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Title: Nadiya Braudeaux
Description: Sailor Healer Queen

Nadiya Braudeaux - March 14, 2011 03:23 PM (GMT)

Nadiya Braudeaux
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Age: 19
Caste: Healer Queen
Race: French. I mean, Nharkavian
Birth Territory: Nharkava, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Nharkava, Kaeleer
Birthright Jewel: Red (82)
Jewel of rank: Claims no descent: Red (secretly Black (94))

Craft Strengths: Nadiya always had a talent for Healing. Flesh responds to her craft much easier than earth does. Even sea life responds to her, which was always as natural to her as tending the land was to other queens.

Craft Weaknesses: There was a brief attempt to teach Nadiya the arts of the Black Widow. The idea was to make her the most powerful witch in the world, to feed the ambitions of certain family members and their friends. Nadiya refused to learn and to this day, refuses to have anything to do with a Black Widow. Unless it is healing poisons. That she'll do and gladly.

Physical Description: Nadiya is full of life and health. Her complexion glows with it, pale and radiant. Her eyes are the color of winter skies, fading between silver gray and blue. Her lips are often painted with brilliant color, to better highlight the lush and soft plumpness of them. Her brunette locks curl up naturally, and she rarely cares for them more than a quick wash and a brief encounter with a brush. Her hair would just be tangled again soon anyway, tossed by wind and work into a messy tumble.

Nadiya is happy to let people believe she is not particularly bright. She long mastered the art of seeming a little dim and willing to be lead. It was safer for her to do so, after she got her Red Birthright and even the possibility of Black fired the greed of her friends and family. She often acts confused, or a little absent-minded. Her choice in clothes helps to reflect that choice. She’ll wear a fancy ruffled top with a pair of dingy shorts. Or she might choose a skirt suitable for a day of shopping when she would be out fishing. Good luck keeping shoes on the girl. As soon as she was out of the sight of her mother, from her earliest years, the shoes would come off and be left behind as she went on ‘adventures’ on well calloused feet.

Personality: Behind those puzzled pale blue-gray eyes lurks a mind of astonishing speed and cunning. She could have been the most terrifying Queen to ever rule Nharkava, or as Witch from the Keep should she have made her Offering where the true result would have been known. However, Nadiya did not want to rule. The thought of being responsible for that many people, or for the entire realm, was enough to prompt her to want to run away and hide.

Physically leaving was not an option, so she hid in her own skin. She played a part, letting her family and their greedy friends believe that she was more fragile and less stable with the years. She would flinch at shouting, let her smiles be fragile and waver easily. It was hard to remember that it was just an act sometimes, and she feared that the mask would someday become truth.

Even after her escape, a feat planned more carefully than the people left behind would ever know, Nadiya kept the act. It was safer to let people believe that she was stupid, and to keep her jewels hidden. Better still to stay on the move, and the sea still soothed Nadiya’s soul. Hence, to sail was the best place she could seek to live and try to find herself again.

Likes: The sea. A good strong breeze. Sunrise over the waves. Helping people. Freedom.
Dislikes: Being unable to see the sky. Confinement. Having to Not help. Crows and carrion birds. Being a tool.

Running away was not an option at first.

For one, she had no place to go to. There were no males that she could trust to protect her during her times of weakness, or female friends that would watch her back as much as she watched their own. Even with Red Birthright, there was a distance between Nadiya and her peers. So she made plans, set aside supplies and bought a skiff in secret. The borders were closed, but blocking the Winds did not prevent people from moving about on foot, or sailing far enough out to smuggle things back and forth.

Secondly, Nadiya did love her parents. They were fools, being used and not seeing it. They were a Queen and a Prince, and technically of dark jewels, but of no great social or economic standing. Indeed, her father was a fisherman, and her mother barely kept hold of a sea-side village as she grew older. Being an only child, Nadiya had been in danger of being spoiled before she had her birthright ceremony. Her craft lessons were gentle, and she was given all the toys she desired, as well as a miniature boat that could sail a short distance on a tether that kept it in shallow waters.

And sail she did. To the length of the tether and the full reach of her imagination, telling herself stories of adventure and danger and friends that would understand her. All the things she could not find in her real life were within reach on the little boat. Even for a few years after getting her Red jewel, she would go out on it, thinking about the feel of the male that had once held the jewels that had come to her already cut and set in pendant and ring. She only got a flash of him before her own self imprinted on the blood-colored Jewels, but the too big and too heavy settings were a constant reminder. Her parents wanted to take them to a jeweler and have them redone, but Nadiya would not allow it, and kept them vanished when she was not actively needing them for a craft lesson.

The boat was big enough for a little girl to play house with, but in truth, the play boat was hardly more than a rowboat with a nice shell on it. As Nadiya got bigger, the boat stayed the same size, and the dreams she had on it grew dimmer until she could not bear to be on it. When she was twelve, she burnt the little boat that had made her so happy when she was little, using witchfire to make a bonfire of it in the harbor. She was punished for it, for the first time since she had gotten her Red Jewels, and that punishment was a choice. She could accept it and let her people believe her to be their tool for a while longer, which is what she did. She always held on to the thought that she could have shielded and stopped it at any point though. All the pain she suffered through the years after, she could have stopped, and that made her stronger than they ever knew.

Nadiya began gathering supplies when she was fifteen, already foreseeing a day when she would be forced to escape the plans of her family and their friends. They knew she had received the Red for her birthright, and they planned to use her as a tool through which to rule Nharkava, because they assumed she would have at least the Gray, and probably more.

Then the males rose up and started to slaughter the Queens. Everyone assumed that Nadiya had been killed along with her mother and father, since they foolishly fought the rebellion. No one ever guessed that Nadiya had bought a skiff, weeks before, and loaded her supplies on it. They would not have believed it of their shy, sweet, dull little Healer Queen daughter.

For a few years, she stayed in coastal towns, sailing alone from one to the next and preforming the duties of a Healer. If it was needed, she did give her strength to the land, but always in secret so no one would ever again see the Red Jewel that pulsed with her life. Few that she met were dark enough to know that Nadiya was more than the jewel-less vagabond she pretended to be, but even those few were too many.

She didn’t make her offering for until she was well and safely away, and then she did so in secret. The jewels were already cut and set, and Nadiya spent hours leaning against the forgotten Altar, thanking the Darkness for helping to keep her secret. Like her Red set, the cold Black jewels had the feel of a male before she claimed them. The feel of his ruthless and protective strength still in the Black was like another blessing from the Darkness, reminding her that she was not the first, and was not truly alone. Wearing the Jewels for the first and only time, Nadiya smiled fondly at the memory of old dreams. She was unaware that her dreams were so similar to the one that had worn that particular glorious Black before, a dream of being loved and accepted for who they were, and not used for what they could do. A willingness to accept any pain, to play any game, no matter how cruel, for the promise of that special someone that they might someday find was also shared across centuries.

When Nadiya was ready, she vanished the Black along with her Red and gathered her small belongings. It was time to sell her skiff in a larger harbor town and find a true ship. It was time to no longer be alone.

Mother: Opal to Sapphire Queen (Thoroughly deceased)
Father: Green to Red Prince (Thoroughly deceased)

RP Sample:
The landen village had never seen a Queen at work. Their stares made Nadiya uncomfortable, but they had accepted her offer to 'bless' their fields in return for a couple of sacks of dried food that she could take with her back out to her little skiff.

She was even able to wear her Red jewels for the task, since they would not know what the glittering stones meant. The mayor had offered to buy the pendant and ring in his ignorance, and Nadiya had just smiled at him before asking, "Would you sell your hand to me? These are like my soul, a part of me. I can not give them up."

Her blood, laced with Red strength, curled in the barrels of water like crimson clouds did in the sky at sunset. Once she was satisfied that she had given enough, she sealed the wounds on her palms and bade the farmers to use the barrels to water their fields.

She would stay the night, and use her strength to Heal the sick or injured in the village, like she had done for so many before. In the morning, they would see that her promise about the crops was good, and they would pay her what she needed.

They would be alarmed at how much food she would eat for her evening meal, but it served them right for trying to be stingy. She would be working hard enough to deserve more, even if they doubted her words.

Such doubt was common among these landens though. The Blood had not helped them very much, and had usually been signs of trouble. Plus Nadiya did not look like their idea of a reliable person. With her tangled hair and ragged pants, her fancy shirt smeared with stains and unshod feet, she did have the look of one of the citizens of the Twisted Kingdom. Or else a vagabond and possible thief. They would keep her at arm's reach before trusting her. Then she could go to the Altar that was hidden in the ruins on the hill above their villiage.

There she could make the offering with no one to see the Jewel that she both feared and hoped to receive.

Player Info
OOC Name: Krysis
Past Characters:
Susan Kavare: Rose to Opal Queen
Byron Kavare: Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Prince
Jaidev: Summer Sky to Green Warlord
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SRawr - March 16, 2011 07:44 PM (GMT)
I loved reading this girlie. :)
I will say approved, but seeing as she is a dual caste and with such dark jewels I'm going to ask another admin/mod for their acceptance. I don't see why she wouldn't be approved though. :)

Lovely character dearie. You have my approval so far.

squiregaby - March 16, 2011 08:25 PM (GMT)
I wholeheartedly approve!! :D Love love LOVE her! set her up for yooou :D

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