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  1. Song of Legion by Dan A.
  2. Appearances of the Alpha Legion
  3. A little old but "Whodunit"
  4. AFK
  5. Standard Template Construct (STC)
  6. Speculation on "Betrayer"
  7. Pariah's Yellow King *spoilers!*
  8. SPOILER filled thoughts
  9. What's a casino called in 40K? And other terms
  10. Average Citizens life in the Imperium
  11. Phalanx (spoilers)
  12. We are One
  13. The Serpent Beneath
  14. BL book-Treacheries of the Space Marines
  15. New HH book
  16. Word bearer omnibus worth a read?
  17. Deliverance Lost Audiobook
  18. An effort for Interviews
  19. BL - Title - Age of Darkness
  20. BL Title - Legends of the Space Marines
  21. BL Title - Legend of Space Marines (collection)
  22. A book forum

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