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Title: Painting Competition
Description: A Challenge from the Sons of Corax...

White Raven Talonclaw - Emissary - September 17, 2008 10:14 AM (GMT)

My name is Talonclaw, and I am the First White Raven of the Sons of Corax. This means I am the standard bearer and I chat to other forums to improve communication between us. I have been sent here to tell everyone (if you don't already know) about a painting competition that we hope to host between my forum and your forum. I believe SyNidus has already contacted Eetion. SyNidus has now placed me in charge of the Sons of Corax side and I'm tying to get this up and running again.

The painting competition will consist of three categories.

Single Miniature.
Squad - Must be legal in game terms.

The best three per category from each forum will be judged by my Admin (SyNidus) and Eetion. We are currently searching for an Impartial 3rd judge. I hope to here back from you all soon as I myself will be entering.

Victorus aut Mortis, and remember, the Emperor is watching.

Eetion - September 17, 2008 04:16 PM (GMT)
Yep... I expect a good showing from you all.
Get the paint brushes at the ready.

White Raven Talonclaw - Emissary - September 17, 2008 05:30 PM (GMT)
We have a date. The closing date will be the 31st October, that gives you all a month! If you could all send your entries to Eetion, and then on the 1st November we will all send each other the other forums entries. Eetion, you will be responsble for choosing this forums best three for each category. Our impartial judge is an admin from a Nurgle forum and has no interest in Raven Guard or Alpha Legion.

Good luck guys.

Eetion - September 18, 2008 01:00 AM (GMT)
Did we actually decide if there was any limitations as to what kind of vehicles could be entered? Eldar Orks, etc or only those that are of AL or RG.

Arkos the Faithless - September 18, 2008 02:51 AM (GMT)
Is it possible we can post our pic entries here Eetion? So we can showcase what our community is offering up? Right now I could enter all 3 categories....

Eetion - September 18, 2008 09:50 AM (GMT)
Yep... Thats fine with me.

White Raven Talonclaw - Emissary - September 18, 2008 12:18 PM (GMT)
I think the fair thing to say would be: "All models that have a link to AL/RG." Thats what I've said on my own forum.

Eetion - September 18, 2008 03:18 PM (GMT)
No problem.....

You heard it ladies and gets.....
Get your entries in.....

Extra Kudos for anyone modelling an AL stomping a RG into the dirt....

White Raven Talonclaw - Emissary - September 18, 2008 06:33 PM (GMT)
To that I can only say one thing.

"Wherever you tread, tread lightly. We are closer than you think, and our blades are sharp."

Arkos the Faithless - September 19, 2008 01:32 AM (GMT)
Alrighty then...Let the battle Begin!!

First off ME! Of course what did you think.... ;)

Single Miniature: Arkos the Faithless
user posted image

Vehicle: Alpha Legion Dread "Baltar"
user posted image

Squad: Alpha Legion Terminator Squad
user posted image

White Raven Talonclaw - Emissary - September 19, 2008 06:05 PM (GMT)
Our first prize! The winner of the single miniature category gets... a miniature of their choice painted by a top painted, he got to the finals in this years golden demon. I'm currently getting more prizes.

Plug - September 21, 2008 12:30 AM (GMT)
Count me in!

White Raven Talonclaw - Emissary - September 21, 2008 08:48 AM (GMT)
Next prize! A true-scale marine is already being done, If you want I'll post some pics.

JeanyVixen - September 21, 2008 11:23 AM (GMT)
I don't know if a true scale marine will fit in my appartment :huh:

Anyway. I've got afew questions about the competition.
What kind of models can enter? Is it anything from GW's range?
What will you be judging once you've got so far?
Will you allow models that was painted and showed before the contest started?

Plug - September 22, 2008 08:16 PM (GMT)
Here's mine. Will put photo of complete squad when done the pics

user posted image

user posted image

White Raven Talonclaw - Emissary - September 24, 2008 04:36 PM (GMT)
Ok, models must have a link to the Alpha Legion, they do not have to be GW, models already painted are fine.

WarpWhisperer - October 6, 2008 06:49 PM (GMT)
This looks like fun. :D I think I'll throw my hat in the ring:

Single Miniature: Renegade Techmarine/Obliterator
user posted image
user posted image

Vehicle: Rhino
user posted image
user posted image
(Hatches are different in the two pics as they're magnetised)

Can't really do a squad, because I've got no good pics of any of my finished squads, and my army is at my parents' house at the mo :(

Mister Feral - October 16, 2008 10:25 AM (GMT)
Nice idea on the painting competition, I'll put up a picture of my Alpha Legion Possessed Champion I'll be submitting sometime :)

Tkkultist - October 22, 2008 06:46 PM (GMT)
If you need an extra judge let me know.

Otherwise mabey ill photo up one of my traitor guard squads.

James Craig AKA Tkkultist

White Raven Talonclaw - Emissary - October 22, 2008 07:19 PM (GMT)
Sorry, we don't need anymore judges. I am however in a need of one more prize, so if anyone has any ideas contact me by PM. Remeber, you only have nine days left so get painting!

Eetion - October 23, 2008 11:00 AM (GMT)
Hell... Id be more than happy to let TK judge for the air... Yah far far far more skilled than I am with a brush... Id be happy to step down as a judge.

Tkkultist - October 24, 2008 01:29 PM (GMT)
Not Necessary Eetion - but if yo ever do need support/judging whatever let me know - I may lurk more than I post (especially with my little son taking up so much more of my time) but I am always happy to help. I have judged two other contests in the past month, one for a store and one for a mordheim forum.

To those who dont know me - My name is James Craig and I have won a few golden demons (9 so far) and have helped out judging for GD, Warpstone, Canadian National level competitions, etc etc etc. I am a member of the Team North America painters as well as the Team Montreal crew.

ANd I love me some Alpha Legion!

SyNidus - November 9, 2008 04:09 AM (GMT)
31st october has come and gone.

So, are you guys ready with your entries? :)

Eetion - November 9, 2008 09:12 AM (GMT)
Ummm.... no...
Basicly what you see here is everything entered. And iv not been around to 'motivate' people due to injury.
Is anyone free to get a poll ready, and add a few pics from the painting areas if ya think anything is worthy?

ageis - November 9, 2008 10:14 PM (GMT)
wait ive got a couple

"Alpharius" and "Omegon"

user posted image

random squad with rhino and "alpharius"
user posted image

SyNidus - November 10, 2008 06:34 AM (GMT)
Ok, how about this, we'll have one last deadline

17 November 2008 for entries

So it's next week. Cool with that? :)

SyNidus - November 18, 2008 02:17 PM (GMT)
So, are you boys ready?

WarpWhisperer - November 18, 2008 07:37 PM (GMT)
Hey SyNidus... you should never exect the Alpha Legion to do as you expect ;)

Seriously, we've not really done anything about this organisationally, but a quick scan through the thread here and I've counted three from each category:

Single Miniature
Arkos the Faithless by Arkos the Faithless
Renegade Techmarine/Obliterator by WarpWhisperer
"Alpharius" and "Omegon" by ageis
(Yes I know I'm taking a little liberty here, but they do share the same soul :P )

Alpha Legion Dread "Baltar" by Arkos the Faithless
Rhino by WarpWhisperer
Rhino (in background) by ageis

Alpha Legion Terminator Squad by Arkos the Faithless
Incomplete squad by Plug
(Again pushing the boundaries as not exactly game legal)
Random squad with "alpharius" by ageis

So I guess those are our entries...

WarpWhisperer - November 26, 2008 08:11 AM (GMT)
Anyone who wants to view the entries of our Imperial adversaries can find them here:

Arkos the Faithless - November 29, 2008 05:30 PM (GMT)
Some interesting entries over there. Lots of assault marines as expected, and Levitas entries are very nice! Clean and Sharp pics for his stuff, I liked it. I expected to see more Shrike entries then I saw there. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this contest! ;)

WarpWhisperer - December 4, 2008 02:52 PM (GMT)
With Eetion still unavailable to judge, is there anyone else who wants to step in to be a judge... don't be shy now....

Tkkultist - December 4, 2008 03:45 PM (GMT)
I am ready to serve and have the experience to do so if you want

So If you are up for me I am up to the task just let me know exactly what I am to do and I will get this beast over and done with asap ;) Do i judge the ones listed above? If so I will get started right away. Who do I send my results to or do I just post right here?
James AKA Tkkultist

WarpWhisperer - December 4, 2008 06:16 PM (GMT)
Excellent - I'll start co-ordinating what's happening now....

To make your job a little easier our finalists (*cough* only entrants *cough*) are on the previous page, and these are the Raven Guard finalists:

Single Model Category:
Levitas' Captain
Jaspercation's Librarian
Fhadhq's Shrike

Squad Category:
Earthen's Vanguard Squad
Levitas' Vanguard Squad
Vuel's Assault Marines

Vehicle Category:
Levitas' Dreadnought
Earthen's Dreadnought
Jaspercation's Thunderfire Cannon

Which are liberally spread throughout their thread.

If you could start looking (or even just finding the pics!), I'll pass on your name as a new judge....

Tkkultist - December 10, 2008 03:20 PM (GMT)
I just posted to the SOC that I have reviewed and made comments on all entries from both forums and am ready to pass judgement as soon as the format for judging is cleared up for me. I am looking forward to sharing my c&C with you all

WarpWhisperer - December 10, 2008 05:01 PM (GMT)
Thanx Tkkultist, hopefully the SOCs (oh how I want to put SOBs : devil : ) can get up to speed now too.

Plus, in the interests of fairness, I thought I should also link to these pics:
More pics of ageis' rhino, although if you've already made up your mind, then please ignore them; worth a look nonetheless.

Tkkultist - December 14, 2008 04:29 PM (GMT)
it has been agreed that I will judge this one solo - I will have my comments and results by mid week

Tkkultist - December 15, 2008 04:34 PM (GMT)

Single Model Category:
Levitas' Captain – Great contrast, smooth looking paint – very impressive and perhaps the best use of that head with the strange hair that I have seen yet.

Jaspercation's Librarian – Looks real good from what I can see – unfortunately I cant see much – the photo is very blurry. Too bad :( That being said I would happily give some constructive c&c if you put up some clearer shots. I can say that this is a well chosen mini for any competition as it is dynamic, detailed and has lots of character - one of the best GW has ever made IMHO. From what I can see your contrast zones look good, the focal point is clear and the basing is characterful. The one pic that was pretty clear is the back and from that I will give a bit of C&C - the greens on the staff look cool and the golds look nice and rich. What you should work on is making your edge highlighting more crisp and clean - I point to Levitas' dreadnaught as a good example of this. If you do not have the brush controll to make these then you ought to work on cleaning them up with thin black afterwards instead. Many painters make the best edges they can and then also go back and clean up to tighten lines. Looks like a lot of work went into this one and im sure it is a very satisfying model to have completed.

Vuel's Chaplain - I think if you read the comments I post about your Assault squad you will see that the opposite is kind of happening here. While the basing is lovely therre seems to be too much going on and not enough controll in the paint techniques on this piece. The yellow eyes do work well for drawing attention to the face but the focal point has undoubatably become the crozius as it is the only clean solid colour area on the whole model. While im sure he stands out among your forces he is far to busy a model to have this much busy paint applied as well.

Fhadhq's Shrike – Pics are a bit blurry but I can see it well enough to give some critique :) First - for a competition I would suggest that you paint your base - even if it is just covered in sand and painted balck to maintain your darkness look - something is needed - cover the slotta tab. Without this step I could never award a model a prize as it is very much unfinished. Aside from that I think using green in the eyes makes for an effective contrast and the cables seem well done. I would suggest that your white looks a little rough in these pics meaning that you should consider a) using thinner paint and B) choose a more effective base colour to work up from to reduce the number of thick opaque layers required. That having been said I do realise this is an enormously magnified pic and that this model probably looks great on the table - but as a competition judge I do still take all this into consideration and hope that my comments can help you move towards future wins 8)

Aegis – alpharius omegon – Single miniature - im not sure where to put these but in the spirit of the legion I will consider them here :twisted: - Both are nicely handled conversions and I REALLY like the use of the CSM Sorcerer/termilord legs on the one on the right, The details are real nice and I like the inclusion of the grenades/packs on the chest – looks like they really belong there and breaks up the figure nicely. The mastercrafted guns are very cool and I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the scale pattern you have used (being much like the ones on my own alpharius model). My only criticism/growth step for you is to work on your skin tones because they really aren’t up to the level of the rest of your model(s)

WarpWhisperer’s Oblit/Renegade TM – GREAT – original concept, very interesting interpretation, conversions fit together well and look appropriate (that’s not easy when mounting a lascannon of that size!) interesting scale pattern, red head gives the modela solid focal point and the contrast it needed. Very neat model. I like this one a lot.

Arkos the faithless – AL Lord – I like the use of part and the overall pose of the model – good expressive face. Your metals look a little lumpy especially along the blade.(old paint?) Consider thinning it more and building up in layers or switch to a consistantly smoother metallic paint (a newer pot of GW or some Reaper master series perhaps?) The greens by contrast look really smooth and well handled.

Squad Category:
Earthen's Vanguard Squad – I wish there were closer pics so that I could better see the painting here – from what I can see – looks very nice but part of competitions such as this is that the judges really need to be able to see the models and the paintjobs clearly. I cant judge this based on any other means so by my choice this will not be a first place entry though I believe it could certainly have been in the running. Id also like to add that these are really great models to choose for a competition - much like Jaspercation's Librarian it is easy to make these stand out as they are well composed, characterful and have some great dynamic poses and details. Choosing great models for competitions is often an overlooked aspect of these challenges - The truth is that it is far easier to make great dynamic models look supurb then boring static ones.

Levitas – Vanguard – You sir (?) are a good painter – it is evident in all your entries. The skin tones here are much warmer and look good – everything is smooth and crisp and cohesive. Id love to see something more flashy from you but this work is consistently good – I bet you have an incredible army on the table.

Levitas' Termie Squad – Clean, nicely handled. The photo shows the flesh looking very pale and a little like he is wearing makeup, but the reason I will not choose this one as the winning squad is that the bases are unfinished (can even see the glue marks on them….)

Vuel's Assault Marines – I really like these – though I understand that the paint here is actually very monochrome flat and simple – the overall effect and contrasts are great – it looks like they are striking in the dark even in a well lit photo environment (an effect of the yellow black contrasts – the reason they use these in hazard stripes/industry is because the contrast actually overloads your optic nerves and creates the most instantaneous measurable effect in your brain patterns). The bases are lovely and the poses are cool. I have also said many times in many competitions that an army painted cleanly and precisely with even the most basic techniques will look better than one painted with advanced techniques that aren’t well controlled or are still beyond the abilities of the entrant – this is proof positive. A great entry.

Aegis – CSM squad – overall consistency is good – I really like the (true scale?) squad leader – the added size and slightly different style but still close enough to blend in with the unit is great. I also like the look of your metals

Plug – CSM Squad – Pros hand painted iconography good contrast – I like the Multi stage green edges
Cons only 3 models - would love to have seen this carried over a larger group - would have been more impressive. Also I see mold lines on the horns and the backpack of the center model in the bottom picture. If painting for competition this kind of modelling exclusion will bump you out of the top spot almost every time (definitely in any comp I judge).

Arkos Termie squad – blue glaze on the power weapons is a good touch. The warmth of the bone is a nice contrast though I find the flat black of the weapons inconsistant with the rest of the models.

Vehicle Category:

Aegis - Rhino - Im definitely glad you did the interior - I do full detailed interiors for all my vehicles (even scratch built an imperial chapel and driver/gunners compartment with crew in my demon winning Inquisitorial Chimera from a few years back) Otherwise a nice clean paint job - nothing flashy but nothing messy - a good piece for your marines to ride around in.

Arkos – Dreadnought – The paint looks consistent and clean – but nothing really jumps out at me

Warp Whisperer - Rhino - great contrast with the textures of the scaled sections and the very clean finish of the rest. Overall clean and well handled

Levitas' Dreadnought – Very clean – great edge highlights that don’t overpower the model – my favourite part though is how well the tones in the base compliment the overall figure instead of competing with it or not counting visually – these tones warm up your overall presentation, bring attention to your muted reds in the body and really finish off the model.

Earthen's Dreadnought – I like the white green contrast – not one seen often, the battle wear and tear looks good and I REALLY like the arm conversion. I would recommend either working on smoothing your paint further or further emphasising battle wear/dirt etc as either would add to your presentation

Jaspercation's Thunderfire Cannon – Man I am real sorry but I don’t think I can fairly judge your pieces due to the quality of the photos. You should really get a tripod and set a delay timer for 2-5 seconds to eliminate camera shake.

Tkkultist - December 15, 2008 04:38 PM (GMT)
Single Miniature
Levitas - Captain feros Levitas
- this is undoubtably the best painted model in this competition. It is so clean and smooth, had great motion, and a clear focal point. It is also well based and the subtle highlight in the red really sold me.

WarpWhisperer - AL Rhino
- This piece is really nice and visually interesting- it has great contrasts of texture and colour, some inventive and really well handled conversion/detailing work, nice lensing, and is really consistant throughout the model.


This was the hardest choice of the day as the entries were so diverse in terms of technique, style and quality. In the end I made a bit of a compromise and feel that I should explain. I think the best technical pieces were probably Levitas's squad but they really werent a particularily dynamic squad - standard pieces handled well. I also quite liked Aegis's squad with the True scale leader conversion - but it is not painted to as high a level. In the end I chose a squad that had great dynamic posing a fine clean finish and a great presentation. to quote myself from the critique:
I have also said many times in many competitions that an army painted cleanly and precisely with even the most basic techniques will look better than one painted with advanced techniques that aren’t well controlled or are still beyond the abilities of the entrant – this is proof positive

Congrats to Vuel and his dark clean dyanmic Assault marines that stand out as looking like the Bad Mutha#()&#ers that the marines are meant to be.

Judges Choice

I also thought it appropriate to add my own choice - though there isnt any additional prize :roll:

My favorite miniature in the entire competition was in the single model category - though it was not the winner - The Techmarine Obliterator done by Warp Whisperer was just so frikking cool - I loved the conversion, the scales and the concept. Well done sir and a special thumbs up to you. 8)

Thanks to all for your particpation - I had a lot of fun judging this. If you ever require my services again or if you have any questions about my C&C please feel free to contact me and/or post here :)

Thanks again
James AKA Tkkultist AKA Lostinthewarp

WarpWhisperer - December 15, 2008 06:27 PM (GMT)
I thought about adding an embarrased smilie to the list, until I realised it's not very Alpha Legion ;)

On behalf of all the people who entered this comp, and even the wider audience that have viewed it, I'd just like to extend a metaphorical hand of gratitude to Tkkultist for all his hard work in bringing this to a conclusion. His comments on all the entries were a welcome suprise; I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was not expecting all the entries to be reviewed :o Gentlemen such as James who take the effort to help out others in their quests for ongoing improvement to their painting skills are some of the people who make this hobby the great thing that it is. (People like me who make such long winded sentances maybe not so :P )

Thanks is also due to all you lot who entered into this competition, and to the members of the Sons of Corax, whose attitude has been highly commendable, communication has been outstanding and whose general approach has been really friendly.

Congratulations go to both Levitas and Vuel for their winning entries.

And lastly, if we do this again, let's make sure we win all three categories : devil :

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