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Title: Hero-Hammer (the Basics)
Description: Multi-player Mayhem >:)

The Crawling Chaos - September 13, 2011 08:02 PM (GMT)
A couple friends of mine and I created Hero-hammer to break the monotany of regular points games and also wanted to create a easy flowing fun game for multiple players. I have been meaning to write down the full details of Hero-Hammer for a while now so last night I got to writing down the bare basics for it. Generaly when we play Hero-hammer we use the space hulk tiles to create our game board and have our own rules that we created for certain tiles and the doors. I will not be covering our own space hulk rules here though. What I am going to give is the basic outline for Hero-hammer.

The bare basics for playing Hero-hammer are as follows.

number of players: 2-* (the more the better)

Common Points for hero-hammer: 300-500

Herohamer FoC
1-* HQ's
0-1 Elities or Troops, or Fast Attack or Heavy Support.

No Dedicated Transports or Vehicles period!

Deployment: Standard, pitched battle or Dawn of War. (Take your pick)
Mission Type: Annihilation

The reasoning for allowing once choice of either Elites, Troops, Fast Attack or Heavy Support is that some special characters are upgrade characters and we would not want those players that have them available not being able to use them.
Also consider the one choice from any of the non-HQ slots the hero(s) retinue.

Feel free to comment and to give Hero-hammer a try. You might find that you like the change from competitive, regular points value games.

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