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Title: Great Lakes Of Yumm
Description: nineteen different flavored lakes~

Bunni89 - April 17, 2011 04:02 PM (GMT)
Great Lakes of Yumm

Flavor (lol) Text:
A vast array of lakes in great size that are close in proximity.
The remains of a great battle between the legendary flavor sorcerers whose names have been lost in history.
There are nineteen great lakes and over a hundred smaller lakes of lesser renown in the proximity.

Description: Nineteen lakes, all representing a different flavor! The biggest three are pudding, strawberry and lemonade- and the smallest is beef stew. Attempts have been made to map out the hundred other lakes, but the mapmakers keep getting found face down in a lake and end up committed to rehab unable to say anything but 'YUMMY'.
The lakes are full of fish and miscellaneous sea creatures that also taste like thier namesake, so a popular day out is going fishing on one of the rentable boats. Specific bait works best for different lakes, for example strawberry trout love gummi worms and beef stew octopi will go for a stock cube on a hook. There are rumors of flavorsome sea monsters in some of the bigger lakes, but they are still unconfirmed. Hm.. it makes sense in a lake of only one taste that things might find the guy in a boat very appetising..

Bonus- Area-within-an-area:
Deep in the Lakes of Yumm travels a submarine, hiding Byako's secret robot faction. This may appear in any lake at any time, and the bionic pirates will try and hijack your boat!

Common Characters: various fishermen, and sea-dwelling races but in weird equivelants based on the lake flavor. (i.e beef stew 'mermaids' are part fish and part cow) You can fish up pretty much anything so go wild!
For XA9TO: any kind of robot, cyborg, android, sentient computer, talking wristwatch or parking meter gone rogue that decided to join this ragtag team of plunderers! (If we get enough requests we'll spin this off into a Clan)

Notable NPCs:
[some tour guy]
[some sea monster]
[some guy who runs the bait shop and boat rental]
[some captain of the submarine]
Also GFF you can pick the flavors for the nineteen main lakes and I'll edit this. Just made up a couple for example's sake, feel free to change :3

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