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Title: Two Crazies for Hire
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Drayk kamden - April 3, 2011 01:05 AM (GMT)
Sitting in the table in a corner of this bar, Drayk had to wonder two things; what the hell he was doing thinking about boarding a ship and going for a sail when he had NO training in the area and how the hell had he been dragged all the way to another realm just to do it? With a large glass of whiskey in front of him, Drayk decided to forgo manners (an idea that made him huff in laughter) and drink straight from the bottle. He didn't want to get on a ship. He didn't know how they ran or how they stayed afloat. Alright, so he had the basic concepts of buoyancy down but there were massive waves on the ocean that went onto the top of the boats and that couldn't be a good thing and yet boats still float. He didn't have a single clue. What the hell was with all the rope anyways? Were they planning on hanging an entire territory when they landed?

Nope, he didn't want to go. He didn't care if he had actually made the suggestion to Addi one night in bed between romps. Things said at that time didn't count for anything after all. He didn't really want to be a pirate. He just wanted Addi to "Shiver his timbers" as it were. She was supposed to forget about the whole pirate thing by the time dawn came around (or noon when they would actually get out of bed). Of course he should have known that his damn black widow wouldn't forget. Not something dangerous and adventurous of course. So when she brought it up the next day, he agreed it would be a fantastic idea and they should look into going to port and boarding a ship. Of course he agreed. He had to save face after all.

But now he was sitting alone at a table while Addi was in the bathroom or shopping or finding some girl to play with. Drayk didn't really know. He hadn't been paying all that much attention but he was pretty sure it was the bathroom. Maybe. Where ever she was, it didn't matter because she wasn't sitting with him and he could feel anxiety brewing in his chest. How the hell was he supposed to protect his black widow when he didn't know how things worked? No she didn't need protection but that didn't mean he wasn't going to. He was a warlord prince after all and that was his job.

He took another large swig as Addi finally came back into the room. A little of that anxiety left him, or maybe it was just suppressed. She was far more excited about this than he was. When she finally got close enough, Drayk grabbed her hand and pulled her into his booth, pulling her closer against him with a grin. This made him feel better. Maybe he could distract her forever by sleeping with her. Drayk was sure he could do that. His hands slipped down her back to her ass which he squeezed firmly. "So when do I get to plunder your booty?"

Addison Demytra - May 12, 2011 03:25 AM (GMT)
How did they come to have travelled an entire realm and decided to become pirates? Well the answer was simple as it were during pillow talking that Drayk had suggested the idea. Whether it had been a joke or not when Addison began to think more about it and the adventures she could the idea grew on her more and more. By the time the romping had finished and the morning sun had awakened her from dreams of the sea she knew she was set on going to the open seas. Hell, she’d make an awesome, not to mention attractive pirate as they called them. Why the hell shouldn’t they go to the seas?
Drayk on the other hand seemed very grumbly about the idea when he had been the first one to initiate it. Either way, Addison knew that by enforcing them going he would either cave on her behalf to make her happy or so that he wouldn’t lose face in front of her. To Addi it was a win win situation and that’s how she liked things. So she smiled at him, kissed his cheek and set upon gathering her things while dancing around and got dressed. She knew that this was a good idea and just screamed fun from the get go.
Making their way to the docks they stopped at a little tavern and while Drayk ordered their drinks Addison set off towards the bathroom so she could tighten her black and gray corset that she wore along with a pair of skin tight leather pants. Her knee high boot that accompanied her whole attire probably gave off the wrong impression to most, but she didn’t care. In reality she knew that most men wouldn’t be able to keep their eyes off her and the females they were with were only jealous because they couldn’t make their male look at them like that. She just smiled in the mirror as she fixed her hair and made it back out towards Drayk.
As she rounded the corner towards the booth and began to walk past Drayk to get to her seat Addison was caught off guard as Drayk pulled her in beside her, a small shriek falling from her lips before she pressed again him in which made her playfully smack him. “You could just ask for me to sit by you Monster.” She frowned at him while she watched his eyes and every move, smelling something different in his scent. She turned her head at him, wondering if it was fear or second guessing the whole trip. It was Drayk’s grin though that settled those feelings of hers though while he spoke.
That’s when the full hearted laughter fell into the open air at Drayk’s comment. “You my Monster can plunder my booty when you start acting like you –actually- want to do this.” She smiled at him before leaning in and kissing his cheek, her body pressing against his as her hand began to run along his inner thigh. When it was about to reach the junction between his legs it pulled away as she then nipped his jaw and turned back into her seat, taking her drink and drinking it with a smile upon her lips. Even though Drayk had claimed her and they were still getting passed what had happened to her that still didn’t stop Addison from teasing and enjoying the games they played.
She then turned back towards him with a grin, “Are you afraid of the water or something? Is that why I sense you don’t want to go to the open seas like YOU suggested?” Addison poked Drayk’s side before taking back the rest of her drink. She wondered if there was ever a time that Drayk would ever express fear other than the idea of losing her.

Starling Greene - May 17, 2011 05:13 PM (GMT)
Starling was lurking in a booth. Had been since her attempts that morning to recruit a crew had been miserably thwarted. She had only signed on a few new men, one of whom was a woman and who had absolutely no experience on a ship. What had she been thinking? Hmph. A black nailed hand reached out to wrap around her bottle of ale, tilting it back to empty the last of its contents into her mouth. Swishing around the foul liquid, she swallowed it down resolutely. She had left without telling Lir, without telling anyone from the crew - only sending a message to Abaddon so that someone would know she hadn’t left them completely. If Lir became suitably curious, he would eventually give in and ask Abaddon - and Abaddon might tell him. Maybe. If he asked nicely enough… But she needed a few moments to sulk, to think, and to worry. Her moments of sulking didn’t last long, however, as a whisper from the booth behind her made her giggle to herself.

"So, when do I get to plunder your booty?”

The Black Widow Queen rolled her eyes before waving over the waitress and snatching a beer from her tray. A female voice then chimed in and the pirate couldn't help but eavesdrop. It wasn’t as if she had any manners after all.

“Are you afraid of the water or something? Is that why I sense you don’t want to go to the open seas like YOU suggested?”

This time, the Queen laughed. Hard and loudly. Turning in her seat, pushing to her knees, she poked her rainbowed head to peer into the booth behind her.

“Why are all ye lubbers wantin’ tae go t’sea today? S’weird! S’really weird!” She giggled again, taking another long drink of her beer. She might have, perhaps, been a little drunk. Maybe. She had been in the tavern the better part of the day and her table was littered with beer bottles and empty liquor glasses. Her constitution was strong as she was a Black Widow and a pirate - neither of which gave into alcohol easily - but eventually, there was a limit. And Starling had most certainly crossed hers. “So. Ye big winged birdieman and ye little spidercat want t’try tae swim, aye?”

Drayk kamden - June 16, 2011 03:17 AM (GMT)
Afraid? Drayk? The warlord prince scoffed at the idea. Literally scoffed out loud to think that something could make him afraid. He let out a low growl as he leaned in closer to Addi. Why would this frustrating black widow first insult him and then put distance between them? That was just asking for it and she should know that. "I fear nothing Ragdoll." He pulling her back into his lap. That was where he liked her and if he was going to have to listen to her insults, he may as well get something he wanted.

And all he wanted was to bite on her neck a bit. After all, it had an incredible curve to it that basically called to him. He grinned to himself as his lips came closer and couldn't help the annoyed, aggravated growl that came from his lips as they were once again interrupted. The Darkness had it in for him. Drayk was sure of it. How else would he get two aggravating black widows blocking his plans of keeping his feet solidly on the ground?

And what the hell was the rainbowed one saying?

And was she...a queen?

Even as Drayk's arms tightened around Addi protectively, he couldn't help but analyze the new comer. SO he was sure that he looked better in the rainbow do that one time Addi had gotten him drunk and he had let her do whatever she wanted. Not like that other time when he got facial hair or the other time when he went bald or the other time when his hair turned into spaghetti. The rainbow hair (and the facial hair) were pretty cool. But mostly when drunk and Drayk was anything but drunk at that moment.

As the newcomer took a swig of her beer, Drayk couldn't help but look over the back of the seat (being tall had its advantages afterall) and see how strewn with bottles the table actually had been. What happened next was a bit shocking to the warlord prince.

He felt...


Addi was the only one he was protective of but he also felt a call to get this black widow queen back home (or to her ship, whichever was right) and make sure no one messed with her. The Darkness hated him. It was that simple. Even if he wanted to watch out for the queen, he did not like the terminology used. "Hear that ragdoll? Birdieman and Spidercat. What do you think about that?"

Addison Demytra - August 7, 2011 11:13 PM (GMT)
Addison knew that putting distance between Drayk and herself would be an issue. It had been an issue ever since she had been taken, not letting her to be free like he used too. It drove Addison bonkers sometimes when he did, but given the situation she knew that she owed it to him to let him fuss and sometimes quite frankly she was glad he was close to her. Just because she was tough and had a hard exterior shell didn’t mean that she wasn’t still hurt from all the abuse she had taken. Still though, when it came to the Black Widow she made sure everyone thought she was strong.

Shifting in her new seat as Drayk pulled her to his lap she leaned against him and took another sip of her drink, drawing it back to the table as she smiled at his response. Her dark nails scratched at his thighs, “I know monster.” Addison could feel Drayk leaning in towards the part of her neck that he loved most and as the Black Widow shivered with excitement, as she enjoyed him biting there, she took was a little startled when she heard a full hearty laughter.

Her gray eyes darted toward the source, which widened a little as all she could see was rainbow. That’s when she felt Drayk’s arms tighten around her waist, which allowed her to start running her nails along his skin. She knew he was being protective, but even the Black Widow wasn’t quite sure what this woman wanted, especially since she talked so funny. “I’m not sure that’s any of your business.” Addison said in response to the Black Widow Queen’s first question. Two Black Widows could very interesting around each other.

The woman spoke again, and Addison felt put off as she felt a shift in Drayk’s scent. He wasn’t as angry as before and she couldn’t help but wonder why. She turned to look at him, a small frown on her face appearing, wondering what it was. She then turned back to the rainbow haired woman and wondered if it was her. Addison shifted back to look completely at the Queen, feeling a tinge of jealousy hit her. “Spidercat makes me sound sexy. Not sure about Birdieman.” She said as she downed the rest of her drink, raising her hand to order another.

She looked at the woman in front of her, “if you’re going to eavesdrop you might as well just join us.” Addison said, wondering why this woman thought it was interesting that they were wanting to go to sea anyways.

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