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Title: Site Plot (Hell)
Description: As of February 22nd 2012

Kenshirou Uesugi - February 22, 2012 02:32 AM (GMT)
Excerpts from a citizen's diary:

February 1st 2012
It has almost been a year since these...these things attacked us. It seems they have been reduced in size but we are still being quarantined by the local authorities and been given curfews. Are they beginning to die out? I canít tell for sure. All I know is that Iíve seen the state of emergency in use for quite some time now. I want to go home. I want to see my family. This rotten place is just as horrid as it is out there, sharing rooms with strangers; some with the flu, and some with no sense of good hygiene. Some people have heard that they will be letting us go soon and I canít wait! They say that the police have found quite a lot of these ĎYanaí decapitated around open areas. I wonder who or what did that to them...Does it really matter at this point?

February 7th 2012
Today I found something during my trip for supplies, something that could interest a lot of people. I found a diary from a person who was there during the first attack from the ĎYanaí. I cannot say for sure if they survived or not but I do know that they were afraid...haunted by these creatures eyes for endless, sleepless nights. I have not seen them myself but I pray for this person. He wrote of nothing but horrors. I take back what I said about this place. I would rather live and see my family than walk aimlessly searching for them. I get to go to the park this week. I get to breathe a sigh of relief because I know there will be so much more to look forward too. Maybe I will see my daughter...

February 14th 2012
It was horrible...they...they came from nowhere! There must have been fifty of them! No! A hundred! Oh I donít know, I donít know! We were at the park and...And these things, these horrible, horrible things just lunged at people. I thought they were gone! They were eating people like they hadnít eaten in days! I now know what that person meant. Those eyes, I cannot get them out of my head! I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I am now hiding in a shop with 3 others, a woman and two children. The children are crying silently trying not to make a sound. The woman looks worried and stressed out. I think she may lose her mind...She keeps talking about a gate? I donít know how to interpret that, maybe it was something she forgot to lock at her home. Anyway, I found a gun. Some policeman may have left it here; I hope I put it to good use.

February 21st
One bang...nothing...Two bangs nothing. The gate. The pressure. The four humans! No, not humans! Something else, Yes! Oh, no bullets left look at that...The woman is gone, the children...gone! Poof! Chains! The four had chains! The air was heavy! Pressure! They came from the gate! The gateway to Hell! The screaming, oh God the screaming! The tortured souls! Poor things...The Yana come from there too. Of course! The creatures of Hell will feast on the living! Oh, I found a bullet! I found a bullet! I guess I will see my family after all...


In the depths of Hell, four high level Former Soul Reapers that were sentenced for their acts against Seireitei are plotting their next move. These four Shinigami are the only Living Jigoku Shinigami. Their hatred for the Shinigami was so great that they held on to their powers but gained new ones as they progressed, ones that you can only gain through living and training in Hell.
The Yana were people from the Hell dimension that were killed countless times that they lost their human form and became what we call Yana. They hated living in Hell and created tiny cracks in the worlds and ripped them open, letting themselves seep in. Because of this, the Jigoku Shinigami was able to escape and attack the worlds.
Their main goal is to use Ichigo or the Gotei 13 Captains to completely destroy the Gateways and make the worlds Hueco Mundo, Seireitei and World of the living the new Hell.

Information on the Jigoku Shinigami's skills etc

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