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 Sebastian Kent, Slytherin, 2016
Sebastian Kent
Posted: Jul 27 2008, 01:19 AM

Daily Prophet Reporter
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Group: The Press
Posts: 8
Member No.: 100
Joined: 27-July 08

Character Info--Sebastian Kent ('Seb' if you like)
Age: 20
Graduation: 2016
OWLs/NEWTs: A's and a few E's; his only O was in History of Magic


Sebastian Kent is the only child of a very well-off Muggle investment banker father and a member of a branch of the Pureblood but disgraced and bankrupt Burke family. His home was, while not idyllic, generally happy. His mother stayed home to take care of him, only occasionally incapacitated by bouts of depression and anxiety over her Wizarding family, some of whom are in Azkaban. While John Kent loves his wife and son, he's not very good at expressing it. His job also takes him away from home often. Despite his lack of ease in the realm of emotion, John Kent is an incredibly charismatic man and an excellent public speaker, very good with people in a superficial capacity. Sebastian's taken a great deal of inspiration from him, and tries to be as personable and outgoing as his father.

He's also inherited some of his mother's sensitivity. While he was at Hogwarts, he became aware that tapping into his emotional side helped.... it helped... to put it bluntly, it attracted girls. He began to cultivate a sort of 'brooding poet' persona, though he was also friendly and cheerful enough with his male friends that he wasn't written off as a loner. Seb dabbled in Quidditch (he was a reserve Chaser for three years and a starter for another two), and reveled in his dual personae: popular, jocular fellow and brooding, misunderstood artiste.

He aims for long, thoughtful pauses before speaking, in order to sound profound. Not that he isn't; in some senses, both of his personae are real parts of Sebastian. But very early on, Seb became aware that you had to sell yourself. Appearances had to match reality--sometimes, outmatch it.

He was Sorted into Slytherin, possibly because he didn't fit anywhere else; he's also fundamentally self-serving (not that he lacks compassion entirely). Hufflepuff and Gryffindor were certainly out of the picture (he has no real sense of duty or loyalty, and prefers to pick people apart and figure out their secrets rather than overindulge in what he calls the 'warm fuzzies'). He wouldn't have flourished in Ravenclaw, since he didn't enjoy the standard curriculum and spent a good deal of his time studying Muggle economics (thanks to his father) and writing for the amateurish school paper he founded in his fourth year. His is a strong but superficial intellect, and he's easily bored with things for which he doesn't see a practical application.

A born networker, he made plenty of friends, despite his blood status (and prejudice has settled down in recent years anyway).

Oh, he's aware that he's a 'half-blood'. He just doesn't mind; he uses it almost as a talking point, like most of his flaws. He's disarmingly open about his motives, and quite honest. Why? Well, it makes him feel better about himself. Secrets, he thinks, are weaknesses, and it's better to expose your own than to let someone else do it for you. Not to say he doesn't have any weaknesses. But he hides his insecurities behind his rather disarmingly scruffy good looks and pleasant demeanor and calls it even.

While at school, he chiefly excelled in History of Magic, and was known for his incisive analyses of historical politics and economics. It was the only subject in which he distinguished himself from the rest of the students. He's not inclined toward Potions or Transfiguration--he's just not willing to expend the mental energy to master those intense and complex disciplines. Seb's not at all bad at Charms, and likes to learn those that make everyday life easier. But he isn't a magical theoretician; he's too interested in things that involve how people work.

After school, his parents let him take a two-year backpacking trip around Europe. Seb spent most of his time picking up girls (he had a total of three relationships during that time, all of them spanning several months), picking up bits of various languages, and picking up a sense of world affairs.

Oh, and syphilis from the last of the girls. Not to worry, they've got ways to cure that completely these days, but it wasn't pleasant while it lasted. It's left him feeling more broody than usual, and a touch bitter.

In any case, when he returned, he found his father fed up with him for his irresponsibility (he'd blown the budget they had set, and more, and failed to get any sort of job in any of the countries where he'd lived) and ready to pack him off to business school, but his mother convinced John to let Sebastian pursue a job he already knew he loved: journalism. He's still very new to it, but he's thinking of writing for the Business section of the Prophet. Investigative reporting is also high up on his list of 'Things I'd Like to Do, If I Can Be Sure They Won't Get Me Killed.' Currently, he's setting out to work for the Prophet and living in his old bedroom in his parents' rather large and opulent townhouse (he's got a four-poster). He'll move out soon. Really.

Sebastian doesn't really like to be told what to do. He doesn't like to be part of things. His way around feeling thusly trapped? He tries his best to charm everyone within earshot, and then goes off and does more or less whatever he likes.


Sebastian is quite aware of his talents. He's charming; he's a good actor; he understands how people work. At the same time, he's got some alarming blind spots. He doesn't really realize that he's constantly looking for a strong female figure to coddle him, as his mother never really did (hence his 'look, I'm a wounded poetry-writing puppy' routine with girls). Or a weak female he can take care of.

Any female will do, really, provided she likes him enough.

He thrives on constant attention. While he's learned to be alone, since his mother wasn't always stable enough to spend time with him and his father traveled so much, he hates it. He thrives on the dynamic of the relationship: someone who will spend intimate time with him (not just sexual!). Why? Because outside of relationships, he has very few real friends, if any. His friends are really more what most would term acquaintances. With them, he's full of chipper charm. With his girlfriends, he's generally quite vulnerable... but neither of these masks are fully true to who he is. His vulnerability is almost as put-on as his charm; they're two kinds of charm. While Sebastian isn't a liar, he doesn't have an easy time letting himself out without some sort of mask, some sort of persona. When someone asks him a hard question, his go-to response is profound silence.

He writes very bad poetry sometimes, and doesn't show it to anyone.

In many ways, he's quite young, and likes to playact at being more 'together' than he really is. As he gets older, he may learn to reconcile himself with who he really is.


Sebastian is on the taller side of average, has an average build (he's woefully out of shape, so forget the six-pack he sported while he was at Hogwarts) and goes for the 'cutely scruffy' look. He's got brown hair and rather doleful, soulful-looking brown eyes. He likes to dress on the 'artsy' side of fashionable, and dresses down, not up, though his casual clothing is always well-cared-for expensive.

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Name & Contact Information: Sam (see E.B. Braun's profile for contact info)
Previous Roleplay Experience: Enough!
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