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Title: Quinn Tavora

Quinn Tavora - September 17, 2011 03:04 AM (GMT)
Name: Quinn Tavora
Age: 22
Race: Rihlander
Jewels: White ~ Tiger Eye (Broken back to White)
Social Rank: Healer
Territory: Blood Seas for now - Hayll
There is nothing harsh whatsoever about her physically or mentally. She's innocent, pure and cute by all means. She has fair, smooth, untouched skin that is both intriguing and settling to her features. Vibrant orange locks of curls fall continuously down Quinn’s shoulders and back, resting just under her average breasts. A hassle her curls mainly are, but after years of annoyance she has learned to deal with them and work with them. Her light blue eyes are almost translucent and more than often haunting to others. They are the key to Quinn’s true feelings, no matter what she is doing or saying.

She is tiny by nature, vertically and horizontally. She stands at 5’2 with a slender figure that is almost the size of slightly large child. She’s thin to the point her ribs are visible, but healthy at the same time. Quinn does nothing to aid in letting males focus on her small hourglass figure with the clothes she wears. Colors that shouldn’t go together and so forth are her daily attire, which is unsettling alone. Quinn doesn’t know the difference nor does she take it upon herself really to care. Her mind is full of indifferences that people don’t seem to take the time to care for.

One thing that comes from even looking at Quinn is that something is slightly off about the Healer. She is beautiful in her own delicate way, which draws people, but there is something about her that will never most likely be fixed. Suffering from a cracked chalice, Quinn was broken down her to birthright and even suffers what people call insanity. Her mind is always moving from thought to thought, wondering about things too much or other things at the same time. She makes random comments for the most part and finds it hard to concentrate without someone helping her through it. Keeping her mind on one thought helps a lot with Quinn.

Every inch and bone in Quinn’s body likes to comfort people. She was once an amazing Healer and even in the condition she is in now she feels the urge to help people. Though it takes her longer than most to do the healings, especially with her jewels and all, she is even more so stubborn when she fixates on helping someone. It’s her passion and way of life, though most people seek other help when around her.

-Reading about dragons
-Playing outside
- Mean people
- Angry people
- Being yelled at
-Not getting her way
-Her mother and Jared

There was nothing out of the norm for Quinn’s childhood. She was raised upon a small house in Hayll where wild flowers grew and there was nothing but happiness in the small village she lived in. Her parents, a Priestess and Prince, both light in jeweled loved her unconditionally and showed her the rights and wrongs of the world. Even when the time came where she needed training they sought out the best when they couldn’t exactly pay for it; putting her first nonetheless.

She grew and matured just as any average woman should, gaining attention from males and experiencing what she needed too. Quinn completed her training a few years after her sixteenth birthday, still young and naïve to the world. It was upon her new years as a Healer that rough patches started appearing in her life. First starting off with the family income dwelling low, which then turned into the seperation of her loving parents. Devastated and so un used to matters of change Quinn tried to push herself into her Healings, only to be pulled back out as quickly as she went.

Within a span of a few months Quinn and her mother, as it was decided upon her parents that she would go with her, moved to Hayll. It was a long journey, but as her mother’s only living relatives resided there it was the only place for them to go. Her father promised to keep in touch, which he did every second week of the month when they moved. Quinn would write him back continuously, missing him dearly while the even more new changes of her life took place.

They had been living in Hayll for a year when Quinn felt the need to descend, making a full one at that as she walked away with a Tiger Eye jewel. She was excited for her new power that the darkness blessed upon her, sending her into an instant frenzy to write to her father.

It was upon Quinn writing her letter to her father that something unexpected happen that changed her life forever. She was in the midst of telling her father about her descent, how much she missed him and so forth when her mother barged into her room, pulling her to come and heal the neighbors son. As she was rushed next door she was informed that he had been out hunting of some sorts and had gotten attacked seriously by some sorts of animal. At first Quinn had rolled her eyes at her mother’s attempts to set her up with the neighbors son, which she had been doing for months, but when Quinn saw the males lifeless body she was instantly drawed to him.

An hour passed and then it came upon to two while Quinn worked, new jewels exceeding what she was normally used too and help drastically though she wasn’t as strong as some were. The color in his face was coming back and his wounds were healing nice while Quinn came upon the final wound he had. It was merely nothing but a gash to the skin along his ribs, which while she pressed upon to feel how badly hurt she felt his ribs crack beneath her fingers. He groaned while she probed weakly drained of her jewels, finding that blood was now pooling into his chest. Determined and without supervision like she requested Quinn pushed herself hard to make sure he was okay. She pushed and pushed, using every inch of her jewels until it became too much. As quickly as something can break, Quinn did; saving the male and driving her mind elsewhere.

Her mother was devastated and upon the act the males mother swore to help in any way, her son even offering to marry Quinn for the damage was done. Tears were made while Black Widows were called in to see what could be done. Between Quinn or them nothing was done and she was left how she was. All she does now is try to get healings though people won’t book her unless out of sympathy; pushing her find other things to do with her life.
Jared – Prince – Summer Sky to Opal (neighbours son)
Mother – Priestess – Yellow to Summer Sky
Father – Prince – Summer Sky to PD
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