welcome to a gotham unlike any you have seen before. here when night falls batman is not the only creature of the night to stalk the city streets. Vampires, werewolves, demons, mystically empowered vampire slayers, witches, and secret societies with their own nefarious agendas have all taken root in the home he has sworn to protect. here you will pray for sunrise because
at dawn they sleep

** WGBC BREAKING NEWS according to new analysis violent crime has been on the increase throughout the city. how safe is gotham? more at eleven...

** WGBC FIRST WEATHER winter is here, folks. expect cold temperatures, snow, and travel delays.

FEBRUARY SITE EVENT -- everyone is cordially invited to a hospital benefit gala at the gotham excelsior! will it be a quiet social event, or is someone going to crash the party?

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 and FLOWERS in her HAIR, tag: Rosieposie!!11!
Posted: Mar 1 2012, 04:43 PM

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Gotham. The cold, the silence, the stillness of the night was one of the reasons Cassandra Cain loved just sitting upon a rooftop, gazing out at the only place she'd ever known that was truly home. sure, it was filled with corruption and death and evil on a good day, but that was always...fixable. always.

she'd been called in to investigate a string of murders that happened always at a planned, precise time and date, from what she and babs could figure. hmm. it was puzzling, all these strange things that nine times out of ten she couldn't understand or explain. but cassandra cain was no fool. she'd seen miracles before, things she couldn't explain nor describe. people coming back from the dead, for instance. or people swimming in something called a Lazarus pit, and coming out younger than ever before. strange things like that.

narrowing her eyes slightly, a couple came into her vision. through the corners of her eyes, she spotted the two hug, kiss, and go separate ways. huh. she didn't expect two people to be up at this late hour. wonder what they were doing...checking her watch, the time read 1:45 am. holding still for a moment longer, cass swiftly moved to crouch into the shadows, unseen by ninety nine percent of the world. she was sure that the only one percent who'd be able to detect she was there were the ones that were directly connected to the Bats.

movement from behind her made cass pause. what the...? a shadow shifted, footsteps echoed down the ladder cassandra herself had come up. moving quickly out of her crouching position, she deftly threw a grappling hook to a nearby building and swung, feet leaving the ground for more than a minute and the best feeling in the world washing over her cold body. it was the feel of excitement, the thrill of the chase. adrenaline pumped in her veins as cass landed in a crouch, stopped dead for a heartbeat or two. "where are you?" she muttered to herself, not remembering that she was voicing her thoughts aloud.

Posted: Mar 14 2012, 07:55 PM

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    The night exploded into the symphonies of violence.

    It wasn't anything close to a peaceful night; Gotham didn't nurture such things, but it would have at least been a stretch closer to it if she hadn't intentionally stirred the pot. But she couldn't be blamed; it had been asking for it. At least, that was what she told herself. It was ready enough justification. Gotham City made it easy. And she had a job to do, after a fashion. Gotham City made that easy, too.

    Slade always said that if you wanted to know a target, you scoped it by taking its measure at every one of its levels. Sometimes that meant analysing each aspect of a chain of command. Sometimes that meant looking at the foundation of a building to every level that was constructed upon it, picking out a point of weakness. Sometimes it meant that you looked at every ring of a society. From there, you were able to account for each one of its layers, its rings, its chains, its levels. You had measure of their strengths and their weaknesses, and it made acting upon them and planning around them all the easier. While Rose certainly had her issues with her father - ones that she had expressed explosively enough - he was a professional. And he knew what he was doing. She could do considerably worse than take a leaf from his playbook here and there.

    Very carefully chosen leaves.

    And this one was fun in its execution, at least. Her swords stayed in their scabbards - for the moment. She'd chosen a different heavy altogether for this scuffle. Rose spun the pool cue between her fingers and pulled it back to herself, a grin marking her lips as six and a half foot of stupid crashed through the bar. "This is fun, but I'm starting to run out of patience," she said in a hard edge drawl that she learned from Slade. Maybe if she took a moment to think, emulating him so much here would have stung a little bit, but that was the wonderful thing about endorphins, adrenaline, a rush of blood to the head and the sound of breaking bones. You could lose yourself to the moment. You could enjoy it rather than think about the edge that you were teetering on.

    This was the fourth bar that she'd hit in the night. Each of them were mob affiliated; it was like poking a bee hive in a way. None of the people here were anything resembling a threat. The point of... concern wasn't the right word when you had the Tartaruchi crawling under your skin, it was hard to look at anything like the mob as a legitimate concern; however, she tried not to look at it that way when she was trying to keep the Tartaruchi under her skin but for lack of a better one, it would have to do. The point of concern was the higher ups. Threat, though? No, not them, either. Not really. She didn't want her name to get out to the Bats just yet, but she couldn't care less if the mob had her appearance. They wouldn't let it get out. They couldn't; not without making themselves look weak. And if this meant that they sent more of their own after her, she could handle that.

    It could even be fun.

    Just like this was.

    Teeth hit the floor and the idiot followed them soon after.

    "He was trying to tell you!" one of the patrons told her with a touch of the frenetic to his tone (which was to be expected by now). The funny thing was that she didn't have any questions. Oh, she had made all the right sounds about wanting to know what they had on the books, what they were planning; and she had let all of the people who were just in there for a hit or two of something sufficiently intoxicating out early. But she didn't actually care about any of that. It might end up meaning something in the future when she decided just what exactly she was looking for out of this but she was content to work on shorter term goals now; all of which came back to taking the measure of her surroundings. These people weren't much, but they were the foundation. They were the kind of slime that everything else seemed to evolve from.

    That was a disgusting thought and it spoke volumes for the city, but it was true.

    So while she had pulled off the routine of vigilante-looking-for-some-hearsay well enough, it didn't really matter what they had to say. They were telling her everything she needed to know with their every gesture, their every motion, their every tick. "Oh. Whoops. Got carried away. You'll have to do instead," Rose said, her dagger at his throat quickly enough.

    He sang like a canary.

    Rattled out a month's worth of plans. Though she didn't have much use for them, she listened to it all and tucked it away. To the full half hour's worth of confession. You never knew what might come in handy on a rainy day; although by the end of it she wondered if maybe she should trade the mask in for a clerical collar. The dagger she left pinning the seat of his pants to the wall was just a reminder. A reminder that the dagger could have been just a little bit further north. And then she was done with the noise and the clamour and the blood and the violence. She was done with the public aspect of the night's role, and she let the darkness of the night take her. That would have been all Gotham wrote for Rose as far as that night was concerned, if she hadn't caught a touch of something... familiar from the city's devachanic planes.

    There was always something about certain people that affected Rose differently than it might have other people. The girl never had any frame of reference for the purpose of comparison, so she couldn't tell. Until Shiva taught her better and just what it meant she thought the shiver that ran up her spine, the tingles that ran along the nerves of her fingers and the canticles that she heard in the back of her head whenever she dealt with certain people. The symphony was always a little different, though, the tingles a little duller or a little sharper and the pitch a little varied. It depended how many lives they had taken. It depended just how cruel they had been. It depended how they did it. It depended just exactly what their stock of trade by way of death delivered was. Still, it was like their fingerprint; or maybe their singing voice was a better comparison.

    Never in her life would she forget Cain's 'singing voice'.

    It was faint, though. Like a distant echo. But it was still there. For a moment, she thought that Cain himself was in Gotham, and the thought excited her. She followed the sound, though, quickly finding its source; and just as quickly, she found that 'echo' had been a little too appropriate. Cassandra.

    The excitement faded into something that she couldn't quite identify. The girl continued to trail Cassandra, taking to the night with as much weight as the breeze that ran over the city's skyline. She watched Cassandra for as long as she could. The hope was that a question she had been harbouring for some time.

    "What was so special about Cassandra, anyway?"

    Plenty, she found out a little more promptly than she cared for. The only other person she'd met in her life who moved the way that Cassandra seemed to was Shiva. And it was an... irritating thought. Irritating. But it still didn't tell her why Cassandra had managed to walk the same paths that she had for the most part; even if the handful of omissions were glaring and manage to come through it all a hero when Rose was just consigned to more death. So she sat there and continued to watch Cassandra, trying to make some sense of it.

    Eventually, she must have shifted just a little too much, because Cassandra's focus trained on her. Rose pursed her lips, her pulse pounding in her ears. She paused, trying to decide what course of action to take. Her instincts screamed at her to leave; to flee, to shoot out of range. For the first time in a while, she ignored her instincts. She had to make her presence known to the Bats sooner or later. But, she quickly decided, she was going to play first. Rose drew her blade from her scabbard long enough for the light to glint off of it and to give her position away to Cassandra before she let the shadows swallow her; almost as if that was where she belonged. Between the greys. And then she lit away, letting a couple of her footsteps ring loudly enough to leave a trail.
Posted: Mar 18 2012, 08:47 AM

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Group: GUARDIAN mod !
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A sudden flash of light caught the Black Bat's eye. Light? No. A glint. As in from something metal. As in from a saber. And cass only knew one person who carried a saber. a familiar smirk came to mind, as well as an eyepatch and a mass of silver hair.

in other words, rose wilson was in town.

by the sound of the footsteps ringing out in the alley to her right, cass figured this would become more of a goose chase than anything else. but isn't that what she was doing anyways? smiling a tiny bit, she broke down and gave into the chase. buildings flew by in a heartbeat, their masses of gray and black and blue a blur against the dark of the night sky. her feet weren't cold, they'd been moving in a steady pace for a few minutes now. it was worse just crouching, waiting for the worst to pop out at you in the middle of the night in some god-forsaken alley in gotham. adjusting her mask, cass headed in the right direction until she lost track of the footprints. if this was going to be a goose chase, so be it. but in order for her to do the chasing, she'd have to pinpoint rose's location. but maybe this wasn't rose? cass could never be too sure. being too sure allowed for carelessness.

flexing her shoulders, she stopped a moment, nervous. technically, she wasn't shirking her duties as a Bat, but now wasn't really the time to be chasing a potential ally-slash-former team member. was it? what if rose knew what was going on behind the scenes??

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