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Generations have passed since the war, but there are still souls that linger and lives that are strained. It is a time to forgive and forget though not everyone can do so. Some territories are growing again and others seek revenge. Can we cope as we discover each other again in peace or will there be blood at dawn?

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 Mischief Managed? Not Quite..., attn: Guin
Ayden Morrgian
Posted: Mar 18 2011, 04:55 PM

Warlord Prince
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Group: Red Birthright
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Member No.: 145
Joined: 14-March 11

If Ayden didn't know better (or was more sure, rather), he would have sworn that he had some Dea al Mon blood in him with how much he felt the need to travel. He had been in the previous Territory for just over a month this time before he felt the urge to leave. And today was just the day for it. The Warlord Prince packed up his things and simply hopped on the Red wind, unsure of where it might take him. He really had no clue as to where he wanted to go; it felt like he had been to nearly everywhere, even though he knew he truly hadn't.

After what seemed like a relatively long amount of time, Ayden simply dropped down from the Wind and was intrigued to find himself on the edge of what looked to be a dock. There were ships all around and he was definitely fascinated by what he saw. Shoving his hands in his pockets he walked along, looking to and fro in awe, but also wondering where he was. The ships were magnificent and he looked on in awe at the various people working on the ships. There was water all around the Realm so undoubtedly they could have been going anywhere.

A side effect of not paying attention however, was the fact that he didn't exactly watch where he was going and managed to collide with another person. Just his luck. Part of him wanted to start snarling for whatever reason, but instinctively he reached out an arm to steady the other person and make sure they didn't topple over. "Sorry. Wasn't looking where I was going," he mumbled absently. "Are you okay?" Mother Night it was just his luck, to be sure.
Guinevere A'mos
Posted: Mar 20 2011, 05:42 PM

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Group: Purple Dusk to Opal
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Member No.: 154
Joined: 16-March 11

Everything was still fresh and exciting to the little witch, as her eyes danced upon the open sea only to return to find ships of all sizes before her. When she had run from her temporary home she felt so much more relief. She was an adult now and though she still didn’t act like it half the time Guinevere felt that the decision to leave and head elsewhere was for the best. She still felt no remorse after doing what she did, however, she didn’t know how Corina would have felt about it.

Better safe than sorry, she thought, as she wandered through the docks, making her way around people and such. Maybe she could pay someone to take her on board one of their ships. Oh wait, she would have to have money for that. That was the only downside to the spontaneity of her decision. She hadn’t grabbed any extra clothes or any money. Guinevere, however, was the type of girl to think of ideas of how she would get money and such though. She wasn’t worried at all.

It was as she was walking down the dock that Guinevere suddenly found the solution to her problem. Just sitting on the side of a boat was a small money pouch. Even if there wasn’t much in it she could at least use it to buy a meal as she was starving beyond belief. Food in her stomach would fuel her brain then to figure out a way to get onto a ship.

Walking up towards the pouch, Guinevere took a quick glance around as everyone was too preoccupied to notice what she was doing. People were looking at maps or making bargains with other people – even the boat had no people on it. It was the perfect chance.

Extending her arm Guinevere quickly snatched the little pouch feeling successful all up until a hand beside her quickly caught her wrist.

“And where do you think you’re going with MY money?” A stern voice asked Guinevere looked up to see an angry older man looking at her.

“I…I… I thought someone had lost it so I was going to try and return it to someone.” She stuttered out.

“I think that is far from the truth young lady. You were trying to steal me money. I should punish you for that!” Guinevere tried to pull her arm away, but by the look on the old man’s face he didn’t want her going too far.

Guinevere couldn’t have thanked the Darkness anymore when she then felt someone bump into, taking her arm to steady her. Guinevere’s eyes darted towards the young male who began to apologize to her. Was she alright though? Not when she had stupid attached to her other arm.

It was as if a light when off in Guinevere’s head though as she pulled her arm out of the grasp of the icky old man. “Sweetie, I’ve been looking all over for you!” Guinevere then wrapped her arms around the young males next in a hug, giving the old man the impression that she knew this male and that they were involved of some sorts. It was as she hugged her body to his that she sent him a message on private thread, *Please help me. This guy won’t leave me alone.* While it wasn’t the entire truth, it was believable, which was all she needed right now.
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