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Thalia Adams - November 25, 2010 08:55 PM (GMT)
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----Full Name: Thalia Adams
----Nickname(s): Lia
----Age: 25
----Location: Tarrytown
----Member Group: Proletariat
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----Played By: Jenna Dewan
----Height: 5'3"
----Weight: 110
----Body type: Small build
----Hair color: Dark brown
----Eye color: Green

----Distinguishing Features:
    Her style of dress is always a bit dowdy and she tends to smell very strongly of sage and patchouli.
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    [x]Fresh cut plants
    [x]Sunny days
    [x]Being left alone
    [x]Free time
    [x]Blustery nights
    [x]Being talked about
    [x]Burning herself on the cauldron
    [x]Cutting herself for brews
    [x]Being left alone
    [x]Having to be invisible
    [x]To better herself in her craft.
    [x]She would like to be a bit wealthier so she could live more comfortably.
    [x]Thalia also wishes that there might come a day that she does not have to live in fear of being accused of being a witch.
    [x]That people will point the finger at her and blame her for conjuring the horseman.
    [x]That her stepbrother will find her and have her burned at the stake.
    [x]That she will die alone.
    Thalia is very much a reclusive and antisocial girl. Part of her being a lonely introvert comes from her fear of being accused of practicing witchcraft. She is careful to stay discreet and elusive so that no one takes much notice to her. When she does have to put her social skills to work, Thalia is very soft spoken and timid. She worries that if she came off a little to exuberantly that she risks accusations of trying to better herself with witchcraft. She is friendly to an extent that if someone should crave her company she will not refuse them. However, she is more shy than most and tends to be very sensitive towards the attitudes of others. If she thinks you mean to harm her mentally or physically she will not hesitate to leave.

    She is apprehensive about allowing people into her home because of all the contraband she has collected. Though on the rarest occasions when someone is begging for her help in the early morning hours she will allow them inside. Her little home may seen cluttered to most but that is exactly how this wise woman likes it. Jars of herbs, spices, and rare plants line all the shelves, including talismans, candles, and salts just to name a few items. Her most prized possession is an old dagger and a book of recipes that her mother left her. Thalia is very meticulous about the way she brews her potions or dries her herbs. She will reread a recipe several times before cutting or stirring or grinding with a careful hand and a sharp eye. She creates brews for healing, to remedy aches and pains, for empowerment, love, banishment, and centering.
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----Hometown: Westford, Massachusetts
----Occupation: Maid & "Wise woman"
----Parents: Michael Adams- Deceased; Sandra Adams- Deceased
----Siblings: Devin Adams- 46; Beatrix Cooper- 41
----Other: None

    Thalia Adams was born and raised in Westford, Massachusetts to Michael and Sandra Adams. Michael was a candlestick maker at a little shop on the main street of Westford. He met his wife Sandra, the daughter of a local farmer who would come in weekly to purchase candles. Michael thought it strange that she should need candles so often but he took it as that she might actually be enamored with him. After a short period of courting her, Michael and Sandra were married.

    Michael had two grown children of his own, Daniel and Beatrix. Daniel was out of town studying to become a minister. Beatrix had married at the age of fifteen and was already out of the house and living with her husband and his family by the time Michael and Sandra became pregnant with Thalia. Sandra had always brought in extra income to the household by selling herbs and oils to the women of Westford claiming them to have healing properties. Sandra passed the craft onto Thalia when she was old enough and taught her how to make everything from soup to a remedy for boils.

    When Thalia was fourteen, her father passed away leaving them next to nothing. Sandra wrote to her stepson, Daniel, pleading with him to help his stepmother and stepsister for they were sure to lose the house and anything of value for the bills could not be paid. Within a fortnight Daniel responded and promised to visit to see what he could do to help their situation. When Daniel arrived, he took over the house, for it was his to inherit from his father, and allowed Sandra and Thalia to live there.

    However, things took a turn for the worst when Daniel found a sort of altar in the home’s cellar and confronted Sandra. Thalia’s mother would not admit to practicing witchcraft only that she created elixirs to aid in health and healing. Yet, Daniel deemed it to be one in the same. Daniel dragged his own stepmother to be tried before the town. Sandra was found guilty and was sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. After her mother’s death, Thalia was not the same spirited girl that she had always been. She was fearful and timid and would not wait around Westford to meet the same end as her mother.

    Thalia fled within the week and wound up in Tarrytown, New York. She found work as a maid on one of the more prosperous farms. After working there for about ten years, Thalia was given her own hut to live in on the land as a thank you for her years of hard work. Her home is a one room shack with scrubbed a wooden floor, a straw bed, a table with a matching rickety chair, and fireplace, complete with a old rusty cauldron. Around the fire is where Thalia spends most of her time, brewing and cooking, reading and sewing. Some of the villagers think her a wise woman and tend to come to her when a visiting doctor does not remedy their ailments. However, Thalia does her best to keep this little side job discreet for she fears that someone might one day point a finger at her and scream WITCH!
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----Alias: Nyx
----Age: 24
----Contact: Nyx_The_Witch= YIM or PM I guess
----How did you hear about us?: Advert
----Password (Read the Rules): Watch your head!

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