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Welcome to Wyntryl!
Please take your time looking around the site! If you have any questions make sure you post them around and one of us will get back to you quick smart!
Wyntryl has just gone through a major overhaul in the case of skinning and layout due to losing our graphic moderator Chellie -- You'll be missed ^^

So the Ice Cream Clutch is two years old now, nearly ready to graduate! Well done [those of you who are still here] you're almost there! Gosh so exciting
So the new Weyrwoman-to-be has a lot on her plate these days, the death of a rider, people continuing to go missing, unhappy villagers, and now the death of a healer through Yuppa poisoning! Does it ever end? Sorry Lanae, for now the weyr's still counting on you.

We have a lot of positions open at the moment and would be more than happy to have new members - we need you, so much - and lots of previous weyrlings to adopt. Plots are upcoming and going to be so much fun!
On an OOC note, Congrats to Mila for becoming our first global moderator, I need you so much <3 and thankyou, thankyou to ROSE and EGO for sticking with us. It means so much <3

Stick around and chat with us, promise we don't bite even if we are quiet. ~The Admins

Things may be looking up for the Weyr, Lanae Impressed Ice Feyth at the most recent hatching, and is growing into a confident, young weyrwoman. Her growth and transition into a Weyrwoman position is threatened; however, with the sudden influx of trouble. The weyr's healers have been run to the ground saving people left right and center, unable to keep up with the apparently traceless potion. Very recently, the weyr has suffered another strong blow in the death of Dragon healer Tsuchi, struck down by the poison the Weyr is taking every step to guard against.
Disappearances are getting worse, so much worse. More than nine people have gone missing from the weyr itself, most of which are candidates with three riders still out in the cold. To make matters worse, Slate Rider Freya was found recently, dead, and without her dragon. There was no mourning cry, and nothing else to suggest a death, so just what is going on over the mountains of Wyntryl?
Death is a constant companion in the cold, dark halls of Wyntryl, stalking the unknowing and teasing the others.
Can Wyntryl gather together and pull through these dangerous times, or is this a final stand against extinction?

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The Dragonriders of Pern and the world of Pern belongs solely to Anne McCaffrey (and her son Todd). No copyright infringement is intended. All original ideas, plots, characters, creatures, etc. are copyright Missa and/or Eza (all member contributions have been marked and credited!). This board is in no way intended for profit or monetary gain. Please do not "borrow" without express permission from one or all of these people! We have worked very hard to create an enjoyable setting and atmosphere in which everyone can roleplay. If you wish to use an idea from the board, please request it first but do not be surprised if you are turned down.
Plot etc: Eza and Missa with member contribution
Everything else: our dear Anne

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 Seahawk (name pending, work in progress), ego likes critters too!
Posted: Dec 10 2010, 08:14 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 67
Member No.: 17
Joined: 14-November 10

i intend to add some information about their equipment and hopefully pandy would be interested in drawing a mockup?
they are loosely based on steller's sea eagles, but with a reptilian twist and some hawker wisdom thrown in.


Seahawks are fish-eating predators from the frozen coasts of Pern. They have extremely sharp, contrast-sensitive vision, allowing them to detect the shadows of prey several meters underwater. This ability has been put to use by seahawk handlers in search and rescue operations; resilient and capable of flight in extreme weather conditions, seahawks are cast into blizzards to locate the shapes and shadows of victims in and under the snow.

Like dragons, seahawks are warm-blooded but have developed waterproof, cold-resistant scales. They are massive birds that require some strength to support on a glove. Females are roughly 20% larger than males, over a meter tall with primary wingspans of six and a half to seven feet and secondary wingspans of three to four feet. The primary wings are used for lift, power, speed and endurance, with long, translucently thin “feathers” of bone tissue extending from the scaly leather body of the wing. Along with the tail (about a foot and a half in length, blades of lightly scaled, porous bone as in the primary feathers), the featherless secondary wings serve as rudders, allowing the seahawk agility and dexterity in hunting dives. These shorter, more flexible secondary wings are set slightly further back along the seahawk’s body and are flattened against the primaries while the bird is in power/endurance flight. They are used only in pursuit, in which the primaries pin against the hawk’s body and the tail and secondary wings work in tandem to maneuver the bird.

Seahawks have thick, powerful legs and two-inch talons that operate like ratchets, clamping shut as tightly as the body of the prey allows and impossible to loosen until the hawk intentionally extends its leg. This can be incredibly dangerous when a hawk is mishandled, as startled or alarmed birds may grab for skin and refuse to let go until something tears. Nearly as dangerous to would-be handlers is the beak, which is a thick, bony protrusion with receded scales. The sharp tip is used to manipulate and tear meat, while the more powerful base cracks and crushes bone. Seahawks eat only fresh fish and will refuse carrion.

As distant relatives of firelizards, seahawks are capable of limited Impression to a handler who is present at their hatching, though they are much less intelligent than draconas and incomparable to dragons. With no higher-level thought, they are reactionary; they do not intentionally send emotions and images to their handlers. Instead, their small minds are permanently accessible by the Impressed-upon trainer, who can indirectly monitor what the hawk sees and experiences. The bird is trained to deliberately recognize certain stimulus on its patrols – predators, dangerous weather, and especially figures in the snow – and the handler picks up on this recognition and focuses on viewing the images passing through the seahawk’s shallow consciousness.

Unlike dragons and firelizards, seahawks are not hatched from clutches. Instead, single eggs must be bred from existing stock or captured from the wild. A chick will Impress to the first human it encounters, so instead of multiple candidates being presented to an egg, an individual is selected - potentially from a group of competitors, depending on the circumstances - and trained as a handler before the egg hatches.
Posted: Dec 10 2010, 11:30 AM


I love it! I won't be able to do any pictures for a while, I still have a dragon template and mohark template in the queue, but I'll get to it as fast as I can :3

Also those are big birds. Just a question on the size; Wikipedia tells me that Ospreys are"...a large raptor, reaching 60 centimetres (24 in) in length with a 2 m wingspan."

And Seahawks are "over a meter tall with primary wingspans of six and a half to seven feet"

I work in metric, so correct me If I'm wrong, but that puts the Seahawk's wingspan at about 2metres (1.9 to 2.1), so it has about the same wingspan as an Osprey, but while they Osprey is about 60cm/24in long/tall, the Seahawk is 100cm/3'3", right? Is this correct? Because I'm not a bird person, but I would've thought that the ospreys have their wingspan to body ratio at around that area for a reason, and the Seahawk seems to be longer but not wider to compensate for this?

Actually I can't believe I didn't think of this 'til now, but is that because of the secondary wings? And if so, would that affect flight much, having effectively shorter wings?

I typed that all up and then realised your measurements roughly match those of Steller's Sea Eagles, and that I need to learn to read. BUT I'M NOT GOING TO DELETE IT LOL. >:|

Enny-way, on to more relevant things.

Names: The pernese seem to have a tendency to call things as they are. It's a beast and it runs; runnerbeast. It's a beast and it's kept in a herd; herdbeast. It's a lizard and it breathes fire; firelizard.

So a mix of the prefixes Sea- Water- Ocean- Fish- etc, and then -Hawk, -Bird, -Eagle would be logical.

(Seahawk, seabird, sea-eagle, waterhawk, waterbird, watereagle, oceanhawk, oceanbird, oceaneagle, fishhawk, fishbird, fisheagle.)

Or maybe something like Fisherhawk, or Diverhawk (And so on with other suffixes)

Appearance: Have you any particular colours in mind? Different colourations for males and females? Also, do you have any particular idea of how you want the bone-feathers/scales to look? Because I can have a crack at it without a ref, but if there are any existing animals or pieces of art that give an idea to the appearance, that would be lovely :3

Intelligence: The firelizards and dragons etcetera have been 'boosted' with metasynth- pre-metasynth the firelizards (or dragonets at that point) were bondable but not as intelligent or strongly bonded as they are now. Maybe the Seahawks are something like this? Un-metasynthed creatures capable of some form of telepathic bond?

Also: Seahawk handling could be a sub-division of beastcrafting, and considered pretty much a full-time job. I'd say you wouldn't be impressing a dragon anytime soon if you were a seahawk handler, but draconas might be possible. If a trainer were competent, and maybe had someone else to help them, the dracona and seahawk pair would be very useful in search-and-rescue*. Other bondable pets might also be a possibility, firelizards and moharks (But they too would have to be well trained and not bother the seahawk, or they'd be shredded.)

*Actually I've just considered this and maybe Dracona riders could be paired with seahawk handlers, seeing as draconas can comfortably carry two people, though they'll tire out faster.
Posted: Dec 10 2010, 09:26 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 67
Member No.: 17
Joined: 14-November 10

Okay, in order...

1) Yeah, I based their relative body and wing lengths along the lines of eagles rather than ospreys. Specifically, I borrowed from the Steller's sea eagle and the Philippine monkey-eating eagle, because they're tall birds with endurance in flight. These have shorter, broader wings than osprey (which, if I remember correctly, have their own genetic family separate from Acciptridae, which eagles and hawks belong to?). That actually contributes to maneuverability in tight spaces, e.g. the Philippine eagle's jungle habitat. But it wouldn't help as much with maneuverability in stoop, which would be more important to a fish-hunting bird. Falcons have longer, thinner wings that let them react faster when they're catching other birds in stoop, which I think osprey also have for fish-catching, at least relative to buteos and eagles. But I wanted these to be eagle-like in terms of size and power, and I think the secondary wings, which are shaped more like falcon wings, would compensate for the clumsiness of the big primaries. Anyway, there are at least a few species of sea eagles that get along just fine with broader wings.

2) Names... I like seahawk and fisherhawk. I wish "eagle" cooperated more as part of a compound noun. Though "sea eagle" is perfectly accurate and passable too...

3) I was thinking dark brown/black plumage for both males and females with white shoulders or tail bands. I really like the Steller's coloration, and I think it suits animals that nest in snowy cliffs really well - rock brown and snow white - so it fits the environment nicely.

Unless they have color-shifting eyes like the other firelizard-related species, I like the juvie red-tail silver-white look. Typically eagle eyes range from that white to gold, but it's not a rule. Philippine eagles have green/blue eyes, so heck. Maybe they can just have multiple possible eye colors.

4) The non-metasynthed idea sounds about right.
Posted: Dec 16 2010, 04:58 AM


Had a think, if it's common to have dracona handlers/seahawk handlers paired, they'd probably have to both be a bit familiar with the other's beast. Going out in blizzards, the seahawk handler would need some verbal or physical commands to get the dracona back to the village/weyr if something happened to the dracona's handler, and the dracona handler would have to be comfortable calling the seahawk, having it perch on a glove or fly back to the village/weyr in case something happened to the seahawk handler.

Posted: Dec 17 2010, 06:20 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 67
Member No.: 17
Joined: 14-November 10

Good idea. So a rider would have rudimentary handling experience with their partner's bird and a handler would need to be comfortable and confident with riding their partner's dracona. It could be, like, tradition for the partners to be roommates (they both get apartment-style lodgings, yes?) or something along those lines... they'd need to go through training together, at least.

What would that mean for equipment... Well, if not the shoulder perch, dracona riders who're paired with handlers would at least need to carry a glove/gauntlet, but I don't think they'd need to wear it... just make it one of the items in their handy-dandy rescue packs, or whatnot.

Speaking of equipment, here's the general design I ended up with for Jones, which I think would work as a standard set:

"Toed with steel spikes for breaking through ice, traction-soled knee-high boots allow her to run freely in deep snow and imitate riders’ greaves to protect her calves from the scales of draconas she partners with. A thick gauntlet is fitted over her left hand and forearm, buckled and strapped tight to her frame, and cross-hatched with faded grooves where Ransom’s massive talons vise around the leather. Another perch, this in the form of a ridged leather spaulder, is harnessed to her left shoulder with a pair of leather straps. One is secured around her left tricep; the other crosses her upper torso and tucks beneath her right shoulder. Around her neck she wears a pair of steel goggles lensed with thick, double-layered glass, used to protect her eyes in blizzards."

^ Thoughts? Am I missing anything that they'd need to work with draconas? I don't know a lot about dracriders. /headscratch
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