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<div class="bhsmain">promotion rankings!</div>
<div class="bhssub">all info on the ranks.</div>
<div class="bhsannounce">here at black hole sun, all members with a major will be sorted in to the ranks that are explained below during promotion time. when promotions occur, there will be an <b>announcement</b> on the site. if there are any other questions about promotions, please check out this thread! the requirements involved with the ranks are like a guideline we will not keep a person from being moved up to the next rank if they obviously have the skill but don't hit the count of something (though we would like the numbers to be close).
<p>member - this is the group that all new people are put in to once they choose a major and before they have their gallery(s) ranked by a staff member.
<p>alpha - the alpha rank corresponds with a "beginner" rank. users sorted in this category show a basic understanding of their major and must have the following:<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- a gallery with 5+ entries<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- a total post count of 5+
<p>beta - the "intermediate" rank on black hole sun. users show a better understanding of their major, and are clearly experimenting with said major as well as beginning to develop their own sense of style. to be sorted in to beta users need:<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- a gallery with 10+ entries<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- a post count of 10+<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- 3+ tutorials, critiques, and/or resources
<p>gamma - the gamma rank is our "advanced" rank. users of this rank show a fairly developed style and have a great grip on their art form (be it coding, graphics, or writing). the requirements of this group include having:<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- a gallery with 10+ entries<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- a post count of 10+<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- 5+ tutorials, critiques, and/or resources
<p>omega - the "expert" rank of black hole sun. these guys are basically the gods of what they do. they have pretty much or definitely mastered their skill and have a developed sense of their style, though they're not afraid to keep experimenting! to be sorted in to omega members must have:<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- a gallery with 15+ entries<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- a post count of 30+<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;--- 7+ tutorials, critiques, and/or resources</div>

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