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Title: Hold The Lift!
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Arista Seaborne - July 14, 2009 10:04 PM (GMT)
Arista had finished an extremely long day of nothingness. She had finished the Prophet crossword unearthly early since it was their easy day and had had to go digging for something more to do. She hated her job being in limbo. It made her feel useless.

Of course, she had a date later on that night so that had made the day go even slower. Merlin she hated days like that! So, to occupy her time, she had spent the mid-morning hours in the depths of the Ministry, picking out old articles from the Prophet or anything else she could get her hands on. At first she didn't know what she was looking for, but then she found a few serial comic strips from forever ago and she got caught up in reading them.

And then, well then she ran across articles about dating famous people. That of course, got her extremely interested so she found other articles like it in the non-news section and checked them out for back at her desk. Back at her desk she read and read, pouring over each page, scrutinizing every detail. At one point she was so wrapped up in taking notes that she forgot that she was holding a cup of coffee. It spilled, thankfully not on the document, and she had to use a few cleaning charms to get it out.

She knew why she wanted to read the articles on dating, but why dating famous people? It never occurred to her before that she would be interested but then again, Ari found interest in the oddest things. For example, her fourth year of Hogwarts she couldn't stop reading about the Draught of Living Death.

Halfway through the day she shook herself out of reading all the articles, remembering someone recently saying something about not getting obsessed. But celebrity tabloids - especially from before the war - were exceptionally fun to read.

After lunch she researched something pointless, again taking notes and then putting them on the Minister's desk for him to write his own speech. Merlin she hated that! She knew she wrote better than he did and that wasn't being one iota conceited. She wrote better than a lot of people did and the Minister was a person, so the chances she wrote better than him were higher than average. Not much higher though, but nevertheless, higher.

Another few hours and she was out. She had planned to leave early since nobody missed her anyway, to get to her flat on time to do some pleasure reading she had forgotten at home and take a long bubble bath complete with her favorite from her childhood's blue bubbles. What could she say? Her tastes didn't change much throughout her growing up.

She had returned the articles to the document room, hidden between two floors so that unless somebody really wanted to find the room, they couldn't. Saved space or something or such crud as that - or so Arista had been told. She took the stairs down part of the way to a main floor and started walking towards the elevator. Just as she turned the corner she saw one starting to close. "Hold the lift!" She called, jogging towards the closing glass doors.

The person did and she managed to sneak in. "First floor thanks." Arista said, not paying any attention to who the person was until she caught a familiar looking face in her side view.

"Interesting day at work Alexandra?"

Alexandra Eelanor - July 14, 2009 10:45 PM (GMT)
For Alexandra, it'd been another day of seemingly simple tasks at work. Paperwork, research- operation development... contacting contacts; it was all another day at the office and truthfully, it was the only thing that really managed to keep her sane. It was honestly why she'd always arrived so early and left later than the rest. Here early, here late- it meant she didn't have to worry about going home alone, or eating instant dinners cooked by wand. Besides, most the time when she got home.. it was to get ready for an operation and head out for the rest of the night. It was easiest to assign the reticent auror; she had no life outside of work and thus, really, easiest to assign her. Not to mention she needed the money. So, as always, Alexandra had arrived early to work that morning, though for once not burdened with the mountain of every single minimal bit of paperwork she could possibly need. For once she actually left it at the office the day before. THere'd been an operation the night before so things had been simple. She'd managed a good mood despite the criminal situation in the world. She'd been adjusting to life recently, and with the recent social events she'd managed somehow, the world just didn't seem as dark anymore. Friends were things she always had problems with- real friends were things she kept close.

By the time the afternoon had rolled around, she'd been cleared to go home. She needed time to prepare for work that night and a bit of sleep- she hadn't noticed until midway through the day but she hadn't exactly slept well recently. The walk to the lift had been slow and worn out- despondent even when the voice had called to hold the lift. She jumped, barely- and just managed to press the button in time for the doors to slide back open for Arista to enter. At the sight of the friendly face, she smiled happily though as always.. timidly.

"Of course... but it's alright. Nothing too hard to handle. How about you? Getting ready for a night of relaxation after a day at the office?" She didn't mention the mission for the evening, of course, finding that most people just weren't interested in the nightly escapades of over dedicated aurors.

Arista Seaborne - July 15, 2009 09:22 PM (GMT)

Alexandra smiled at Arista, and as she would do normally, smiled back. Arista noticed something so, so quiet about the girl – it almost wasn’t natural, especially since she was an Auror. Of course, Aurors needed to be stealthy but in the Ministry? On a lift out of the building? It almost seemed out of place. It seemed like she was frightened by something – something she wasn’t quite sure of herself, which made it even more puzzling. But Arista knew better than to ask, alerting her Ministry colleague to something that she might not want brought up – something Alexandra might be fully aware of herself.

“I’ve got a date tonight actually.” Arista said, leaning back against the elevator back. “Came in early so I could get home on time to change. But, I suppose dates are relaxing in some way.” Arista shrugged, pushing some hair out of her face. She thought about saying something about Artemius but somehow her better judgments were telling her not to – well, technically they weren’t telling her not to, they were screaming at her not to. So, since they had yet to fail her, she didn’t mention him.

“What about you?” Ari asked brightly. “Curling up with a good book by the fire with hot cocoa in hand? That actually sounds delicious considering the atrocious weather.” Arista glanced towards the bottom floor they were approaching quickly. From a window, she could see the deep, dark and dismal clouds that seemed continually to hang over London in the winter months.

The elevator nearly reached its destination when it stopped suddenly, causing Arista to grab onto a rail to keep from falling. “What the heck?” Thankfully, the elevator was glass so she was able to see where they were: stuck in between floors. “Oh joy – we’re stuck and I forgot the spell to get these things working again. Do you happen to remember? Otherwise, I believe we’re stuck. Doors are too smart to open unless they’re at a floor or there’s a fire.”

Alexandra Eelanor - August 13, 2009 07:51 PM (GMT)
It might not've made sense- Alexandra's quiet, nervous demeanor, her distant way of handling everything from a meeting in the lift to the casual interactions she took part in. Mostly- it was a compilation of everything. Work was hard, the newspapers made it stressful, and for the barest of moments she'd allowed herself a relaxation.. but none of it mattered. She wasn't meant for such things and she'd done well to remember it. There was no place for relaxation when the criminal element of the world never took a rest and doing such, even in the lift, was an insult to those who died. To everything that had been sacrificed or would be sacrificed. Sure- there was that edge of fear that might not've made sense, but then... she hadn't elaborated to anyone (not even her fellows in level 2) why that'd been. Whatever it was, however, it had to be eating at her.

"A date? That sounds fun. It should be very relaxing... I like that there's still people enjoying themselves. Reminds me that someday there will be something." Alexandra offered with earnest pleasantness. Even if Ari hadn't mentioned who, it didn't seem to matter. Just knowing that there were still people out there still capable of enjoying themselves was enough to make her own job worthwhile. Somewhere, somehow, her missions did good even if it meant missing out on things, there were those that still benefited. An auror was meant to make sacrifices, especially at a time like the present.

"Something like that..." If good book meant wand and fire meant criminal dealings and hot cocoa was a synonym for warrants- then.. certainly. "The weather's not too bad. It could be snowing.. or worse, sleeting. It's a good night to work.. and to date." she smiled again and looked towards the window almost wistfully.

All that was forgotten however, when the sudden stop of the elevator sent Arista grabbing for a rail and Alexandra for her wand- steady, but clearly ready for an attack; even inside the elevator. She calmed when nothing happened and smiled an apology to Arista before stepping forwards.

"Of course." the smile remained as she stepped forwards and gently flicked her wand with the simple utterance of "Reparo" As if spurted back to life, the elevator moved downwards. "There we are." The wand disappeared once again back into her sleave.

Arista Seaborne - August 19, 2009 10:41 PM (GMT)
"A date? That sounds fun. It should be very relaxing... I like that there's still people enjoying themselves. Reminds me that someday there will be something."

"Someday there will be something?" Arista asked, confuzzled by the Auror's declaration. "I mean, wouldn't it be someone since that's what dating is about. Oh... I don't know. Artie is amazing and I don't know what I would do without him." Arista resisted the urge to sigh, not wanting to sound over dramatic. "You get to know that there's someone who is always thinking of you and thinking you are gorgeous. It's a nice feeling - you should try it sometime." She suggested, more for conversation than anything else.

With the flick of "Reparo' Arista felt immensly stupid. "Well I should have remembered that. I just thought it was something more complex than that but maybe someone was playing a trick on me when they said that." She tried to think of who had told her that so she could put them in her blacklist book - just for fun of course.

"So, anything exciting happening with the Auror's office or are you just fighting crime like crazy?" Arista offered a helpful smile, trying to get the poor girl to converse with her.

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