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  1. JRHC Journal (cont'd)
  2. Flaunt your wrist in style with Rolex Submariner!
  4. FUCK NATO (again)
  5. Support for human rights
  6. Rant against militarism (cont'd)
  7. Rave for EDWARD SNOWDEN
  8. Rave for Tom Engelhardt
  9. Rant against Robert Gates
  10. Rave for Naomi Klein (again, again, always)
  11. Rave for STEPHEN F. COHEN
  12. Rant against Barack Obama
  13. Rant againt remote controlled / robotic warfare X2
  14. Rave for civil liberties
  15. Rave for Felicity Arbuthnot
  16. Rave for Jurgen Brauer
  17. Rave for Nick Turse
  18. Rant against Blackwater & Erik Prince
  19. Rave for Glenn Greenwald (again & again)
  20. Rant against Michael R. Gordon (again)
  21. Rant against the business of war
  22. Rave for Chris Hedges (again)
  24. Rant against the death penalty (again & always)
  25. Rave for Seymour Hersh (again & again & again)
  26. Rant against neocons
  27. Rave for Andrew Bacevich (again and again)
  28. Rave for Jimmy Carter (again and always)
  29. Rave for JOHN J. MEARSHEIMER
  30. Rave for WILLIAM BLUM
  31. Rave for animal rights / conservation
  32. Rave for Paul Craig Roberts (again)
  33. Rave for Peace activists
  34. Rave for Allen Ruff
  35. Rave for empthywheel (again)
  36. Rant against military-industrial complex (always!)
  37. Rant against right wing hate speech
  39. Rant against JOHN KERRY
  40. Fuck John McCain
  41. Rave for "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross (again)
  42. Rant against Paul Broun
  43. Rant against Gen. Jesus Petraeus (again)
  44. The News and Farmer 20130810
  45. Rave for BRADLEY MANNING
  46. Rave for DAVID BROOKBANK
  47. Rave for Micah Zenko
  48. Rave for WAR IN CONTEXT (contd)
  49. Rave for Juan Cole
  50. Rave for Phil Rockstroh

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