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k-m - September 17, 2011 06:54 AM (GMT)
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Is anyone else interested in these two video games? One's been released for the DS, and another's coming out (in Japan) in November for the PS3.

It's anime-related in the sense that Studio Ghibli is a co-developer, and the PS3 version looks very much like the Ghibli films that are so popular. The "sound direction" is done by Joe Hisaishi, so the music is as familiar as the visual style.

Here's a trailer for the PS3 game.

It was announced recently that the PS3 version is being localized here in the US, so it's more plausible that I'll be able to play and understand it. A neat feature of the DS version was that it came with a 'magic' companion book that you had to reference to perform spells (any maybe other things), but that made me wary of importing it.

The main character's cape reminds me of Howl's.

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