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Title: Site Plot ~(^-^)~
Description: Plot as of Site Opening

Lightning - April 18, 2011 12:34 PM (GMT)
Excerpts from a citizen's diary:

March 9th 2011,

Murders, vicious and brutal murders are being reported all over the world’s media channels. Radio, television, newspapers everywhere I look these horrible occurrence’s are reported. With authorities stumped and unable to find any evidence as to the culprit’s the brutal deaths are reported all over the world all have the same key facts. There is no links between victims, no reason for their brutal and blood curdling deaths that are occurring from nation to nation. With each body mutilated in horrible ways as if eaten by some wild animal some experts are suggesting a new breed of animal is behind these deaths, but what kind of animal can take down fully armed military officers? What kind of animal would break into a 33rd story window just to devour a woman? So many questions and so few answers to go with them. With citizens being warned to avoid being alone as much as possible and to stay indoors at night the world is in a state of panic, with the deaths taking place in locked houses just how safe can anyone be?

March 17th 2011,

Reports of horribly mutated creatures are beginning to take centre stage now as the brutal deaths continue to occur, witnesses are reporting sighting what they say can only be described as creatures from horror movies. How much of these reports are true and how much is mere hysteria? People are beginning to kill each other out of fear, one women shot her husband in the middle of the night after hearing a noise downstairs…he was only getting a drink of water. Truly unnecessary death is taking hold of the world.

March 23rd 2011,

I thought they were all crazy, I called them lunatics that bought into mass hysteria but now I know differently. I saw one of those things, and it was every bit as hideous as the reports made it out to be…nooo it was even more hideous and gruesome then they said. I can’t sleep now, all I see is it’s glowing eyes…and all I hear is the tearing of flesh and crunching of bones. What was it?! What ever they are we are all doomed, surely there is nothing out there that can defeat them. Even my bullets did nothing, they sunk into it’s mutated body but nothing happened…it just turned and looked at me…it marked me….I’m next I just know I am. If you read this then know that mankind is facing something not natural, mother nature would never make something like this…they are, they are something else….


With the arrival of these new creatures all realms are being thrust into chaos, how is it that these creatures are able to enter even the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo with ease? Unlike any creature ever witnessed by any race these creatures have only recently appeared, where did they come from? what are they? nothing is known....yet. As all races scramble to prepare defences against these mindless attacks will there be time to find out?

The human world is in complete disarray, with the Quincy's and Vizards stationed there does it stand a chance? Almost too busy to send aid to the humans the Soul Society struggles to fend off attacks from it's own borders, while the remaining Arrancars face the worst of any of the races. With the creatures showing an alarming interest in the taste of their flesh arrancars are facing the largest onslaught of all, can the races hold out until hope shines through darkness?

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