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 Read This First
Posted by ilbrec - 05-11-16 07:37 - 0 comments
This board is now defunct. For general info check out our web page at and for arranging a game the Facebook page at Read 79 times - make a comment   Print email

 40k Team Campaign Tournament
Posted by Decadent_Puppeteer - 03-2-15 07:04 - 0 comments
Welcome to the Brighton Warlords Campaign Tournament July 25th & 26th 2015.

The structure of the event is still in the process of being fleshed out and as such it is subject to change at any point. Please keep an eye out here or on th more
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 Brighton Warlords 40k Doubles 1100 Points
Posted by Peter - 10-21-14 13:29 - 0 comments
Hi all,

The Brighton Warlords 40K doubles rules pack

Sunday 7th December 2014

King and Queen Pub
13 Marlborough Place
East Sussex

You can contact Peter Cooke by
e more
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 Wh40k Tournament, 2nd November 1650 Pts
Posted by soja - 10-7-14 01:18 - 0 comments
The next 40k Tournament will be on Sunday the 2nd November 2014

The following rules pack is always subject to change at any time, so please keep an eye on this page. If there are any rules questions etc. please post up or get hold of Luk more
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 27th July 2.5k Wfb Tournament
Posted by soja - 05-22-14 01:24 - 0 comments
The King & Queen Pub
13 Marlborough Place
East Sussex

As usual you have to pay before the tournament to guarantee your place on it. Cost is 7.5 pounds for non- Brighton Warlords members more
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