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 The longest rp of all time
Posted: Feb 12 2008, 08:12 PM


Group: Moderator
Posts: 227
Member No.: 10
Joined: 14-December 07

When king kai woke me up the next morning he sounded very urgent he was yelling really loudly.
it took me a while to realize what was going on I was still very tired. Finally I rolled out of my bed and stumbled out side. When I got out there I could see a big demon standing on king kai’s planet he was about twelve feet tall. He was huge and I read his power level it was one thousand five hundred I could not beat him by myself he was way to powerful for me to face alone I needed some help from the others.
“quick king kai where are the others I need them to help out so I can beat this big monster.”
“they are staying in tower of lost souls with those nice demons I will teleport there and go and bring them back here so that they can help you ok in fighting this big horrible demon.”
“ok well hurry there I need there help now KAIO KEN!”
a bright red aura pulsed around my body and my power level doubled in size.
“Ok demon let us do this thing”
“What thing?”
ok so he was not very bright but what demon is bright.
“the thing where I beat you down and force you to run away”
“Duh this um thing um is not going to um happen”
ok this was not the most exiting conversation I had ever been but the conversation was all part of my plan because the longer I talked the more time king kai had to return back with the others fighters and get them to help me out in fighting off this large demon.
“well I am keeping you talking it is all part of plan you stupid demon.”
“I not stupid”
“keep telling your self that demon”
just then king kai appeared behind me with the other three fighters with him.
“ha ha now my plan has worked you see I was stalling you with talking because I could not beat you by my self but with the help of these three fighters I will be able to beat you because our combined power level while I am in kaio ken is over two thousand so we will easily beat you and make you go hime and cry to Valtark and after he finds out that you have been beaten by the four of us you will not be working for him much longer ha ha ha ha”
we charged at the demon and after a short easy fight we all worked together and beat down that stupid demon that is what I call him now because I do not know his name so I call him stupid demon. Now that I had defeated him king kai wanted to teach me another move. This one was called the Attach Ki Bomb. It was basically a ki bomb that you can attach to things and make explode it idea was simply but it would be a very effective type of move. So I sat down in front of him with the others I began to listen tom him on how to do the move. First he wanted us to do more meditating first so that we had a calm mind. After we had done about a half an hour of meditating it was time to actually try and learn the move and pull it of on the wooden dummies that king kai had gotten for us to practice on. It was Gera up first he did ok but the bomb was not very strong and only made a little dent in the wooden dummy so he needed a little more practice at the Attach Ki Bomb. Verter had done pretty much the same as Gera he went over to do some more practice at the move with Verter. Now It was Hilt’s turn he did the move perfectly he could not have done it any better than he just did. Now it was my turn I had to do it just as good as Hilt or I would look weaker than him and I was not weaker than him. So I powered up the ki ball in my hand and jumped towards the wooden dummy and put the ki ball on it luckily for me it actually stuck to the dummy that was the bit I was having trouble with in training. And then I jumped away from the dummy before it blew up. I could not believe my eyes I had blow the wooden dummy to tiny little bits. I had done even better than Hilt did I was very pleased with my self. Hilt came over to me and said that I had done a really good job at the move he was very impressed the other two men came over and said I had done a good job as well. Then king kai came over and began to speak to me.
“Very good 0mah I am very impressed I have never seen any one do that move like that. It was amazingly powerful I really do think that you are one of the greatest fighters I have ever trained. Now Verter and Gera you to keep training with me to try and do the move properly now 0mah and Hilt you to can go in side and watch TV or you can keep training by your selves you can do what ever you want you have some fre time from my training so go off and do what you want.”
I decided to do some more training I really really wanted to get as strong as I could before I was revived to fight in the war. So Hilt and I went over to the other side of king kai’s island and began to do some training I did my usual the push ups the sit ups and the job after I finished that we decided to have a practice match against each other. We got into our fighting positions and prepared for the practice match. I knew that this was very hard because Hilt had been training even harder than me so he had gotten a lot stronger since he lost to Verter I prepared for a good fight but I was not going to go easy on him or he would not get any training out of it. He charged at me and I dodged his punches. He did not use kicks very often I used them all the time I was an electrite he was konatsa jin we were totally different people yet we were very close friends and that made this practice fight a very interesting one. He was firing punches at me like there was no tomorrow and I kept dodging them I was a lot faster than he was because he had a lot more muscle mass. It was starting to wear him down throwing all those punches and because I had been doing no stop training with king kai for the past week or so I had gotten used to going and going with out stopping so I still had a lot of energy left and he was panting and out of breath. Finally he stopped because he was out of breath and that is when I went in for an attack. I kicked the side of his head and he went falling to the ground. He tried to get back to his feet quickly but he was still out of breath and that quick get up turned in to a very slow one and I fired a ki ball at him and knocked him to the ground again. Once again he slowly got to his feet so I went in for a punch but he grabbed my arm and flipped me to the ground and slammed me into the ground. Then he flipped me back over to the other side and slammed me into the ground again. He tried to do it again but I kicked him away so he could not get me then I got to my feet again. I was in a lot of pain from the slams in to the ground. That was the good thing about him having the large muscle mass he may move slowly but when he gets me he really makes it hurt well that was a good side for him any way at least. He charged towards me again and I knew he was slow so I did not put all my effort in to moving out of the way and that was a very big mistake. He must have been holding his speed back before because he came rocketing at me with incredible speed I was shocked and before I could move out of the way he did another thing that surprised me he kicked me right in the stomach. He had obviously be trying to change up his offence because one he usual goes slow two he normally kicks and three he usual targets the head all of the time. I fell to my knees in pain from that powerful kick he really had gotten a lot stronger than he was before he really wanted to win. But I could not let him do that I was going to win well at least I was going to try my hardest to win and that is the best I could do. After about twenty minutes of fighting king kai Gera and Verter had finished practicing the Attach Ki Bomb and had come over to watch us do our practice fight when were going all out and I had a fear that I was going to lose this fight so I did some thing that I did not want to do but he was making me.
“I am sorry I do not want to do this but if I do not I might lose so here it goes KAIO KEN!”
a red aura began to form around my body and my power level double.
“once again I am sorry but just think of the training you will get out of this.”
I charge towards him and he began to punch and kick with all of his might and all of his speed but it just was not enough. While I was in this form I was just way to fast for him and I was dodging his assault of kicks and punches with ease. He was just to slow for me now. After he had been warn down a little bit I went in for the kill a few well placed punches and kicks to the head and body and h was down for a ten count. And I had beaten him in the practice fight and I had gotten a lot of experience out of this fight as well and I was sure that he would have as well. then I went over to king kai and began to whisper in his ear he then nodded his head.
“well gues what Hilt king kai thinks that after that fight he thinks that you are ready to learn Kaio Ken your self what do you say to that?”
“Great that is an awesome Idea I will go and get ready what do we do first”
he then looked at king kai and king kai replied.
”well first we will do a long period of meditating to clear our minds 0mah you can join as well if you want to I know you have all ready done it but it still is a good mind training technique and Gera Verter I do not think that you are strong enough to learn Kaio Ken yet but it can not hurt for you to try every one go in side and have a break then meet me out here in ten minutes off you go now.”
So I went in side and had a short rest until king kai called us out in to the garden. To practice learning Kaio Ken well to at least for me to help the others to learn Kaio Ken.when we got out there he told us to go straight into our meditation positions. I got in to mine and began to meditate then there was a flash of bright darkness if that even makes sense and I was lying in Valtark’s throne room again. I got to my feet very quickly because I did not know what was going on. I turned to see Valtark sitting in his huge throne and then I began to speak to him.
”How and why did you bring me here did you want me to kick your butt again.”

(Meanwhile back at king kai’s planet)

“0mah 0mah wake up what is happening to him it is like he is in an trance but he is shaking around like he is having some sort of seizure what do we do king kai tell me what do I need to do to get him to snap out of it.?”
“I do not know but I have a feeling that some how Valtark is involved in this some how. But I have no idea jow he could do some thing like this he must have more power than I thought he did”

(Back in Valtark’s throne room.)

“so while I was meditating my mind was so at one that you managed to take a tiny piece of it and put me here but I am like a hologram you can only talk to me and see me and I can only do the same to you we can not make any physical contact.”
“Yes that is exactly what I just said also just so you know this can only be used one time because I had to sacrifice an ancient gem to do it and I have a limited time so I better get right down to bisiness I know that you are very strong but you are not strong enough to beat me and you know that you are not strong enough to beat me what I propose os that you join me on the evil side and I will help you train better than that old fool king kai and also I will teach you a better move than Kaio ken and it is called Senso Ken and it triples your power level instead of doubling it so what do you say 0mah will you join me and my followers and the devil king and take over the world?”
“well now that I think about it that does sound like a very good offer I mean you would train me to make me stronger and you can teach me senso ken to triple my power level and I will have many of your soldiers at my disposal it is a very good deal.
“Yes. Yes it is now what do you say will you join me on the dark side of the force?”
“well after you telling me all the things I will get if I do I will have to say yes”
“oh sorry did I say yes I really meant no sorry”
0mah had began to teleport back to king kai’s planet before he could here the rest of what Valtark was saying.

0mah’s body back at king kai’s had finally stopped shaking and 0mah opened his eyes the others right away asked what had happened 0mah began to fill them in on the details of what had gone on in Valtark’s throne room. Then king kai began to speak to them.
“ah yes the ruby of foresight I had not thought of that he is very clever to even know that it existed it is a well kept secret only a handful of people know of it me. King yamma the devil king oh yes he would have heard the devil king speak of it if he has used it with out the devils kings permission he will be in very big trouble. I was sure that the devil king would be saving it for a time where it was needed most I am not sure that he would have given it to Valtark over a matter such as this I am sure Valtark had stolen it from the devil king this is not a wise move on Valtark’s behalf he is very stupid to make the devil king angry at him I know no man or beast or demon for that matter who has such rage as the devil king. He once used all of his power to destroy snake way one time when he was in a rage he normally can not cross between heaven and hell but when he went in to that rage he had more power than any of us could imagine and he cross the heaven and hell barrier and destroyed snake way it was a very very amazing site to behold”
“May I ask why he went in to that rage king Kai?”
“ it was the day Valtark decided to become my student instead of his”
“you mean Valtark used to train under you and be your fighter”
“Yes 0mah and he was very talented but the devil king kept nagging him to join him just like Valtark has been doing to you and finally Valtark gave in and joined the devil. And I think the reason that Valtark is so persistent in trying to make you join him is because you are a lot like he was when he was your age you are very powerful and learn quickly and you also love power just like he did. But there is one difference between you two when Valtark was training under me he ahd no friends and to this day he still had no friends that is the difference between you to and it is a very important difference one that could be the difference between you staying on the side of good or going to the side of dark. Any way enough of this serious talk let us go in side and watch some television or play a game with bubbles ok come on every one let us go inside now.”
So I followed king kai in to the house we all sat down and began to watch television I was not really watching it though I was to busy thinking about what king kai had said about me being like Valtark and how Valtark used to be good then turned bad then I realized some thing and I turned to king kai and asked him a question,
“hey king kai now that I think of it Valtark looks a lot like those demons who live in the tower of lost souls is he from there.”
“yes you are very observant 0mah those two demons that I was having tea with are his parents I have been friends with them ever since I took on Valtark as my student they are the nicest demons I have ever met they are even nicer than most humans are I still can not understand how Valtark went so wrong after coming from such a nice family. That is another difference between you and Valark he had a very nice family and turned bad and you ddo not know your family and you have turned out great you see in some ways that Valtark sees you are the same but in the ways that are most important you and Valtark are completely different and that is why I do believe that you will not turn over to the dark side and you will stay on the side of good and continue to fight for what is right not what is wrong. Do you understand what I am saying 0mah?”
“yes I do king kai and by the way you are wrong about me not turning to the dark side”
he grabbed king kai and lifted him off ground.
“no 0mah it can not be true you have not done it”
“no I have not it is just a joke”
he put king kai back down on the ground “
any way how about we go back out side and try and teach the others kaio ken again?”
“ yes I think that is a good idea by the way that was not funny 0mah”
“not to you is was not but to me it was hilarious to see that look on your face”
“another difference between you and Valtark he had now sense of humor at all”
so we went outside and finished meditating before trying to teach the others kaio ken king kai wanted to see how I would teach so he let me try and teach Kaio ken to the others he thought I had potential as a trainer and he wanted to see how I would handle it so I began to train.
“ok Gera you are up First I want the other two to go over there and began to push your power up as high as you can get them it is easier if your power level is higher. Now Gera I want you to imagine the red aura that I have when I use kaio ken but I want you to imagine it around your body not mine ok you go that”
I could see that Gera was concentrating really really hard.
“ok now push all of you power outwards like you body is exploding with power and use your anger that will help you out also. Even yell if you have to I do when I use my kaio ken form that really helps you out”
he began to try and do the move.
he did not do it but a red aura slightly formed around his body.
“you nearly did you were so close I think the reason that it did not work is because your power level is not high enough I suggest that you go and do some more training and then try again I really do think that that would help you obtain the kaio ken form”
I looked over at king kai
“yes 0mah that is exactly right it is exactly what I would do”
next was Verter and he did exactly the same as Gera so I gave him the same advice and sent him on his way now it was Hilt’s turn and he did very differently than the other two fighters did in their tries at learning kaio ken.
“Ok Hilt now you heard what I said the other two times so you should all ready know what to do if you have any questions please ask me all right do you think you can do it.”
“0mah you know that I can do and I will show you ok here goes do or die time one two three KAIO KEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN!!!”
a red aura began to pulse around his body he was doing it and then boom he had done it he was in his kaio ken form I was so amazed at how quickly he had learned it he was even quicker at learning it that I was.
“well done hilt I can not belive that you learned so quickly”
“well done Hilt and 0mah”
“king kai why are you congratulating me?”
“because today you have proved your self as a good trainer after you are to old to fight maybe you can train just like me and Grill he has taught you well I am glad that I sent him”
“what do you mean sent him?”
“well when you were born I knew that you would be a great fighter and Grill was my assistant here and he helped me train but the moment you were born we decided that you would need some one to train you to make you the fighter that you are today so we sent him back to earth and he waited in the town for years until the day you came to the town and that is when his mission started his mission to train you any way it is getting pretty late we should all get to bed 0mah can you feed bubbles while I take Hilt Gera and Verter back to the tower of lost souls.?”
“ok I can do that for you”
so I went in side and fed bubbles then I went to bed and though about all the things that had happened today it was quite a lot and I could not think of all of it because before I did I fell in to a very deep sleep because I was very tired after todays events.

When I woke up the next morning there was no one home I went in to the kitchen and there was a note for me on the kitchen table it was from king kia and it read.
“dear 0mah I am at the tower of lost souls Valtark has managed to break the spell stopping him from going there and has attacked it as far as I know every one is ok but it is destroyed I am bringing every one back to my house to stay because the spell stopping him from getting in to my house is much stronger than the one here and it should not be able to penetrate it. Can you please look in my closet in my spare room there are a lot of tents in there can you set them up because we will have about eight extra demons staying with us plus Hilt Gera and Verter but Hilt Gera and Verter will be able to share our rooms. I want you to set the tents up in the living room I know there is not much sense in that but it is to give them a little bit of privacy. Also can you get some pillows and blankets out of that cupboard and put in the tents so they have some stuff to sleep on thank you 0mah from king kai”
so I went right to work on getting every thing set up for the visiting demons but there was one said to this I knew that the demons were fighters so if Valtark sent another fight we would have even more help now they may not be the strongest fighters in the universe but they were still more helping hands to help around the place and to help fight off Valtark’s fighters. Just as I finished setting up the areas where the people would be sleeping king kai had arrived with about five of them. He came rushing to me.
“ I have to get back quickly I can only take five people with me at a time and Valtark’s men are attacking again I have to get back and get the others”
he then vanished again and I took the demons in to the room where I had set up a living area for them and then I went in to the kitchen and got them some drinks because I was sure they would need the drinks. Then king kai returned with Verter Gera Hilt and the two demons that I recognized to be Valtark;s mother and father they were staying in King kai’s room on his spare bed and we moved a few extra beds in to my room and Hilt Verter and Gera were going to stay in there. It was very crowded in the living room now so we decided to move the tents in to the spare room and that was just for sleeping in and they could spend the rest of there time around the rest of the house so the only time they had to go in to the crowded area was when they were sleeping and then it would matter at all. After we had every one settled and all of their things un packed and put away in their tents we went out side because we had to have a big B.B.Q to feed all of the people that were staying here and demons eat a lot so we were cooking heaps and heaps of food it took us two hours before every one stopped eating food. After that we took the television out side and all sat around it watching it I had to power it with my electricity abilty but it was still very fun having every one there together but then my thoughts strayed to GoMike and I had thought he was strong enough to make it to the end of snake way if he was coming I hope it was very soon because I wanted to show him how powerful I had gotten and have another fight with him. I would leave king kai’s island and go and look for him myself but it was too dangerous for me to do that right now with Valtark and his men wanting to kill me after I had denied Valtark’s offer to join him and the devil king I mean my name was not Dante or any thing I prefer the side of ligt than the side of darkness myself. After we had finished watching the television I went to bed so did every one else king kai had set up an alarm system if any one stepped past the barrier stopping Valtark from entering the alarm would sound and believe me it was a very annoying very loud alarm there was no way that any one in the entire universe could sleep through that not even GoMike. When I got in to bed I grabbed my sword and began to polish it Hilt did the same we did that until our swords were nice and shiny and then we went to sleep because in the morning we would have to train harder because Valtark was getting stronger and that barrier stopping him from getting on to king kais island would not hold forever. He would get through it some how I know he would he was just to sneaky not to find a way through the magical barrier between him and king kai’s planet.

When I woke up the next morning every one was out in the garden once again they were out there eating their breakfast so I went out to join them because I was very hungry as well it was very hard to get food when there was a bunch of hungry demons trying to get the food as well but I managed to fight them off for the food I was to hungry not to get some food. After I had finished all of my food I went in side and grabbed my sword I wanted to have some sword training with Hilt he was the greatest sword fighter I knew and training with him would really help my sword fighting out a lot. So we went back out in to the garden and began to have our practice sword fight if the opponent got the sword to touch your throat then you would lose the sword fight we were very good at sword fights and would make no mistakes and take off an arm or some thing not that it mattered because we were all ready dead. We went on sword fighting for a very and I mean a very long time before hilt managed to get the sword to my throat he was just to damn good but I had gotten a lot of experience out of this sword fight and that was the main thing not winning maybe some day I would get better and finally beat him but I would need a lot more practice before any thing like that happened to me. I continued to do a lot of training for the rest of the day before going to bed early king kai said that he had some thing specila for me the next day and I would need my rest for it that is why I went to bed so early.

I was woken then next morning by the noise of the demons because they were so big they made a lot of noise when they walked around the place I went out side to see king kai and asked him what we would be doing today for training he told me that it would be Gera fighting Verter in a practice match first of all and he asked the two of them to come over.
“ok you to I want you two to have a practice match but I do not want you to hold back in this fight I want you to go all out and try to put every thing that you have in to this fight like it is a matter of life and death”
I did not think much of his comment at first but I would soon find out what he meant by life and death. So it was a very good match between Verter and Gera last time these to fought it was Verter the saiyan who came out on the top but this time it was Gera the namek he had obviously been doing more training than Verter had been and it had paid off for him and he picked up the win. Now it was on to the rest of my training today. I decided just to start with my usual warming up session some stretches some push ups followed by some sit ups then finally a long job around and around king kai’s planet about two hundred times. It was a pretty good warm up and after that I was ready to take on any one so decided to have another sword fight with Hilt I lost it again but once again I got some good experience out of the sword fighting experience. Swinging that sword around really stretched my body out as well which was what I wanted I felt really stiff before I had that sword fight with Hilt. I went around by my self and began to word on my punching technique again I really needed to perfect my punches if I wanted to be a good fighter. After I had finished with that I went to do some training on my arms to get stronger and make my punches even stronger I had realized that since after the practice fight between Verter and Gera king kai had left and had not returned I wondered where he had done in a time of such danger but I knew if he left at a dangerous time like this then it must be important so I decided to forget about it and just continue on with my training. So I asked one of the demons if they would like to have a practice match with me and they said that yes they would so I had my practice match with them which I won easily then I went back to working on my arms and legs to get them a lot stronger so I could hit harder and be over all a lot stronger. King kai had gotten back now and he had a bag with some thing in it I went over to ask him what in heaven it was. He told me that I would have to wait until tomorrow to find out what the item in the bag was but when I did find out what it was I would be very pleased with it and king kai. So I had to wait I was really exited to see what was in side the bag but I forced my self to wait until tomorrow because I had to. To finish of the rest of my day of training I did a small jog then a few stretches to warm down from my hard day of training before going to get some thing to eat for dinner watching Television with every one again and then going to bed to get some rest I wanted to be up early to find out what kind of object was in that bag that king kai had brought back with him while thinking about that I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up before every one else the next morning I did some light training while I was waiting for king kai to wake up. Finally he did and the first thing I asked him was.
“So what is in the bag King Kai”
“ok you know how there have been all of these rubies floating around that Valtarks has been using to gain power well many have been made all with different abilities I have found one and it has the ability to revive you well actually it has the ability to revive three of you that Is why I had the practice match between Gera and Verter the other day so I could see which one would be revived with you and Hilt that is why it was a matter of life and death for them because some one would go with you and Hilt and live and some one would stay here and be dead. Now I it will take me a while to set up the ruby so that it will make a portal back to earth so I sujest you do one last training while you are here and go and tell the others what I am doing and tell them to get ready to be revived can you go and do that now please 0mah so that they are ready for it thank you 0mah”
so I went off and told the others about what was happening they were very exited that was to be expected but Verter looked a little disappointed that he could not come with us but that could not be helped. The ruby would only let three people be revived we wanted to take him to but we could not do it other wise we would take him with us to be revived as well and he could help out in the war also but on the plus side he could stay here and continue his training with king kai. After I had done all of that I went out side one more time and did my last training on king kai’s planet well at least it was my last until I died again. I went inside and said good bye to every one who was staying the demons, Verter and bubbles then I went out side to where king kai was standing he looked at me and began to speak to the three of us.
‘I will really really miss you but the ruby is ready to make the portal to revive you so you have to go now good bye 0mah, Hilt and Gera”
“Good bye king kai”
“see you another time king kai actually I hope I do not see you another time because that would mean I would be dead ha ha”
“Yeah see you around king kai”
king kai threw a strange looking salt on to the ruby and a portal opened up we all stepped through it at the same time and there was a large flash of light then all of us at the same time we were all revived I was laying in a cave I could see a small fire at the end of it as I walked down towards the fire I could hear Hilt and Gera behind me and as I got to the fire I could see a small boy and a old man sitting around the fire.
“Ceda and Grill I can not belive you are still ok yay”

ok word count of 6,713 with my weighted clothing and the king kai bonus that is 134,260 pl and I am revived and I get a new normal attack and finisher attack I will pm them to Dante when I think off them. But the downside is that my fingers hurt

My Rp Profile

Pl: 1,163,892

Zenny: 10,300

Attacks: Electron Claws, Electron Sniper, Triple B,Electron Zapper,Electron Disks,Spiral Beam Ha,Death Twist Beam,Lightning overload,Ultimate Sotrm,Lightning Transmision,Electrical Energy Drain:

Ki Mastery
pl suppres
False Moon
Pl Sense

Transformations: Kaio Ken *2- 2,028,604
Super Electrite *50 - 50,715,100

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