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 A new home and a lot of work, Tag: Calla and open
Luchetto Milano
Posted: Nov 20 2011, 04:05 PM

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Luchetto was walking next to Calla, she seemed distressed and he was trying to keep his own feelings from spilling out, Calla did not need to know he was worried about her. Not that he had never worried about her before, this was different, he had watched this situation take a toll on her. As much as she had succeeded in keeping it all together, her uncle Louie knew her much better than most. Being told in so many words and by the action of her people that she was a bad Queen and now the escape from the castle, Luchetto knew Calla was holding on to bare threads of reason and willpower, much like him.

He wanted so much to hug her tight to him and tell her it would be alright, like he used to do when she was a child and upset about something. Their greetings had been brief, Luchetto wanted her off the streets where people might recognize her, the mood of her subjects had shifted so much, Luchetto was not sure if she would be safe if someone called attention to her. Ducking between ramshackle houses and make shift stores, they weaved their way back to the house Luchetto had found for them.

It was off the main streets, far enough not to be seen, but close enough to get a sense of what was going on in town and the streets. It had been abandoned quite a while ago, squatters had lived there from time to time and it was definitely NOT a house anyone would be looking for to find his niece. This was such a far cry from the castle, anyone who thought she was a spoiled brat would not believe she would choose it for her hideout and that was exactly what Luchetto had been looking for. They needed to blend in and this was perfect, the bottom floor looked as bad as it had when Luchetto had taken possession of the property, a few things had been changed on the upper floor, to make it somewhat livable.

Luchetto opened the front door and looked at Calla ďWelcome to your new home, for now.Ē There was some warmth coming from the inside, Luchetto had made sure the fireplaces in the place were in working order to keep the place warm, he had also made sure the house would look uninhabited from the outside, even when the fires were burning. Thanks to people that were still loyal to Calla and would do what they could to put her back in her rightful place. Luchetto stretched his arms out to see if Calla wanted a hug, he was smiling at her *It will be okay, you will see. Everything will be as it should, don't give up Calla.*

The House

The Bottom Floor
Calla Efion
Posted: Nov 20 2011, 08:08 PM

Queen of Dhemlan
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In all of her years, Calla had never felt so low. Actually, she had never, ever, been depressed. Walking away from her castle, from her people, was a horrible feeling. She felt the pieces of her breaking, shattering and blowing away in the gentle night air. She had felt heart broken before; whenever Tomas disappeared, when Issy became annoyed at Tomas' return and she felt she had to choose, when Uncle Louie seemed disappointed in her, despite his words of comfort. She couldn't blame him for being disappointed in her. She had failed. Failed uncle Louie. Failed her parents who had died so she could be great. Failed her people. Failed her court.

Failed herself.

Somehow, she had managed to keep the tears from flowing in public. Alone in her room was another story. When the trash can filled with tissues, she would vanish them and when she had a chance, would hide them in the large garbage outside or throw them into the fire. For months, this ritual had been happening but she refused to let anyone see her cry. It was bad enough that Issy was so mad at her they were barely talking to each other before she left. It was bad enough that Tomas had gone away again even if she actually knew why this time. Her friends had all abandoned her and slowly, her court was leaving in the dead of night. Very few had actually told her they were leaving. It was all a huge pain for the young queen's heart.

But she would stay strong when she was needed. She would not give the prince priest and his queen the satisfaction of knowing she had cried or that she was crumbling. She did everything the way it was supposed to be done and yet she still ran in the dark like a rat. So few people had followed her to safety. She was cut to the core to know that only six of her court members would follow her into the slums. Only six believed in her enough. And the one person she had thought would, hadn't.

Tomas's words and she watched the castle fade had been sharp and had given her heart a slight slice but it was nothing any longer. What did that matter? She took a few steps backwards, taking in the last sight before turning to follow Tomas. She was glad for his hand. Tomas was good at calming her when she needed it. Odd, wasn't it? She was the queen and she was supposed to calm him but instead, the opposite was true. Just another area where she had fail. She wanted to say something but there were no words that could do anything for this situation. Instead, she squeezed his hand as the rear guard shooed her on.

It was only minutes before reaching the safe house. A hearth witch, a healer, and their husbands disappeared from the front room and into a hallway as she entered. She couldn't help freezing in place as she looked around. Calla had been in houses like this before but there had always been a reason to leave, to escape the confines of the houses but now she knew she was all but stuck here. She wouldn't be able to leave in the near future and she wouldn't have anything she was used too having. Instead, she would have to stay here, in this dump.

Uncle Louie's words shocked her out of her stupor. She wanted desperately to give into that hug but she was not ready for it. She couldn't tell him that they had lost yet and she wouldn't let her uncle down again by showing how defeated she really was. She had been his hope, the whole family's hope and she had failed. How could he want to give her a hug. Instead, she took his arm in her's, letting Tomas's hand go and stepped closer into the house. She probed the house and found the number of bedrooms. She nodded to herself and began walking through the hallway to the kitchen. "I think the bedroom at the top of the stairs would be best for the guards." She said, looking to them, relieved to see confirmation. "And the next two rooms for the ladies and their husbands so they can easily get to the stairs. Uncle Louie, perhaps you should take the small room in the back." She attempted a cheeky smile at her uncle. "We wouldn't want your nap to be disturbed."
Posted: Nov 27 2011, 09:51 PM

Kindred warlord
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It had been two years since Malfurious had first met Calla the wonderful queen and he had spent as much time as he could with her. He didnít fully understand why Calla had to leave her den, but what he did know that the males that were supposed to defend her and keep her safe had left her. They were bad males. When Calla left he left with her, it was time for him to leave his parents anyway as they were having another litter and he was too big.

He didnít like the city, so many bad smells especially where Calla wanted to stay. He tried to understand the reason for hiding, but he didnít like it. He thought Calla should have fought tooth and claw, but it seemed that she was licking her wounds. He kept himself sight shielded as he had been told that seeing him in the city would cause people to take notice. He wanted to keep Calla safe and had gone head to scout out the house. He didnít like the smells of the house. It smelled bad, but if someone bad was looking for Calla he doubted they would look here.

The young wolf came back just as Calla was entering the house and he moved up to her side. He dropped the sight shield, ** I donít like this house itís full of bad smells. This is not a good house for you to stay in, but Iíll make sure that none of the bad smells get to you. **

He knew that she cried at night, but he didnít say anything to anyone about it. He did just try to keep her spirits up and he knew she was a good queen, no matter what anyone else sad. He was quick to growl at anyone that would even suggest that Calla was not a good queen.
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