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Forum Rules
Forum Rules & Guidelines

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2006


Any member who does not follow these rules will be issued with a warning. If that member continues not to follow our rules, it will lead to their account being banned. Moderators and administrators reserve the rights to extend and update these rules as they seem best in the interest of the forum.


The Basic Rules

  • Rule one: No pooftahs.
  • Rule two: No member of the faculty is to maltreat the Abbos in any way whatsoever, if there's anyone watching.
  • Rule three: No pooftahs.
  • Rule four: I don't want to catch anyone not drinking in their rooms after lights out.
  • Rule five: No pooftahs.
  • Rule six: There is NO rule six.
  • Rule seven: No pooftahs.

The more advanced Rules.

Rule 1.

Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages.
Spaming will NOT be tolerated. Do not spam to raise your own post count. You will first be warned, and if you continue to spam away, you will be banned from the site. Posts which has no contributing value to the topic at hand are classed as spam. One word or one-line posts like "Yup" or "Yeah I agree." etc. are good examples of this. As is double posting (i.e. posting directly after yourself for any reason, just edit your message, it's not hard.) If you have nothing good to add to a topic, then don't post on it. If you see posts that are spam, report it to the forum moderator (shown in a link at the top of the forum) with a link to the thread and the poster's name.
If you feel uncertain what could be classified as spam; ask a moderator before posting. It is better to have asked and get it turned down, than to post it and get an official warning for it.

Rule 2.
Please post the right topics in the right forums, i.e. painting posts go in the Painting & Modelling Forum. Any army lists? Post them in the Army List forum, and so on. Moderators will move topics to their right forum, but carelessness from a member will result in a harsh comment. If you see a thread in the wrong forum, report it to the forum moderator (shown in a link at the top of the forum) with a link to the thread in question.
If you feel uncertain what should be put where; ask a moderator. They will know.

Rule 3.
This is meant to be a friendly and fun site. Therefore, we will not tolerate bullying, making fun of, or being offensive towards other members of the community. Please also try to watch your language. Try to keep swearing to a minimum as this is a community that consists of players of different ages. Moderators have the right to edit posts to reduce or completely delete any offensive material. If you see posts that are bullying, or personally negative, report it to the forum modeator (shown in a link at the top of the forum) with a link to the thread and the poster's name.
If you feel uncertain what could be classified as bad behaviour; ask a moderator before posting. It is better to have asked and get enlightened than to have a flame war started because of you.

Rule 4.
It's okay to debate, and it's okay to have a different view, and state that view in the public thread. What we mean by this is: Don't ruin the thread with your own personal battle, or start picking on others with different opinions. Stating your views and debating is one thing, but if it's going to turn into spam and turn in a flame war, then please resort to private messages to resolve your issue with the other member. If anyone feels threatened or is experiencing someone picking on him or her, contact a moderator with a link to the thread and the moderator will clear it up.
If you feel uncertain what could be classified as disrespectful behaviour; ask a moderator before posting.

Rule 5.
Posting material with copyright without permission from the author is prohibited. Posts containing such material will be deleted without prior notice. This especially concerns; asking for/posting/or offering scans of information printed in any Games Workshop publications. This includes White Dwarf, army books, rule books or similar. One time can be forgiven, twice is a lot harder to oversee.
If you are uncertain if a certain something is copyrighted or not, ask a moderator before posting.

Rule 6.
No advertising in any way of products or services that are not warhammer related, in either posts, usernames, or signatures. Warhammer-related advertisement is only allowed if the product is non-commercial.
If you are uncertain if your advertisement is allowed or not, contact a moderator before posting.


About Images and Avatars

If you choose to have an image in your signature, make sure it is of no greater file size than 20kB. Big images will take forever to load for those with a dial-up connection, and nothing is more annoying than having to wait for such things to load. Members with images bigger than 20kB in file size will be asked to remove or resize the image, and the image will be deleted by an administrator if the first notification is not answered. If you are unsure how big an image is, link it in a private message and send it to one of the moderators or administrators and they will gladly help you.

Avatars are not provided by Us. If you want an avatar, you can simply upload it onto the site via your profile page. Just browse for it on your machine and put it up on the site. The limits to these images are 80 pixels wide and 60 pixels high, if i remember correctly. If these requirements are not filled, a moderator or administrator will ask you to remove it in the same manner as they would a large signature image.


This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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