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 Going for Shocked, Tag Marlian
Marlian Tahlon
Posted: Oct 1 2011, 09:10 PM

Hearth Witch
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Marlian could have just stood still and look over their new bedroom for hours; everywhere she looked she found it to be perfect. The view was wonderful here and she could barely wait to wake up to this in the morning, her, no THEIR own place. For a moment she wished she was dressed a little nicer and not in her workout clothes, not that there was anything ratty about them but she felt a little underdressed for their adventure right now.

The nervousness coming from Tylar made her glance at him every so often, she was not sure what it was all about. She loved every millimeter of this place; there was nothing she could have possibly dreamed up this fantastic and wonderful. The care Tylar had shown was amazing, the closets with cleaning supplies on each floor showed a great deal of thought, he really had nothing to be nervous about, this was a perfect a surprise as it could possibly be.

When he took her hand, she squeezed it affectionately and smiled at him “One more thing? I have to tell you, these are a whole lot of surprises packed into a huge surprise. Thank you, this is simply perfect, I love it and you.” Then she was stunned into silence, once again, by the view he had revealed when he opened the double doors. Marlian looked from him to the mountains and back to him, just to look back at the mountains again. The wind, the view and the smells, and it was all right here, looking down she saw it was quite a ways down and with the winds, she was not sure if she would ever get up the nerve to try and sail down from all the way up here, maybe if she got used to it more.

Her eyes fell back on Tylar and she was just about to ask him if he had lost something and needed her help, turning all the way to face him again, Marlian could feel her heart flutter and her hands were shaking slightly. His nervousness made perfect sense to her for a brief moment as she looked down at him on one knee. Then her lungs decided there was not enough air and her heart tried to skip a few beats, her hands had no idea they belonged to her body at all. She so wanted to put a hand on his shoulder as she watched him with the dark blue small box he had called in and the little fight he had going with it, but her own hands would just not do anything but shake.

Now she really wished she was dressed much nicer, and hoped his pants would not dirty too bad in the knees from kneeling, and the things she needed to do, Marlian’s mind was racing in every direction possible as she was trying to calm herself somewhat. All the surprises had her rather emotional and her eye were tearing up too; crying would so send the wrong message she thought briefly, before all thought left her.

Tylar’s proposal was so like him and Marlian loved it, afraid she might just drop the ring in her excitement, she simply closed her hand over the box with the ring and went to her knees herself as she hugged him with her free arm. “Yes, yes, yes. I will marry you Tylar.” She almost squealed in his ear, but toned it down before it got too squeaky, he would need his eardrums after all. Between kisses she just stuck her hand out to him “You better put that ring on my finger, I am afraid I might drop it.” She was laughing and crying now, her hand definitely shaking.
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