pepper beating him. Sure would like to see her try, though.

Pepper Clancy - June 29, 2011 06:51 AM (GMT)
If Jake had known Pepper, he would have been able to tell that she had shown absolutely no signs of affection when she addressed Ares as dad. Although she found it brilliant that someone such as him was her parent, she still couldn’t understand why she had yet to meet him. Maybe if he revealed his mug sometime in her life, preferably her childhood, then she would perhaps respect him a bit better. For now, she didn’t have much else to call this figure other than Ares or dad so she had simply chosen the latter. For Pepper this wasn’t much of a reassuring thought. In all honesty, that simply showed that she, not once, had a proper, and decent, parent figure. Her mother had always been working, Pepper’s grandparents basically were just the people who took care of her, and never once had she met her supposed father of course. How lame was that?

“I don’t think it gives us a totally bad picture. At least everyone knows we could kick their butts in battle,” the redhead responded cheekily, giving a hint of a smirk. Weren’t all Ares kids stronger than normal demigods? That had better be true since Pepper knew being so small currently wasn’t always to her advantage as much as she wanted to think so. To certain others, she probably had the weight almost equivalent to a feather which would allow some to simply pick her up, disabling her ability to fight back. Unfortunately, this had happened...multiple times. Eventually she got her revenge on those people who found it so funny, but it had still been immeasurably embarrassing.

“You know you still have got several more months until winter, yeah? I’d just be happy with summer now. You’ll probably miss it when it’s gone,” she advised, stuffing her hands into the pockets of her shorts. Who didn’t like summer? Nobody could dislike it! Winter was full of wet, gross and cold days. But back to a topic she actually had some interest in. “Sword? Yeah, they’re fun,” Pepper nodded to herself. Besides spears, she also preferred the use of swords if the former wasn't available. “Why?” she repeated, a casual half-smirk, half-smile returning to her lips. “Would you be interested in training with me some time?” offered the girl, mentally swearing she’d punch Jake if he decided to laugh in the slightest.

Jake Owens - July 1, 2011 03:55 PM (GMT)
But that was exactly the point: Jake didn't know Pepper and he wasn't actually making an effort to. This was all based on guessing and assuming, which was normal while talking to strangers. His opinion of Ares was nonexistent: he avoided to make judgments, and in return, didn't care much about him or what others thought of him. There was now shrewd of respect for someone he didn't know: with Jake, respect was earned, not demanded. He had no real desire to meet his father or not, he had a goal and he was to fulfill it above all else. He did also understand that Ares was on a different plan that he was: he was mortal, Ares was a God. There was a great different. While he may fret above feeble things, he'd like to think the Gods were occupied with bigger things. And he also probably had another thousand of his kids running around so.

Jake smirked at Pepper's words. "I'd ought to think it'd be better to show 'em, but oh well." It was just a moral thing of his, he found it more noble to speak for himself than hide in the shadow of a reputation that wasn't his but of those his kind. And they were't necessarily stronger, but they generally had an easier time on the battlefield. Of course, there were other things involved: Zeus' kids could control thunder and make lightning and electric discharges. Ares' kids could not. Poseidon's kids could control water; Ares' kids could not. There were extras they didn't have, but they had a big extra: a great affiliation with weapons. Or at least Jake thought so. They had to use what they had to their advantage... and Pepper could practice and get good and worked with what she had for now.

"Yeah, I do. Though Winter will be just as hot, for what I've heard. Camp properties and all that." There seemed to be a lot of things that made camp different. And apparently they also had control over the weather at camp: the weather only sucked when they wanted it to. Jake also stuffed his hands awkwardly into his short's pockets. Man, he needed a shower. Of course, at her suggestion, Jake smirked again and stiffed a chuckle. "Sure thing. You coming in?" He questioned, stepping forwards and opening the door.

Pepper Clancy - July 3, 2011 09:02 AM (GMT)
“Showing them works too, definitely,” agreed Pepper, shooting another glance at the boar. Fine, maybe it wasn’t all too bad if it really sent a message. “Actually, that would a whole lot better,” she added thoughtfully, imagining how great it would be to engage in combat with anyone who chose to test the strength of the Ares kids. Making a scene was something Pepper proved to be rather good at. All the trouble she caused was rather worth it if she managed to get a point across and get a reaction out of the other person. There had been a couple occurrences at the camp where this had happened and she wondered if it was obvious or not she had come from the god of war. She had turned out to be a rather stereotypical version of her father’s offspring, but she couldn’t help the way she had turned out. She had her reasons anyway.

“What? A hot winter?” murmured the redhead, her freckled nose scrunching up in distaste. Like, Christmas in July, yet literally? “That’s just weird. Sounds nice, but plain weird,” she sighed. Either way, she had no idea if she was staying long enough to see that. The girl still wanted to go back to her grandparents’ place at least and visit them for awhile when summer ended. Maybe she’d decide to show up at her mother’s place in Portland, but that was only a maybe. Her mother resented her anyways, she doubted Erin would care much. Always, she told everyone she loved and cared for her daughter, but Pepper knew she didn’t. She couldn’t. So perhaps she would be back at camp to witness this warm winter.

Aha! And Jake had accepted her offer! Battling the older boy would sure be a blast. Him being at camp longer than her was both an advantage and disadvantage. Good, because she could pick up and learn some tips and tricks from him. Bad, because he would clearly be more advanced in his combat and could probably kick her butt...not that she would admit that was possible of course. “Awesome! Ah- Are you sure you don’t want to go just right now and have some fun?” Pepper offered, rather eager for that and hesitant to go inside the cabin. What would she do in there that was more exciting than spending time in the arena? Even if she had just returned from a bout of training, she could never have enough.

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