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Kane Sullivan Posted on Mar 26 2011, 09:11 AM
  Kane chuckled at the mad face Maxxie pulled to play off the compliment. He let the previous conversation go, as he realised that he'd put Maxxie on the defensive. He held up his hands in submission and smiled. "Dude, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause offence." He said lightly. "I would appreciate you going over your pictures though, to look for my friends."

Kane went into his pocket and pulled out a business card with the bands logo on it. (A skull with bat wings). "My cell phone number is on the bottom." He said sliding it across the table to Maxxie. "Call me any time, even if it's just to meet up for a beer." He grinned. The more time he spent with Maxxie, the more he liked him. He was a complexed young man and sharp as a tack. He knew that nothing could get past him. He also knew that at some point, he would realise that Kane wasn't all he appeared to be. This troubled him a little, thou he let this pass.

"Well my friend, I am afraid I have to go. I start work at the store tonight and arriving late for my first shift, would not look very good." He grinned and pulled a face, showing that he wasn't to happy at the prospect of doing a job he didn't really like.
Maxxie Palmer Posted on Mar 23 2011, 06:18 AM
  Maxxie kicked his chest up out of leaning, when Kane thought he was one in a million. Maxxie smiled as it sounded flattering. He give a friendly blush on his cheeks as he stopped and give a little mad face to play it off as his comment meant nothing to him but inside it did. Maxxie thought more like the comment he made should be on himself. Maxxie did give a smile a little as he thought Kane reminded him of Goku from Dragonball Z. There was no way he could be so goody tissue like Kane. Maxxie started to fold up his arms in a cross over his torso.

"Maybe once I go back to my duty, If I see them or find them in a photo shot I taken, I'll contact you right away." Maxxie thought that might be a 50/50 chance but he had nothing to lose if so. The least thing could happen if a fight was gonna start he would also contact Kane but let himself solve it on the scene not gonna wait. "submissive guy? Hah! That' just isn't my style." As he left that conversation like that. When Kane give some adivce to Maxxie, he talked back not going slience.

"Me open up!? This must be another joke you cracked out but this time, it seemed like the funniest one you had sai this whole day." "Why would I want to open myself up? unapproachable is exactly what I am aiming for buddy." Maxxie was stating only what he feel. "Me open up with people and still be private? Oh like how I can do with you." He thought this talk now was getting futile than it already was. It showed pretty well on his face as an impression that he was giving off. [I]"How come I don't open myself up to people? Are you my therapist now? I just don't. I don't the need to do so. If you think you can figure me out, guess again then. It's just natural of me." Maxxie keep the glare going. This talk didn't bother him but, what would Kane get out of it? he asked in his mind.
Kane Sullivan Posted on Mar 22 2011, 03:22 PM
  Kane smiled broadly, that Maxxie now considered him a friend. It made him feel good to know that he wasn't totally alone in Dante's Hill. "Indeed they are. And you my friend, are one in a million. Thank you." He said sincerely. He sighed though, when Maxxie sounded optimistic about his friends. "I don't know mate? I mean even if they had got to the next town, they would have at least rang me to see why I hadn't joined them." Kane didn't say anything, but he was worried that they may have been attacked by Vampires, or werewolves before they reached the next town. Or even those radicals, that Zoey had mentioned.He shook his head slowly in mild contemplation. He was soon brought out of his revelry, when Maxxie talked about girls.

"Yeah well that would be a turn on, I agree, though a woman who's like that may like a more submissive guy, and that is something I'm not." He smiled goo naturedly. Kane listened, as Maxxie explained about the sort of guy he was, and how he liked a girl, and his work. "Maybe if this girl sees that you're willing to open up to her, she may be more giving and not think you're unapproachable?" He smiled and clasped his hands over his stomach. "You can be open with people, and still keep that part of you, you wish to keep private, private." He added smiling. "How come you don't allow yourself to let people in?" He asked, thinking that it may have been some kind of trauma or something from being a child.
Maxxie Palmer Posted on Mar 22 2011, 03:10 AM
  Maxxie laughed out loud as Kane said something spooky them. He stopped laughing as he thought he shouldn't be laughing about something that scared Kane's friends away. Maxxie still that had flowing in his mind that, "What could of scared them away?" It was just the matter of figuring out why. Maxxie's eyes moved around showing that he was thinking. He started to pay attention at Kane as he could be thinking about that later time. "That's what friends are for." Maxxie said after Kane's replied about searching for his friends.

They shouldn't be hard to find since Maxxie remember that Kane said they were in the town by Dante Hill. Otherwise, they could be a neddle in a haystack with with people populating around here. Maxxie give a firm nod as he agreed about girls being girls. Then smile laughing when Kane mention about being protective over them with the side joke of not beating him. up. "Yeah I perfer to be protective over them too. But, I guess if a girl beats me up I wouldn't mind. In a way it would just make me more attracted to them or embrassed that I lost to a girl..."

Maxxie smile shorten a bit as him getting beat up by a girl did sound more damaging than liking them more. It was like damaging his own pride in that kind of manner. The way Kane talk it seem like he liked this Zoey he was talking about but didn't know for sure. He didn't talk about her much. Maxxie understand as he know himself wouldn't like to talk about about feelings toward's one another even if talking with another guy. When the tables turned of Kane asking if he had a girl. Maxxie lean back with his head up closing his eyes in a relaxing mood.

"Your right to say the least. I intend to let no one close to me. Just like I try with you earlier." "I know I might be falling for a certain girl but, it's not gonna happen anytime soon. As for being private, I'm not that much as I would like to be. I do take pictures around town since I am a photographer. Well, an inspiring photographer." "The option of being private is squashed." With Maxxie finishing up his words, he put his arms behind his head with his fingers lacing together.
Kane Sullivan Posted on Mar 21 2011, 06:28 PM
  Kane just shrugged his shoulders at Maxxie's question about his band members. He knew that they were sensitive to certain smells and that even though they weren't supernatural creatures themselves, they seemed to have an acute sense of those that were. "I guess something must have spooked them?" He said finally. He smiled at Maxxie's offer of help to find them. "Thanks Shawn, I appreciate that." He had been wondering what to do about trying to find his friends again. He missed Jimmy most of all. Jimmy had been his friend since he and his family settled here, when he was 12.

He smiled and leaned back in his seat as Maxxie expressed his confusion about girls who were not girly."I have to admit, I do like girls to be girls. I guess I feel more protective towards them, when I know they can't beat me to a pulp."He grinned. "Though I must admit, I think Zoey has a soft side, I just hope I get to see it." Kane liked Zoey, even though the time he had spent with her, hadn't been long. He had the feeling that things given time, could progress further. He looked at Maxxie and smiled. "So have you got a girl? Or don't you let anyone get that close?" He sat forward. "It's just that you seem a private kind of guy."
Maxxie Palmer Posted on Mar 18 2011, 03:09 AM
  Maxxie smiled at Kane for what he said. "Yeah you do have a heart but I wouldn't say I'm a good person if you count on me being rude and not socializing with other people that is." Maxxie frowned his mouth a bit as he disgarded it as he thought it was what made up for who he was. Maxxie thought if someone messed with Kane, they would surely get they're asses handed to them on a silver platter. "An hour!? How could they tell what the town feel like within an hour?" Maxxie liked his town since he had grown up within it. It just made him mad that outsiders thought it was nothing within an hour time frame.

Maxxie had a concerned look on his face after hearing that he hadn't heard of his friends since. "Well if you need help searching for them., Let me know. Got to need another team member to help locate them. Besides, much faster than being a one man." Maxxie felt he could offer that to him for his lost friends as he did miss them. It was hard to leave friends behind since it was like that for Maxxie himself after high school. "Just pick a day and try to gather a group to help out as well." Giving some more relief for Kane.

Maxxie nodded to Kane's advice on staying away from really bad smelling people. "Don't worry. Who would stay by something that didn't smell good in the first place but smelled like garbage?" Maxxie add little insult to whoever smelled bad basically. As he was smiling a bit it lowered down as he could tell the seriousness on Kane's face when he told him. Maxxie thought something was up with this but, he couldn't put his finger on it. Nevertheless, he keep it in his mind fresh.

"I think she is doing a good thing for taking that mantle after her father. But I still want to know why? I know most girls aren't girly girls like you said but more like tomboys." Maxxie thought whatever about this Zoey. He did showed a little bit of concern for her but didn't know her so he just let it be.
Kane Sullivan Posted on Mar 17 2011, 11:26 AM
  Kane chuckled and shook his head slowly at Maxxie's playful comment. "Hey I'm a peaceful kinda guy. I only beat up idiots who think they are hard and try and beat up on good people like yourself." He placed his hands on the table and clasped them together, as he thought about his band mates. "Well, not long I guess... Maybe an hour?" He had had a phone call from Jimmy the drummer to say that they weren't hanging around, and they would be in the next town if he wanted to join them. Kane never did join them, he looked at an apartment instead.

He sighed heavily as he was asked if he was still in touch with his friends. "No, haven't heard a peep from them since the call off Jimmy. I've tried calling them, but they don't pick up, or their cell is turned off." He raised a hand to rub the back of his neck distractedly. "I really miss them. I hate not having friends here. I only know you and Zoey the Sheriff." He smiled weakly, feeling a little embarrassed at showing vulnerability. Kane listened as Maxxie tried to comprehend the 'smell' of the others here. "Yes exactly that. Just stay away from the really nasty smelling people Shawn, anything smelling that bad, needs some distance." He grinned trying to warn Maxxie, but not actually telling him why. He didn't know if Shawn was fully aware of all the creatures living in Dante's Hill. And if he didn't, which by the way he was talking, made Kane think so, then Shawn needed to keep safe.

He shrugged his shoulders about whet Maxxie was saying about Zoey. "I don't know dude? I think she took over from her dad. I guess it's OK for her to do what she feels right doing. Not all chicks want to play house."
Maxxie Palmer Posted on Mar 15 2011, 12:30 AM
  Maxxie laughed. "Yeah a gut feeling of them meeting something worse. Me." Maxxie said with a smirk on his face. Then quickly speak before Kane could. "Of course, I would take you on but, I thought you were a good fellow so I change my mind." Maxxie smirked lowered up a bit as it has serious on what he said and that Kane could of beaten him up with the way his muscles were more toner and bigger than his own. As he scratched the behind his head.

Maxxie started to ask more about Kane's bandmates. "How long did it take them to stay before ditching you? Do you even still keep in touch with them to see how they been doing on they're road to fame?" It would be amused to hear since if they would here longer, probably wouldn't stand the chance."[/I] I think so too. Everyone in the band does have equal rights no greater or less. Maxxie thought Kane's bandmates were nothing but cowardly wimps. He would had whip the floor with them for leaving Kane. That wasn't right move. They could of even been in trouble for Kane's disappearance if he had vansish without a trace.

Maxxie speak while giving a minute to think about Kane's quote. "A type of smell basically on where you come from? Something maybe from your family?" Maxxie thought Kane maybe was meaning like something that you are kind of smell. Maxxie might not been strong but his intellgence was above than that. Maxxie looked at Kane shockingly since he said that the Sheriff was a girl. [I]"I'm not trying to be a sexist but, shouldn't she live her live with happiness instead of fighting. Unless if she's well trained or just crazy enough to love the thrill in the heat of battle." Maxxie said as he leaned back looking into a distance just trying to compute this as he ignored rest of Kane's comments about her.
Kane Sullivan Posted on Mar 14 2011, 07:08 PM
  As Maxxie took away their used containers Kane stretched back in his chair, straightening out his arms and legs in front of him. He was a tall man, and the cramped position at the table didn't suit his stature to long, so usually at times like this, a stretch is called for.Once Maxxie returned Kan e smiled again and continued their conversation. The thanked Shawn for removing his rubbish and nodded about his band members having a gut feeling about the place.

"Yeah, I suppose something must have spooked them. I mean they're not the shy retiring type usually. If you get my meaning? But to just high tail it out of here was most surprising." He listened to Maxxie and smiled at his observations about him. "Yeah I would be lying if I said I didn't like the adulation. People screaming your name, but I suppose when you're in a band, no one person is bigger then the other.

When Maxxie talked about the smell of some people around town, he couldn't help but smile. "I don't think it's that kind of a smell?" He spoke discreetly. "I think it's something like a distinguishing smell, Like a rose smells like a rose, because it is a rose." He didn't know whether Maxxie would understand what he meant by that, but he hoped he did.

Kane nodded about the world series and the superbowl. He was definitely up for a night following "So are you following the Steelers or the Packers?" He asked light heartedly. "Oh I met the town sheriff. She seems worth a stay. She's a damn good cook to." He added remembering the pasta dish she'd made him. "Zoey put me onto the guy I rent my apartment from. I suppose this is the first place I've ever really settled in, since leaving home."
Maxxie Palmer Posted on Mar 14 2011, 01:21 AM
  Maxxie give a straight nod about Kane admiring his pride. Maxxie didn't know if most people have that but that was for sure that he was one who did. That was one of the things he valued about himself. Maxxie grabbed his empty cup and Kane's. "I think it's my time to do something nice for a change." He got up from the table and quickly grabbed the blueberry muffins as he almost forgot about them as they were laying on the table. He walked over to the trash can near the door and tossed them in. He walked back taking his seat.

When Kane talked about his success, Maxxie sighed as giving a responds to the follow up. "Yeah thanks. I think you have to put your mind to it if you really want to achieve on something you want or do." Maxxie as he thought it was simple as that basically. "They had a good gut feeling about this place then." Maxxie thought as know how would they feel if he was an outsider who come here and turn around never coming back here again.

Maxxie started to talk so Kane wouldn't thought he was thinking about the reasons. "Pssh. You have more success for yourself since your not in a band no more. All the money and fame goes towards one person. You." He put his two hands together on top of the table infront of him as it was confortable that way. Shoot, Maxxie would perfer to be a one man band and take all that himself. When Kane talked about the smell to people, Maxxie felt encourage to talk more about since Kane knew how he feel about it. "Atleast they would put some colgone or perfume on them unless if that's it, then god, they need to switch." Maxxie made the nose turned up face then laughed.

"Yeah Superbowl or world series man. We can have a gather if not b busy with our jobs and cheer our favorite teams. That would be a killer day!" Maxxie said with some attitude into it. Maxxie felt that he was appericating that he met kane who greeted him instead the other way around. Who knows if Kane hadn't talk to him, they wouldn't never met and Maxxie couldn't relate another person with his selfish ways. Maxxie did smile for awhile then asked Kane about the town. "How do you like it here besides staying. He laughed and contiuned is it because it's just a smaller place to settle in?"
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