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Humphrey Phillips - January 3, 2011 07:04 PM (GMT)
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----Full Name: Humphrey Phillips
----Nickname(s): N/A
----Age: 53
----Location: Tarrytown
----Member Group: Proletariat

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----Played By: Timothy Spall
----Height: 5'8"
----Weight: 235lbs
----Body type: Portly
----Hair color: Light brown
----Eye color: Dull Blue

----Distinguishing Features:
    Humphrey is a rather large fellow, being that he is very rotund. He a bit short for a man and his width does not help to illusion his vertical challenge.
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    [x]Grand feasts! The Chrismastide is his favorite time of the year simply for all the cooking and banquets that take place.
    [x]Young, buxom women
    [x]Shoe polish. He could not live or run his shop without it.
    [x]Feet. He loves the smell, the taste, and the way a pair of stockings and the right fitting shoe or boot caresses and encloses the foot.
    [x]The sound of his own voice. Once you get him talking, it’s quite difficult to shut him up.
    [x]An empty sugar jar. He refuses to drink tea without this little delight.
    [x]Overbearing mothers and lingering fathers. He prefers to work with his clients alone
    [x]How sore his hands get in the winter from working overtime to sculpt and perfect boots for his patrons.
    [x]Suffering from gout. It sometimes puts a strain on his socializing.
    [x]Dirty feet. The least a client could do before coming into be fitted for one of his fine pieces is to wash between their toes!
    [x]To find himself a sweet and naïve buxom lass to call his own.
    [x]To put the other shoe cobblers in the surrounding towns out of business.
    [x]Possibly retire in the next five or so years.
    [x]His business going belly up.
    [x]Getting the axe…literally.
    [x]Getting rejected or chastised by the occasional clever young woman.
    Particularly seedy and more than a tad slimy, Humprhey finds nothing wrong with his person sincer there is never a slow day at his shop. Little does he know that many find him to be rather grotesque and are only faithful clients due to his extraordinary craftsmanship. Most folks tend to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear as Humphrey coos to and caresses their feet before taking measurements and fitting them for a shoe. The people who like Mr. Phillips defend him by saying “He is an artist. It is simply part of his craft to speak to one’s foot and to discover what it desires to wear and flaunt. He is a genius.” So genius are his designs in the three areas of support, comfort, and fashion that even the governor of New York has sent for him to craft him several pairs of shoes and riding boots.

    Enjoying one on one time with his client, Humphrey only takes people by appointment only. He likes to have his day planned out to the last second in order to have enough time each day to work on his many orders and find time to socialize with his friends and admirers. Once a year does he allow an open shoppe to sell his ready-made footwear and his one of a kind pieces at a reduction of his retail prices. This little bit of fame, if you will, has thoroughly gone to this man’s head. Humphrey believes his self-worth to be grander than any noble lord’s and struts about as if it were true. Even when trying to sound humble, Mr. Phillips comes off as pompous and boisterous. Most people just ignore his pretentious manner and simply appease him with compliments or even a homemade pie. Nothing like food to shut Humphrey up.
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----Hometown: Raleigh, North Caroline
----Occupation: Shoe Cobbler
----Parents: Harry Phillips; deceased & Audrey Phillips; deceased
----Siblings: Gertrude Nelson; 59 & Mildred Phillips; 46
----Other: A few throughout the colonies.

    After desperately trying for years to have children, Harry and Audrey finally gave birth to Gertrude. Gertrude's birth would be followed by Humphrey's and Mildred's to their parents surprise some years down the road. To Harry and Audrey, each child was a blessing; though to each sibling the other was not. Humphrey did not get along well with his sisters for they were always taking the other's side and bullying him. Humphrey seemingly became the mama's boy, running to Audrey for protection from his sisters. Of course he saw this as an advantage when Gertrude and Mildred would be sent to bed without supper and Humphrey would gain an extra helping mother had made for dessert that night.

    When Humphrey grew old enough to learn a skill, he decided upon that of a cobbler's apprentice. Shoes had always been of interest to him, the way they molded perfectly around each foot and protected it from the elements. When he was little he knew the very moment he outgrew his shoes. He would harass his parents for a new pair until they obliged him and did just that. Humphrey had a knack for the art and caught on fairly quickly. By the age of thirty he had enough money working as an apprentice for his own shoppe. He moved himself to Tarrytown, New York where the cost of materials to create his fine footwear would be inexpensive to obtain. Humphrey has been living in Tarrytown with his own flourishing cobbler shoppe for the last twenty-three years.
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----Alias: Nyx
----Age: 24
----How did you hear about us?: Advert
----Password (Read the Rules): Watch your head!

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