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Title: Costume Corner
Description: the fashion district

Bunni89 - April 17, 2011 04:04 PM (GMT)
Costume Corner

Flavor Text:
All your fashion needs in one street! Designers, dress makers and tailors opened up shop in this marvelous new district that promised them a large decrease in rent from their previous stores.

It was a marvelous place. A district of winding cobblestone roads and colorful buildings and little trams that moved across the entire district. The shops had glass windows that displayed a wide variety of wares and people obsessed with the costumes and clothes these people provided soon flooded the district.
The most famous shop is Cossi's!
A simple shop. It is where Cossi, the rising star of the fashion world does much of her work. Contained within are many of the fashions Cossi has created and materials for her to craft anything she desires. The place closes regularly though as she heads out to do dress up random people or to hunt down an especially reluctant customer.
Mini story introduction:

Common Characters: fashion followers (with no reservations about species- even tentacle monsters can want to look fabulous! ...although they may need things specially tailored with more sleeves..). Also any rival shopkeepers as for now we only have the staff of Cossi's store.

Notable NPCs:
Cossi + all the other staff like fi and etc

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