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Title: coming down fast but don't let me break you !
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SASHA LOVETT - December 22, 2011 01:34 AM (GMT)
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No. No. No no no no no no. She knew better than this. This couldn’t be happening. Dawn’s fingers spread across the Gotham skyline, a sight that normally inspired a mix of dread and hope for those precious hours where she could wear her face again. The dread came from the pain, but the pain she could deal with. She had done it before, and would do it again. Twice a day, every day. If she was asleep, she would wake up from it, then fall back asleep as though it was a bad dream. She didn’t have something else within her that took over at night, that saved her conscience and allowed her to wake up in the morning tormented but with the singular mercy of forgetting the truth. Sasha had none of that. She was all her, all the time. Tonight, she made sure of that. <p>
She had gone into the Narrows hearing of someone who might be able to help, after killing a couple criminals that Sasha knew weren’t human. They didn’t smell right, so she knew she was in the right place. She didn’t even have to threaten him since the guy she ended up finding didn’t seem to mind helping in the least. Small blessings, coming across a vampire trying to atone for his sins. Who’d of thought she had the luck, but from what she had heard it was becoming the hipster thing to do. He was clearly unstable, but at least he didn’t stalk around in a trenchcoat. He was a bit more rocker than that, with an accent Sasha thought was Irish but her hearing wasn’t best in her gorgon form. He actually knew more than Sasha expected, and she stayed with him most of the night listening to him and padding around the books in his dingy apartment. <p>
She had the body of one of the Original Three, which shouldn’t have surprised her as much as it did. After all, gorgons weren’t like vampires, there were only three ever recorded in myth. The surprise was the fact the spell’s intention was to match a demon’s essence with hers, but normally something generic came out of it considering how many demons there were. Big names were one in a million. If Batman and Robin hadn’t saved her when they did…the city would be in a whole mess of trouble. Which made Sasha wonder…if she had Euryale’s body at night, did Euryale, wherever she was, have her body during that time? Was it an exchange, or was Euryale long gone and when Pyg tried bringing her back he only got this far? The vampire couldn’t answer those questions, the questions that came after another was answered, the questions that would keep Sasha awake that she didn’t share with Jason. He couldn’t help. She didn’t need to tell him all her emotions or any of that crap. No one needed to hear her whine about that. <p>
As the sun rose, that was the last thing on her mind. Her legs gave out and she let out one shout before clenching her jaw. In the Narrows, it was a hard toss up between if that would draw attention or keep others away. The full moon faded from the sky and she remembered the vampire’s description of the transformation. The only thing he had to go off of was a werewolf’s, since transforming into a gorgon was unheard of, but it was something he was thankfully familiar with. She remembered every word, and knew it didn’t apply to her. She hid in whatever shadows remained and curled up on her side. Snakes silenced and unraveled into hair. Claws shrunk and paled, pulling into her bones. Black scales faded beneath pale skin, her whole body becoming the monster’s soft underbelly. She didn’t even want to know what was happening inside her, but none of it was enough to make her scream again. Nothing close to a werewolf transformation, which made sense since hers was twice a day, but it was still painful enough for her to have to wait until it was over. <p>
Dawn turned to morning as she got to her feet. She had enough sense to steal the clothes off one of the men she killed, so she wrapped herself up in as much as she could to protect herself against the chill. Mainly that consisted of an oversized coat, a long sweater than thankfully came down to her thighs, a pair of boots that did not fit, and a scarf. She’d prefer her legs freezing than touching the pants. Wrapping the scarf around her head, she braced herself against the cold. She tried not to think about how she was unarmed. She tried not to think how far away the base was from the Narrows. She tried not to think of those things together. Just move one foot in front of the other, and try to get home without incident. In the Narrows. Good luck.

RACHEL ROTH - December 24, 2011 03:46 AM (GMT)
Rachel liked to spend the early morning sleeping in. Sure, she liked to be proactive and disdained laziness, but she was a teenager and this couldn't be helped. In fact, she had read that this was quite normal- teenagers had different biological rhythms than adults or children.

At any rate, fact was that she didn't normally patrol at the break of dawn, but she had one of those nights where she hadn't been able to sleep much- the type of night that everyone knew about, but was especially common for superheroes and people who had witnessed traumatic events. Raven supposed she could qualify for both categories. After all, with her dad...

Regardless of the reason, Raven found herself up just as the sun was rising. With a sigh, she decided she may as well spend the time patrolling for criminals.

After getting dressed in the black bodysuit and cowl, Raven teleported herself to Crime Alley, knowing that if there was ever a place that had been aptly named, it was this one. As she patrolled, she almost ran into a young girl dressed in ill-fitting clothes. And it looked like there was blood on the clothes. Raven's eyes narrowed and she reached out to grab the young girl. Sure, she wasn't the detective of the Titans, but it didn't take Robin's detective skills to figure out that something wasn't right here. Either the girl had hurt someone- possibly even killled him or her- or she had been hurt. Raven didn't see any wounds on the girl's body during her momentary assessment, but that didn't mean they weren't there. Hell, the girl might not even feel them- a combination of shock and adrenaline could do that to a person.

If the girl was hurt, she needed help. If she had hurt someone, she needed to be dealt with. Either way, Raven's intervention was required. And then there was the matter of the ill-fitting clothes- was she a street urchin, or had something happened to her own clothes?

"Hey, hold on a second!" Raven said. As she reached out to grab the girl and slow her, she mentally prepared herself for trouble. She didn't know what was going on here.

SELINA KYLE - December 24, 2011 05:17 AM (GMT)
“So how much of it can you move?”

The woman’s body was slouched in an old leather arm chair. Her back leaned against the one arm rest, her legs draped over the opposite arm. This wasn’t an usual place to find Selina Kyle. But, few would even have a bloody clue to look for her there. Lola had been a friend, and a confident. She was one of the few people who knew Selina Kyle and the Cat. For that reason, Lola had always been Selina’s favourite fence.
Fencing. An age old occupation that made Selina’s life profitable. It was hard to find a market for stolen goods. But, if you knew the right fence, you could sell absolutely anything. Over the years Selina had met plenty of fences. Well, technically ‘Catwoman’ did. It was easier as the Cat, there were far less connections to make. Lola knew more than enough in Selina’s opinion to eliminate any risks.

“Have you ever found anything I couldn’t move? This is a lot though, more than you usually bring. Are you letting any of it turn up, or do you want it all on the market?

The brunette shook her head, finally sitting up straight. “ I’ve been holding onto some things for a little too long. Nothing there needs to turn up, whatever I wanted to turn up I left at home, I’ll deal with that.”

The ‘business talk’ didn’t last long between the two women. They had been doing this for years. Selina knew Lola’s expected cut, and Lola knew that Selina didn’t exactly care about the money anymore. It was complicated, but everything in Selina’s life was becoming to feel complicated. As the business talk, turned to casual banter, which slowly turned into a much more personal conversation than Selina expected.

Life had been almost too much lately. The woman had realized she really had few people left that she could talk to and simply let it all out. Their conversation went on longer than she expected, but the time she was ready to leave the sun was hanging brightly in the morning’s sky. Maybe it was for the better she stayed so long, the Narrows were easier to handle in the daylight if she lacked the protection of the Cat mask.

A soft yawn escaped the woman’s lips as hands slipped deep within the pockets of her jacket. Her heels clicked softly against the pavement as she walked down the street, turning down an alleyway. Selina was far too confident when it came to this city. She didn’t trust the alleys, but she trusted her ability to handle them.

Selina’s even paced steps came to a quick stop, as blue eyes lingered on the approaching red head. There were a lot of assumptions she could make about the girl purely based on her appearance, and none of them were good. There was something distraught about her. Her clothing was mismatched; it was almost like she wore whatever she could get her hands on. Oddly enough, that wasn’t an odd sight for this area.

There were a million conclusions Selina could have jumped to. Maybe she was homeless. Maybe she worked the streets and had a hopelessly bad night. The girl was too clean to be homeless, as bad as that sounded, so the latter seemed to be the most likely option. Whatever it was, Selina knew how bad these streets could be for a woman that young, and that was the one reason she didn’t turn and walk away. “Are you okay?” she asked softly, blue eyes finding the bare skin of the woman’s legs. Hell, she must have been freezing. “You must be freezing, do you have anywhere to go?”

SASHA LOVETT - December 25, 2011 02:32 PM (GMT)
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So much for no one caring about the Narrows. Or crime alley, but whatevs, everyone gets the point. Maybe they didn't care at night, when all the real baddies came out, and during the day they could handle the relatively benign homeless and petty criminals and those unlucky souls who lived in the Narrows because there was nowhere else. Helpful. And entirely unexpected. Sasha hadn't even bothered keeping herself particularly aware as she forced one foot in front of the other. Readjusting to her senses took longer than she'd like, adjusting to being able to see and hear again, being able to differentiate smell from taste (not that she could smell or taste much in comparison) and the lack of touch-feedback from the world. Mostly she was keeping down the fear. Scarlet was fearless, she was a gorgon, what did gorgons have to fear? Well, besides demigods, but there weren't many of those running around as far as she knew. Sasha, on the other hand...sometimes she still felt like that girl in the middle of the circus ring that Batman and Robin never quite managed to save. So when Raven put a hand on her, fear washed over her face for a moment. <p>
"Hey, woah, get your hand off me," she snapped, indignation following through. She glared at Raven and took a couple steps back, pulling her sweater tighter around herself. Standing still in this cold was not fun and getting moving again would be difficult. No cabs came through the Narrows, and even if they did she didn't have the money, and she wasn't going to threaten some poor cabbie in the morning when he was just trying to make a living. Besides, it was just a walk, or should have been. Except for Raven's interruption. <p>
Jason told her all about Raven. Jason told her everything, without Sasha even having to pry. And when she did have a question there was no sense that since he already had told her enough she shouldn't ask--it was remarkable, really, given his past. Even if she hadn't known about Raven and Jason's previous encounter, she had enough sense to know Raven was a hero, and Sasha didn't get along with them too well. Still, she wasn't doing anything wrong at the moment. Just walking. Sasha couldn't help but think no wonder Gotham had so much crime if their vigilantes were becoming as effective as their cops. <p>
She turned at the sound of another voice, hostile shock crossing her face as her mind reeled. Two people in the Narrows getting into her business? And one showing actual concern? Or faking it...but why would she bother doing that? To get Sasha to trust her and take her somewhere where her organs would be farmed. Something about Selina's sharp heels made her think that was incredibly unlikely. "I'm fine, or at least I think so until Goth Girl here invaded my personal space," she said. "I'm just trying to get out of the doesn't matter where." Nope, not exactly going to say an abandoned snack factory in front of Raven. She didn't recognize Selina as Catwoman, although Jason had told her all about her too...and had Sasha known the woman in the killer heels was the Cat, she might not have warmed up to her half as much as she did. Shouldering away from Raven and speaking honestly to Selina was just about as warm as she got when it came to strangers, especially when she felt cornered.


RACHEL ROTH - December 26, 2011 02:21 AM (GMT)
Raven removed her hand, doubt beginning to affect her. Maybe she should have tried a more gentle approach. But then the girl had to go and call her "goth girl." Goth girl? It wasn't that big of an insult, really, but indignation and anger quickly replaced doubt. Still, Raven managed to squash those emotions quickly before she did anything stupid in anger. Such things weren't a challenge when you had spent your whole life learning to master your emotions.

The woman made her feel like a complete jerk. The girl did look kinda scared and lost. Raven drew upon her powers to calm the girl. She looked at the older woman uncertainly, wondering who she was. She seemed genuinely concerned with the girl's well-being, and drawing upon her powers confirmed that the woman's feeling were genuine. She didn't feel comfortable drawing upon her powers further, not wishing to invade either woman's privacy. Abusing her powers in the past had always led to trouble. Raven found herself stepping back from both women. The woman wasn't planning on hurting or abusing the shabbily-dressed girl. Maybe the older woman could get some answers out of her and get her taken care of.

One thing had been made clear- Raven's presence wasn't wanted. She moved back towards the shadows. At this point she just wanted to make sure the two were safe- and maybe figure out what the girl's deal was.

Then she moved into the alley the girl had come from and found the bodies. She knelt down to examine them, though she didn't have Robin's forensic background. She thought it looked like some sort of animal attack, though. There were deep claw marks and puncture wounds on the bodies. The blood loss made it hard to spot the actual sight of the wounds, which impeded her examination of the body.

What was clear was that the girl couldn't have committed the crime. What wasn't clear was why the girl had been at the spot of a recent murder scene and had stolen clothes from one of the corpses.

SELINA KYLE - January 3, 2012 09:22 PM (GMT)
ooc: Blahh sorry it took me forever to reply, and also sorry for blindly posting without refreshing, thus creating a massively complicated post haha


Selina recognized the young heroine instantly as she placed her hand on the young woman. Raven. There were too many young crusaders on these streets nowadays. It was a pain trying to keep track of all of these over ambitious teenagers, but realistically, the only ones she ever paid much attention to were the ones in the Bat family.

It always felt like there was 'informal' territory claims in Gotham. Gotham was Batman's city. Those who worked directly with him had the luxury of being able to operate within Gotham without his complaints, the rest seemed to stay out of his way and focus on the villains who weren't so main stream. In Selina's eyes, these young heroes had never been a threat, but realistically they were probably the ones she should have been concerned about as the Cat. Over the years, Selina found her place in the Bat family. Technically, she was still a criminal but Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin... none of them would attempt to put her behind bars. Well, that was her assumption at least. These new kids on the scene, they were the ones she should have spent her time worrying about, but realistically, the Cat was a little too self assured to even recognize them as a threat. Judging by Raven's grasp, Raven had judged her as more of a threat than Selina had, but hell, even if she had hurt someone, in this end of town the poor bastard probably deserved it.

"If you're worried about someone abusing your personal space in this end of town, be happy it was her. " Selina said bluntly, watching carefully as Raven disappeared out of the shadows. Realistically, the woman likely looked out of place for the Narrows. But, appearances could be deceiving. There Selina Kyle felt entirely at home.

There were a few quick assumptions Selina made about Sasha. The first was that obviously, she wasn't from around here. Selina had encountered plenty of girls in less clothing than Sasha was, but those girls generally accepted these streets as home. They'd want food, or safety, they didn't want to escape outside of the East End, they had already come to terms that were stuck in this hell run place. But the question was, what placed the girl there, and what exactly had happened to her. "Trust me, no one really wants to stay here. In one way or another everyone wants out. Where do you need to go? I can get you a cab to where ever that is. But how'd you end up here, and like that in the first place?"

SASHA LOVETT - January 26, 2012 10:54 PM (GMT)
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She wanted to tear their throats out. The thought was sudden, lasting only a moment before her repulsion nearly sent her body shuddering. No. She wouldn’t let herself tolerate such thoughts. She could easily blame it on the fact she was a gorgon only so many minutes ago, but even in her gorgon form she wouldn’t excuse herself. She was still her, and she had no reason to wish these people harm. In fact, she should be glad either of them were showing her any concern at all, and if she had been observing the situation she might’ve even found a little hope for Gotham. Except all Sasha wanted to do was get somewhere warm and out of the Narrows—Selina’s words were all too true, Sasha knew that well enough. <p>

“Yeah, well, she was…unexpected,” Sasha commented, knowing Raven was well in hearing. She followed Selina’s gaze to the body, her heart beginning to race as she wondered how good a detective Raven was. Did she have some mystic mojo that could somehow figure out a gorgon did this? No, no, if so, wouldn’t she able to feel somehow that Sasha was one too? Except right now Sasha wasn’t. She was damned, but she was still human, at least until nightfall. No, she doubted Raven could figure out right away, but that didn’t mean given enough time and information she couldn’t later. The longer Sasha stayed there, she knew, the more information Raven would get. And Selina certainly wasn’t helping her any. <p>

Sasha bit back any noise, knowing all her actions would be carefully judged even more than her words. Obviously, she would lie, but how’d she lie was what they would look for. “Does it look like I really want to talk about it?” Her voice lowered to just above a whisper, but she didn’t try to hide the fierceness in her eyes. She knew that wasn’t going anywhere, even if she was surprised and slightly worried. “And besides, what are you even doing here in your fancy Manolo Blahnik pumps?” Damn, those were some hot heels. Nevertheless, Sasha met her eyes after giving Selina a good long look. She always forgot to look after a night where eyesight was near useless. Those first couple hours of the day Sasha was all but oblivious, still trying to rely on her skin and ears that did nothing in comparison.<P>

Once she did look, however, she didn’t waste another moment. The woman was so in her element in this part of town she could dress like that and walk around in the early morning without worry. Suddenly Sasha felt comforted by Raven’s presence and wished she hadn’t pointed out the woman’s shoes. Time to back-peddle as subtly as possible. “Look, just…boy troubles,” Sasha said, keeping a defensive edge to her voice and moving her eyes to the ground in ‘shame’. Right. Well, to be fair, it wasn’t entirely a lie…she was sure that somehow, someway, she could blame Jason for not staying with her all night, then again he wasn’t her keeper. He was younger than she was! Well, aside from that time spent dead…Well, if that didn’t work, there was always Damian. He didn’t save me, all his fault, I will be a constant reminder of that, pity me but not, blah blah blah. If only it still didn’t sting so much that he didn’t rescue her, or her father. God, how she wished she didn’t care. “We had a wild night. I wasn’t…entirely myself. I don’t remember all of it. But I was cold and alone and he didn’t look like he needed this anymore, and I’ve gotta...walk…back to…campus.” There! Gotham U. Perfect lie for a girl her age.


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