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Forum Rules(All Members Please View)Revised(2-22-11)
(Updated:Feb 22,2011 12:32pm US Eastern Time)

Please Note:This Forum is Attached To My sc4 Stuff Web Site,(So it is a Sim City Forum).This is my forum section you may discuss anything in this forum that you
like,However please don't use this to vent anger or anything else & All Rules apply here that any other site uses(example site rules are those of simtropolis).


Banning:Banning(May Not)Occur Right Away in Most cases there will be warnings first if a member continues to violate the rules(Only the ones labled as a banned offense)then that member will then be banned for a period of time depending on the length of time the offense continued,it may even be a permanent ban.

Reporting:if you have any trouble with any member
or a member is violating the rules(only the banning
offenses)please report them to a staff member.
If a staff member causes you trouble or is violating
the rules(only the banning offenses)report them to
me Biwdc.

Staff/Member Support:I will fully support any staff
member or member who is being accused of something they are not doing.if this occurs the reporting member will have there account banned for a period of time or be banned permanently.

Staff:As of now i have no staff.i will Ask people i see fit for a position.Positons will not be given out to those who ask.So please don't send e-mails,pm's asking about it as asking will not get you a position those messages will be deleted.

1.You Must follow the invisionfree tou(terms of use) for posting in this forum.The Link to the tou is located on all pages(usually at the bottom of the page)Violating the tou Will Get You Banned.

2.Persons younger then 13 years of age are Not Allowed in this forum,if you are younger then 13 please do not register.If anyone is found violating this there account will be deleted.(13 & UP ARE ALLOWED).

3.No adding links to viruses or spyware or anything else like that.This includes signature links & the profile Link Aswell).(This will get you Banned)Also No uploading any of that stuff ether,as that will get you banned aswell.(Please pick your sites carfully when linking).

4.No attacking(anyone)or anything.(i''e No Flamming).
(this will get you Banned)

5.No foul langauge at all(this may get you Banned
depending on the langauge used)

6.No pornographic or obseen images will be uploaded or linked to anywhere on this site.(this will get you banned)

7.No sharing of game serial numbers,or game cracking
in which to use it illegally.(this will get you banned)

8.No uploading of files that are not yours to upload(unless your allowed to upload them)Also don't share files illegally via(Any)links on this forum ether.This may get you banned depending on the situation(Links are ok if they go to the original source or to a site that can host them legally).

9.No asking people for passwords to there accounts(here or for any web site)also no sharing passwords with
banned users.(This Will get you banned).

10.Try Not to double post unless needed(I''E to add new info).

11.Write as you would normally speak to someone,also although i don't mind much try not to write in(ALL CAPS)When typing as it it can be rude to some.

12.Please do not discuss political or religion views(All in All this forum is for a game let's keep it that way).

13.Don't just register to advertise your site.This is a
discussion forum.(You may link to your site in your profile &/or your signature)

(More To Be Added)

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