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 see the devil on your doorstep now, my oh my {open!}
Posted: Apr 29 2011, 02:39 PM


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    The thunder boomed.
    The lighting flared.

    Kira stood huddled by the exit of Guadosalam that led to the Thunder Plains. She wasn't terrified of the violence of the storm, she was far too used to severe lightning storms thanks to Abagail. It was more the sheer darkness that frightened her, caused her hands to be gripping onto the stone of the cave walls as much and as tightly as possible. As if she were resisting the pull of gravity itself. The plains were only lit up for a fleeting moment when the lightning struck the towers placed there to protect travelers from being electrocuted, and that darkness was horrifying to Kira. Perhaps it was trauma that was the source of this, some other piece of Kira's life caused by Calvin. But she could not be sure. In all honesty, there were quite a few things that she was afraid of, she did not find difficulty in admitting or showing that. Though around others, she tried her best not to. But there was something about total darkness with only seconds of relief that mortified her, her eyes wide with terror and focused intently on the plains before her. As though she were staring a terrifying and invincible beast. And in a very real way, fear was the worst kind of beast.

    One that almost always won in the end.

    With a defeated sigh, Kira turned away from the plains and back to the city of Guadosalam. She hated her weakness, how pathetic she was. She loathed it, but usually lacked the strength to be any different. Unless of course someone was in need of her help. Sh stood like that for a moment, swearing that she could feel the darkness of the Thunder Plains clawing at her back like an arctic wind. It took a moment before she had the strength to walk away, a downcast and forlorn expression on her face. Kaya and Abagail weren't ready to leave yet, and were somewhere in the city getting supplies while the others were waiting in the airship. If Kira knew Abagail, she was either complaining with a stream of curses about having been woken up or she was still sleeping. Grumbling illogically even as she slept. Kira had left before Abagail had woken, trying to mentally prepare herself for the darkness of the Thunder Plains, but Kaya had already gone. Kira lifted her eyes from the ground now, looking around the city the desperation of a lost child. She had hoped to regroup with the others with a new-found confidence, but instead she left her little 'exercise' with less confidence in herself than she started with.

    Definitely not the intended results.

    Eventually, Kira was walking around Guadosalam aimlessly, hopelessly lost, just as helpless as usual. Which of course, brought the feeling of self-loathing. Hating how useless she was, what a burden she was on the others and how much she only slowed them down. She stopped walking, making sure that she was standing off to the side, leaning the rock of the cave the city was built in. She stood in the shadows of a part of the city that wound upward, near where the path to the Farplane was. She sighed, bowing her head instead of resting it against the wall. Kira may not have one of the brightest minds in the world, but even she could tell that that day was going to be one of 'those days'. And she wasn't particularly looking forward to that, not when they had to cross the Thunder Plains that day. After walking around the city a few times with no luck, Kira returned to the house her, Kaya, and Abagail had slept in the previous night. She was frozen in absolute terror to find that they were gone, and they bags were as well. Kira raced out of the building and around the city again, this time in a panic. She went around to random citizens, for once unperturbed by the fact she was talking to complete strangers. "Excuse me, have you seen my companions?" She would ask, and then describe them. All the while praying they hadn't continued on without her.... But when someone finally recognized the description, Kira found her feet pounding on the rock ground in desperation.

    Heading back towards the entrance to the plains and the exit to the city.

    But again, as she was reaching the plains, she stopped dead in her tracks. Frozen. Petrified in absolute terror of the looming, seemingly endless darkness. Her right foot still in mid-step behind her, and her left right on the threshold. She was mortified. Not just that she couldn't force herself to continue, but that she was going to just stand there and let Kaya and Abagail get farther and farther away from her with each passing second. Her chances were slim of finding them, she knew. With a defeated sigh, she relaxed her footing, placing her feet evenly on the ground side-by-side. She couldn't believe she what she was about to do. She eventually turned around with a heavy heart, all but dragging her feet as she left the clawing shadows behind. But she didn't stray very far. In fact, she stayed on the direct path to the plains before she sat down, wrapping her arms around her legs and pulling them to her chest. She rested her forehead on her knees, crying softly. Hot, angry, panicky tears. She stayed there, taking time to calm down. Trying to think of preparations she still had to make before even attempting to follow her friends, wondering if she should even bother attempting to cross the plains at all....

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