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Description: Rules and Guidelines for the site

Lightning - April 18, 2011 03:55 PM (GMT)
General Code of Conduct:

This site entertains a code of conduct that members are expected to follow. This is primarily a matter of etiquette: we want this forum to be fun for everyone, and a civil community is an important part of that. The staff reserves the right to punish or expel any player who is in violation of these rules.

1. Treat other players (including staff members) with respect.

2. No OOC racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination or spreading of hateful speech will be tolerated.

3. There is a line between persistence and harassment. If someone asks you to leave them alone, you should. The staff takes all complaints of harassment very seriously.

4. Do not add copyrighted or otherwise plagiarized content to our website.

5. Do not link to, add, or advertise warez or stolen video or content to our website.

6. Use of obscene words is acceptable, but not necessarily encouraged. In order to play this game and enjoy all facets of its nature, one must have a sufficiently mature mind. Gratuitous and unnecessary use of obscenities, however, is discouraged and will be handled properly.

7. OOC should stay OOC, and IC should stay IC. If something happens to your character, do not take it personally, nor should you use OOC knowledge to further your PC's agenda.

8. Powergaming is no fun for everyone else. Don't go around self-modding your character so that he's the only one who gets to do awesome stuff.

9. Similarly, respect the game world. Although this is a fantasy setting, we expect a certain amount of realism. New nations do not appear out of nowhere, nor do governments topple for no reason. Every event IC should have a rational explanation within the game world. In other words, no god-modding.

10. Do not bring up your issues with other members publicly on the forum. Contact a moderator instead. The forum is not a place to act on your personal vendettas and issues. This includes stuff you've read in IM, disagreements about roleplay, and things like that.

12. Remember, this is a game. We're all here to have fun.

Breaking any of the above rules may result in an administrator placing a warning on the user's account.

Lightning - April 18, 2011 04:07 PM (GMT)
Policy Concerning Sexual Content:

Lemons or any other sexual topics are not allowed on this site. I am sorry but it is simply to protect those that are underage or are offended by such things. They are not allowed on the site as deemed by the forum host i have chosen. It is simple, any of these topics that are found will be deleted by mods/admins, they do not need to tell you or explain why. A warning will be issued and if it repeats then a more serious punishment will be decided.

If you wish to, you may however use the private message system to undergo these subjects with a fellow member. This is allowed as noone but the consenting member you are sending them to may see them and therefore you will not break any rules or policies of the host forum.

Lightning - April 18, 2011 04:12 PM (GMT)
Battle Posting:

O.k so we all know that eavery topic has a turn order right? well we should, because it is true. EVERY thread has a posting order whether this be a thread with 2 posters or more. This keeps it fair for all involved. Now should someone take a long time to post when it is their turn, you must private message them and ask them to post informing them that if they don't do so within a day or two that their turn will be skipped. Of course with private threads we leave this up to you, we will not be hunting after people to post.

For events however (site wide threads) or missions, the mods and administrators will be keeping track of them and ensuring that the posting order is followed and ensuring everyone is active in their posts.

Character Deaths occur, however they are not to be taken lightly. An Admin/Mod MUST agree that the character has died. If they do not deem that the character has been killed then it is simple...they aren't dead.

God modding will be judged by a mod or admin and will not be allowed. If it is a simple mistake or first offence then a warning and correction will be made by the admin and mods. If however it is a blatant violation of the rules or if a reccuring thing then a more sever punishment may be administered. The punishment will be up to the admin and mods dealing with the situation.

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