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 Delight Magazine, Entrevista a Stana.
Posted: 29 Apr 2011, 06:34

It's not about the books anymore.

Group: Detectives
Posts: 646
Member No.: 3
Joined: 29-March 11

Me encanta la entrevistas de Stana, que mujer más culta, centrada e inteligente. Muy muy bonito lo que dice sobre la vida, la actuación y Nathan (me parece tan lindo cuando un actor admira a su co-star).

Stana Katic is downright addictive. Maybe it’s the way she communicates—with alluring intention. Or maybe it’s just the fact that engaging with her is like walking through a beautifully designed labyrinth. Each step takes you deeper into a fascinating maze and by journey’s end, you simply walk out inspired.

“It was in Zorba the Greek where I read, ‘I breathed you in,’” Katic opens up. “It sounds a little goofy to our language now, but I think that’s the way I continuously approach my life. I just want to breathe it in. I want to soak it up. I want to devour it.”

Yes. To Katic, life is a feast. And the actress, who’s generating big buzz opposite hunk Nathan Fillion on the ABC hit Castle, is nothing at all (it seems) like her TV alter ego, Detective Kate Beckett. Where Beckett keeps her cards very close to her chest, Katic doesn’t mind fanning them across the table for you to see.

“I had a lot of influences growing up,” she happily shares. “I read a lot; read about Joan of Arc; read Pippi Longstocking—all these fantastic adventurers. And then … Zorba. I really believe in that style of life. Inhaling life completely.” »>

Born in Ontario, Canada, and eventually raised in the heart of rural Illinois, Katic fondly recalls the style of life that helped shape who she is today. She was part of a big Yugoslavian family and often she, her four brothers and only sister, unleashed their imaginations with inventive “play times”— little “theater productions” and such—which helped them learn how to rely on each another.

“The great thing was that I always had playmates,” she beams. “We always had
great imaginations; always had each other to develop these little stories.”

Those early years had to fuel the success that followed beyond her days at
Chicago’s renowned Goodman School of Acting—Katic eventually nabbed
standout roles in movies like The Spirit (a cult phenom) and Quantum
of Solace to TV’s 24 and Heroes, among others, before storming onto
Castle, which, admittedly, she loves being a part of.

Thanks, in part, goes to Fillion. “Whether he intentionally teaches me
or not, I do learn a lot from him,” she muses, noting her co-star’s brilliant sense
of humor, on and off the set. She says it’s one of the things that helped them bond
as actors and make her appreciate acting all the more. In fact, that subject enlivens her.

“When you are given an opportunity to be an actor, you are asked to leap deeper than anybody else on the planet is asked, because you have to use all of the information, all the senses you can grab onto,” she says. “So, you grieve a little bit deeper, you taste a little bit more fully, you fear deeper.”

Funny thing is, exploring such emotionally rich reservoirs might have helped Katic, now in her thirties, develop another keen sense: an awareness for things beyond just herself— like respecting the health and life force of “community,” in general, and knowing that it’s important to nurture the greater good.

The most striking example of this is the Alternative Travel Project (ATP), an admirable environmental program Katic launched last fall with Castle’s Seamus Dever that originally encouraged individuals in L.A. to consider not using their automobile for a day or longer—it’s since gone global, creating a powerful ripple effect. The other is the production company she formed, fittingly dubbed Sine Timore Productions.

“It means, ‘no fear, no awe,’” she explains. “I like the idea of putting together a
company with the intention of being boundless, meaning we can tell stories however we want to.”

And so it goes. The deeper one digs with Katic, the more gold is unearthed.

“I think I am just intuition,” she says about what drives her. “It’s kind of like this
flutter; that you got to turn left … and I think I’ll follow that path (Laughs). I don’t knowif I say consciously, ‘Oh, I trust my gut.’ I’m not even conscious of it. It’s just something that feels right.”

“I think I am just intuition.”

All this sparks a memory of her recent trip to Peru—she’s fascinated with world
cultures—where her conversations with a shaman native proved enlightening in
that it shed light on the differences between typical western thought (“no
pain, no gain”) and those found in some indigenous cultures.

“He was telling me that his culture’s belief system is like a river; when a pathway
opens up, that’s a pathway for you to flow into—that it should be easy to go in that
direction,” she shares. “And if there’s a deep struggle in the direction, then that’s not the path for you. You just have to move in a different way.

“When I heard him say that, I thought, ‘Geez, there are so many things we struggle
with on a daily basis,” she gracefully adds. “And maybe it’s not the thing we should
be struggling for; maybe it’s a lot simpler, you know? That’s the way my decisionmaking goes. When I am exploring my intuition, it’s like a river. If it feels right, I move easily in that direction. There’s no ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ Or a pros-and-cons list—no debate. This is the way to make sense of what to do.

“And that’s the way I pretty much lead my life.”

UnderstanDing stana:

She speaks 4 languages

She’s an environmentalist

She enjoys archery, Soccer, Yoga, Karate, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, and Horseback Riding
Posted: 3 May 2011, 01:37

Chief Sexecutive Officer

Group: Detectives
Posts: 1.012
Member No.: 2
Joined: 29-March 11

Creo que nunca conocí a una persona tan inspiradora como Stana.

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Gracias mil por poner estas cositas Amaneri! laugh.gif

This post has been edited by LauraPalmer on 3 May 2011, 01:38
Posted: 3 May 2011, 01:40

It's not about the books anymore.

Group: Detectives
Posts: 646
Member No.: 3
Joined: 29-March 11

QUOTE (LauraPalmer @ 3 May 2011, 00:37)
Amaneri! laugh.gif

i h8 u
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