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Title: Starling Greene
Description: Black Widow Pirate Queen.

Starling Greene - March 17, 2011 01:48 AM (GMT)
I'd like to use 40 points to purchase the closed caste of Black Widow Queen. And apologize for the grammar which I'm sure will make this hard to read and that is probably very inconsistent. Starling insisted on being piratical. AAAARGH. *Star swings about with a cutlass*

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You walk into the altar, your body relaxed and your mind focused. The large, oversized doors close as the sun dips below the horizon. The darkness creeps around you and for a moment, you feel as though you are completely alone when a warm and elderly voice comes from the center of the altar.

“Welcome my child and may the Darkness bless you. You are here to prove your worthiness to enter the realms beyond this world. Let us begin. Please, tell me about yourself. What is your name? How old are you and what is your caste?”

Me name's Cap'n Starlin' Veruca Greene. I be a twendy-sev'n year ol' Black Widow Queen, but I fancy meself a hearth witch.

“Yes yes. I was wondering when the Darkness would send you to me. What jewels has the Darkness gifted you with my child?”

Mother Night gave me a Purple Dusk (50) when I's six. When I's eighteen, she blessed me wif an Opal (23) - which'n I find quite fittin', as it is as changin' as the sea, the mood of a' me hair.

“A beautiful set of jewels are they not? Where do you come from and where are you going?”

I's born in Shalador, 'though I's raised by the shores of the sea. An' I'm goin' wherever a swift wind a'takes me...

“Now, let us begin with the real information. My eye sight has begun to fail me so please, what do you look like?”

A'first glance, the thing ye might notice right off's me hair. When I's younger, I loved t'weave webs to change s'color. I set webs'n earrin's, which I change at me wills an' whims. Red was me favored hue when I's nineteen. Purples an' pinks were me favies during me twenties. When I's twenty-five, I dove into greens an' blues. On me twenty-seventh birthday, I's ready fer a change again. The problem was, I did'n set about decid'in upon the color until I an' me First Matey Lir'd already downed a sweet few bottles o'rum. Once I'd settled on a vury nice shade o'sea green, Lir dared that I could'in do two colors t'wonce. So's, I had to do better'n that. 'Nother bottle later and I ended up weaving a web that would display four colors. I rather like the look, 'though Lir likes a'say that I dipped me head'n rainbow puke. When I ain't wearing the webs, me hair is a rather normal darkish brown like me mum's. Rather unexcitin', if I do say so meself...

The rest o'me tends to match me hair. A bit mismatched and unruly, ye see. I could give two shits about me clothes an' the boyos on board could care less as well. After months a'sea, whether'er not I'm wearin' a clean shirt's the least of me worries. I like tube tops and small shirts, paired wif tight trousers or short breeches. These're the clothes'at make the most sense on a ship, as they don' get caught when I's workin'. I grew up barefoot, but nows I wear boots most of the time. As I be gettin' older, I begin to enjoy the few perks o' bein' Cap'n. An' that includes wearin' shoes'at keep nails out o'the bottoms o'me feet...

I stan' out among the boyos, 'cause I'm damned short to most of them. I'm only about five and three inches tall, but that does'n mean I should be underestimated. I be slender and slim, wif nae much chest t'speak of, which's probably good 'cause I don' need me men oogling me bosom when they should be payin' attention to their posts. If'n their eyes do wander, I bring their attention back t'firm ground wif a knee to the groin.

I like tattoos and gets 'em as often as I can. I also like makin' illusions of tattoos an' placin'em about me body - t'see how long it takes people to notice that me whole body be a'shiftin'...

“And your personality? What is that like?”

Well. I been described many ways. I’s a spicy temper. ‘Spose it comes wif’ bein’ a Black Widow an’ all. I don’ put up wif’ anyone’s shit, whether ye be male or female. We’s all the same a board me ship and we all pull our weight. Sometimes I piss off the boys an’ try t’do more’n ‘ey think I should…but I don’ care. ‘Ey can piss up a rope.

I can be sweet if’n I like. I’m a woman, after all. We all gots our sweet to go alon’ wif’ our spice. Jus’ that my sweet side doesn’ come out all that offin’. S’pose the way I show my ‘ffection is cookin’ fer my crew. A happy belly is a happy man, see?

I don’ trust easily. S’pose thas’ what comes from growin’ up wif parents who leave ye, brothers who forget ye, and among pirates who ye shouldn’t trust as far as ye can throw ‘em. And ye can’t throw ‘em far, I tell you. Since Murtagh hurt me so, I refuse t’court another. In fact, I come up wif’ a sets o’ challenges a man must complete in order t’call ‘emself me Consort or husband ever again. An’ they ain’t nothin’ easy…

“Is there anything you particularly enjoy or dislike?”

-I love to fuss wif cookin'. When I can, I sneak down to the galley t'play. Often, I'll make up dinner fer the boyos - 'specially when we first sets out on a journey an' the food's still fresh and plentiful.
-Liar's Dice. Bein' a woman playin' among men gives me quite the 'vantage. They simply don't know when to call me bluff as they have nae idea how t'read me.
-The smell o'salt air. I's craved it since I's a child. Perhaps it was 'cause I grew up on a beach, or 'cause I spent a lot of me life on a ship. But it feels like it was me destiny to be at sea.
-Booty. Both.
-The chase. There's nothin' more thrillin' than comin' up behind a vessel, knowin' that soon t'will be mine.

-I hate long clothes. I like wearin' tight clothes an' as little of 'em as possible. Some say 'tis a bad idea fer a femme on ship. I say, let them wear a dress an' climb the riggin'.
-A becalmed sea bodes ill fer a ship.
-Manners. Who the hell needs 'em?
-Rowan. Dick.
-Murtagh. Dickier.

“An aimless wonderer is hardly a good thing. What are your goals?”

T'fill the coffers of The Sea's Whore and t'sail waters ne'er seen.

An' to find the perf' recipe fer turtle soup this side o' the Blood Seas...

“Ah yes, I see. Before you tell me your story, who are some important people in your life?”

Ex-husband: Murtagh Greene, Warlord Prince, Opal to Green, 38 - Hopefully rotting in a fish's gut.
Mother: Eula Donn, Healer, Rose to Tiger Eye - Unknown
Father: Duglas Galloway, Warlord, Purple Dusk to Green - Unknown
Brother: Rowan Donn, Warlord, Purple Dusk to Sapphire - 30 - Shalador

First Escort/First Mate: Lir Nuada, Warlord, Tigers Eye to Rose - Blood Seas

A candle is lifted, revealing a priestess on a lounging couch just off of the altar. She is elderly but still very refined and coherent. She moves to one end of the couch.

“Come and sit next to me and tell me about your story. I want to know about your history.”

Me mum was a pretty lass, born in Shalador. That’s where she met me da’. ‘Though he was’n from Shalador a’tall… I ne’er knew where me Da’s from. S’posedly by the sea, where me an’ me brother Row grew up. Me mum and me da moved there wif us when I’s four’n me brother was sev’n. I don’ member Shalador much. All’s I member is our lil’ shack by the docks. Row and Da’d go to fish and I’d stay wif Mum. I made me Birthright Ceremony down in a lil altar by the water. Da carried me all the way home after. It’s one of the only memories I got of him.

When I’s nine, da went away. Just gone. Row was angry an’ I member Mum bein’ sad. I’s sad, too - but I did’n want Mum to see it. She was like a ghostie for a long time after. Row took care o’ me and I took care o’ him and together we took care o’ Mum. Then, she went away too. Row took us down to the docks, ‘cause he did’n know where else to go. After a while, a ship came in lookin’ fer crew. They wanted jus’ Rowan, but he wouldn’t leave wifout me - so he cut me hair and told me t’pretend to be a boy. Now, those pirates had to know I’s a girl. I mean - c’mon. I’s cryin’ the whole time ‘cause damn Row had cut me hair. But, what could they do? Sneakin’ a female on board used to get ye a long walk down a gauntlet - but Row was only thirteen and I’s only ten. In fact, I think they kinda liked me. They always showed me things, like ;ow to tie knots or tell the direction o’ the winds. An’ they really liked t'hear me cuss.

We stayed on board wif Cap’n Crawley fer ten years. He took care of us and eventually Row got on as crew. I don’ know what I was. I s’pose it didn’ matter, ‘cause the ‘Arcerian’ didn’ last. Mutiny spread while’s we were at sea. Crawley was murdered and all who were loyal t’him were thrown overboard. That included me. I didn’ know what to do… I called and called for Row but ne’er found him. He had left me, just like me mum and da. Just like that - without sayin’ bye. He’s prolly still on board that ship, laughin’ and goin’ on like he does.


I survived. I’s saved by a fellow, Murtagh. At the time I’s most grateful. He was a handsome man, strong and big. Could’n say a word wifout swearin’ the next. He took me t'shore, took me t’bed, an’ took me t’altar not a month later. Not like pirates need to get married. But I s’pose there is a bit o’ female n’me. I wanted him to be mine. Who knows why, but I did.

Dumb idea.

Two years later he had his own ship an’ I’s aboard wif him. Another year later, an’ he’d cheated on me wif every wench’n the west harbors. He ‘spected me t’stay in his cab’n an’ wait fer his orders. Wear dresses fer him and rub his back. Psh. I wanted to be out wif the men, sweatin’ and workin’ in the sun. He did’n like it very much. And it turned out, I did’n like him either. At least most o' time.

So’s, wif the ap‘ropriate wigglin’ and a few special webs - I took his crew. And wif his crew, I took his ship. ‘The Sea’s Whore’ became mine an’ along wif her, the Blood Seas.

The old priestess nods her head as you finish. She is clearly thinking and weighing the information that you have just given her.

“Perhaps I need just a little more. Could you give me an example of how you plan to play in the world?”

I think you've seen more'n enough. Don' ye haf somewhat better t'do?

The old priestess narrows her eyes and tilts her head to the side, looking behind you.

“And you, behind this wonderful member of our story, who are you?”

It's a Secret!

Tomas D'Amuri - Warlord Prince - Yellow Birthright
Efig Jai'Lonn - Healer - Summer Sky to Purple Dusk
Finola Giolladhe - Queen - Green to Red
Tiernan Mac'Murchada - Warlord Prince - Green to Gray
Rowan Donn - Warlord - Purple Dusk to Sapphire
Kitten - Warlord - Purple Dusk to Sapphire (WIP)
Dayvonar Lotequis - Prince Priest - Sapphire/Red to Ebon Gray (WIP - Transfer)

“And have you read and agreed to the rules of this place?”


Again, she pauses and thinks. The air is beginning to lighten as the morning light comes around. The Priestess rises and approaches the altar. She begins lighting the candles in a practiced and comfortable order. There is movement beyond the candles as the altar opens to a new world.

“Thank you for your time and stories. You are free to proceed. Please have fun but remember, everything has a price.”

Mackenzie Harlotte - March 18, 2011 08:38 PM (GMT)
Purple Dusk 50 - Opal - 23

Siren - April 3, 2011 09:04 PM (GMT)
Accepted. Let the race begin

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