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Title: Codex Fluff Question
Description: Do you perfer 3rd or 4th edition?(HH)

Azzarick - November 16, 2011 07:03 AM (GMT)
New to posting but this is first post about anything.
Dont think this has posted in the right place but hope you can read it

My Question to my fellow AL is about the Fluff or back story
which the CSM codexs are based on
I have always been drawn to chaos from first being introduced to 40k and i cant remember how many times ive read through my first CSM codex that i bought when i was 12
40k was a universe that i really got into especially the back story for chaos
The articles in that codex (third edition) really caught my imagination
The idea of Chaos the Warp and these blood thirsty Gods Causing death and destruction with the ultimate Anti heros the CSMs as their most deadly of weapons.
Then the Horus Heresy article i mean enough said
I had to be Chaos!

But years later when the 4th edition codex was realised i was disapointed to find that
My favourite back story had been changed in my opinon too much

I am a huge fan of the Horus Heresy Books but i find the 4th editions articles on the events of the heresy to have to many refernces to the events dipicted in the books
it read more like a badly watered down short on the bookseries

The 4th edition seemed to take away the mystery surounding the civil war also spoiling hints on the books

while i feel the third edition articles on the same subject make you hungry to find out more about the war and the men/demigods that fought in it making you want to buy the books more.


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WarpWhisperer - November 17, 2011 11:22 AM (GMT)
I can sort of see where you're coming from, but I think that there may have been a hiatus in Heresy fluff, rather than an expansion....

When I first got into GW gaming was around the time of Rogue Trader. Around about then was the first release of the Epic system; Space Marine. It dealt directly with the events of the Heresy, and as I got more into that (which was frankly more accessable to me as a youngster than the ecclectic 40K stuff), I got moreinterested in that period of the 40K 'history'; board games like the Horus Heresy game, and the White Dwarf spin off with the attack on Horus' Battle Barge became staples of my fluff reading and gaming.

I think, when Space Marine got re-branded into the 40K arena, GW took a stance that practically ignored gaming in a pre-heresy arena, and as such fluff became sparse and vague.

With the advent of the Black Library, there is more characterisation invloved these days, but it's still not the Heresy that I remember. That was all about the Primarchs and their (namless) legions, and the Space Marines hardly got a mention at all; it gave a much more 'epic' feel to the story when it was a mythos surrounding demi-gods verses daemons.

Although I enjoy reading the Heresy novels, by putting a much more 'human' spin on them, it takes away from the Heresy being a glorious fable as much as it exposes the nitty-gritty of events.

Although, I must also admit, looking at it through pragmatic adult eyes as opposed to teenage wonder may have tainted my outlook somehow! :lol:

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