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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
RedHeartDrop Posted on Jan 9 2012, 03:14 AM
  "HEY LAY OFF AND GIVE HIM BACK TO RORO!!" Izzy hissed as she stood up and march towards Rex's direction. Izzy turned to RoRo "he's gonna try to get something from as I bet you and it's not gonna be pretty, so what we gonna do?". Izzy stood in confusion awaiting for RoRo to reply to her question.
scarlettie90 Posted on Dec 23 2011, 02:24 PM
  Rex smirked in amusement in the mild chaos he had just caused.
'my name be Sheriff Rex ZI ' he said with a bow as he took of his hat.
Rex the replaced his hat and added ' and i believe i have something of yours'
Rex turned slightly and picked up by the scruff a bewildered and slightly clam smelling Jup.

RoRo squeak out in glee 'oh dat is jup you ave found him for me' she began totting up to the building Rex was perched on.

Rex suddenly whipped around and pined jup down behind him
'na a a i never said i was going to give him to you at least not without some incentive first' Rex said with a menacing glee
RedHeartDrop Posted on Dec 15 2011, 09:22 PM
  Izzy shrieked and wrapped her arms Roro in a attempt to protect herself from the green eyes.

The folks at the cafe covered their ears as Izzy kept shrieking. Roro had to do something to shut her up, so she grabs a sweet bun from the table and shoved into Izzy's mouth.

It seemed to do the job as she munch away on the recently shoved food she asked the green eyes peering at them "who the heck are you?".
scarlettie90 Posted on Dec 1 2011, 06:31 PM
  As they sat down a rested a loud voice called above them

Hello down there little lady, and filthy monkey

RoRo and Izzy Looked around and Izzy spotted on top of a building just opposite a pair of green ominous eyes.

Lost something? the voice said in mocking glee
RedHeartDrop Posted on Nov 10 2011, 06:54 AM
  Izzy put her finger tip to her chin and ponder "hey is it just me or you smell that clam like smell?"

RoRo turn to Izzy "No I smell it too", "I wonder what it is?!" Izzy pouted "I hate the smell of seafood"

"Shall we sit down for a bit to rest our feet" RoRo asked, "sure let's do that maybe get something to get this smell out from my nose Eeyuk clam!!"
scarlettie90 Posted on Nov 8 2011, 01:50 PM
  (sorry my english language is pretty poor always has been its why i make comics instead of writing tongue.gif)

The Robot walk swiftly ahead with the poor plushe being dragged behind him. Glancing quickly around, the robot grab his fuzzy blue companion and jumped on to the nearest building and quickly made away.

Elsewhere RoRo and Izzy had found their way to the pleasant cafe and still had had no luck in locating her wayward plushe

she sniffed the at the air again but there was just the scent of various foods coming from the cafe and a very faint scent of clams.

I smell clams again thats odd RoRo said out aloud
GFF Jasae Bushae Posted on Oct 11 2011, 12:02 AM
  ((It took me a minute to realize the form of RPing style you were doing XD and sorry it took me so long to respond ^^wink.gif)

Jasae followed after, heading in the same direction and he happily nomming one of the breaded clams and quite enjoying the delicious crunchy melty flavory of it that had a tinge of richness in the aftertaste that resulted in a super nummy roadside snack of much yummyness.

And along the way he wondered where the poor monkey boy's mother could have wandered off to.
scarlettie90 Posted on Oct 3 2011, 10:53 AM
  'I see' the robot said slowly turning slowly to the small monkey child which was picking off the bits of clam. 'Is this small chap the culprit of all this then?' he said in interest

'umm yes he must be lost he belongs to one of the residents a cyborg monkey' replyed Jesse

'I see' the robot said again with a slight hit of calculated malice in his voice

'I shall make sure he finds his way home he added with a grin oh here he added reaching deep inside his chest compartment he pulled out a bucket of breaded clams and gave them to Jesse. ' my partner wasn't to keen on them so you can have them if you like'

'Partner?' Jesse inquired looking down to see what he assumed was a furry blue ball until he saw it had eyed and tiny hands and feet topped with two odd looking antenna on the top of its head. The thing gave him a wide toothy grin in response.

'Come on Twitch lets go and make sure this little lad finds his way back shall we' There was an odd glint in his orb like green eyes as he said this hinting there was a lot more to his kind gesture than he let on. he swiftly grab hold of the small plushe arm and made his way down the alley.
GFF Jasae Bushae Posted on Sep 30 2011, 03:58 PM
  Jasae looked over at the robo-dino-sheriff upon hearing him speak and cleared his throat before standing up to address the southun accentuated fellow.
"I am mourning the tragical loss of a very delicious breaded clam which was without a doubt the grandest of breaded clams i have ever nommed with much yummyness to it."
He said solemly, brushing off his clothes. He sighed over the incident forlornly and them put on a smile.
"I shall simply have to go back and procure another of those mightily delicious clams post haste!"
scarlettie90 Posted on Sep 30 2011, 11:36 AM
  As RoRo and Izzy made their way onwards it felt like they were being watched RoRo looked over her shoulder she couldnt see anyone. Must be my nerves she thought and trotted off after her new friend.
However there was someone watching and waiting for the two to leave before coming into view and making his way down the alley towards the weeping man.

The poor green haired fellow suddenly turned to see a rather strange creature even in by Byako standards. It wasn't very tall not even coming past the knee of an average sized person, but that wasn't what made it distinguishing. The fact it was a robot, in the form of a T rex no less and was wearing a cowboy hat with a ascot and waist coat. Shining in the street lights was a badge clipped lopsided to the robots waist coat that read 'sheriff'

'My poor gentleman' the robot began in a stereotypical Texan accent 'What appears to be the problem here'
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