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 Roaming While Patrolling, Jason
Lotus Payne
Posted: Feb 16 2011, 10:05 PM


Group: Bleeding Hearts
Posts: 15
Member No.: 50
Joined: 2-February 11

Patrolling alone got pretty boring after a while, no one to talk to, not even a distraction, and she was in the worst part of Gotham! Wearing her outfit, her hair the color of caramel and her eyes a deep shade of garnet. She knew that if she ran into any of her classmates they would see some familiar features, but wouldn't be able to place her. A good thing. She could easily keep her identity a secret thanks to her odd power. Lotus wondered if she'd run into any of the good looking goodies-or baddies- that were top notch in the city of Gotham. She wouldn't mind running into Robin, hell Batman could be entertaining too. Honestly anyone at this point would be fine with her. She wanted to have a bit of fun, maybe play fight for some practice.

Where the hell was the Joker for some simple entertainment? Hell she was about ready to join him on some crazy heist if he came up to her and asked. Then again she was supposed to be keeping away from the bad guys and sticking to the good guys. Besides the good guys stuck around longer, and helped people. There was no way she'd be able to turn her back on the people of Gotham, not now. Lotus had built up her name in the past year, albeit not as popular as the two original saviors of the city, but still she had enough of a rep to know not to break it, or turn away from the people who trusted her...well most people.

Walking into one of the many run down, and abandon warehouses, Lotus scanned the empty room. She had heard from a very reliable source that this particular building was being used by some low life drug lords to do business. She wasn't sure how her source found out, but figured it best not to ask. Hell they didn't ask why in the hell she wanted the info in the first place. She wasn't going to spill the damn beans, though she suspected that a couple of her sources knew what she was doing with the information that she was getting. She wasn't going to stop them, or treat them like fools.

Proserpine paused and listened. A smile danced onto her lips as she heard a snarly voice bark something. doing a couple one handed back flips she landed on a catwalk above where the voice came from. "WHAT DID I SAY BEFORE?! I SAID DISCREET OPERATIONS! NOT PARADE AROUND WITH A FUCKING FLAG SAYING HERE WE ARE BATMAN! SEND SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS ON US!"the owner of the voice was a well dressed pock faced red headed male in his late thirties."Because of your incompetence I've lost thousands! You're all getting pay cuts for this mistake. And the next shipment will be here tonight. Three trucks will be arriving, make sure you get all of the cargo to the right places. AND STAY OUT OF SIGHT!"

Proserpine rested her elbows on the bar in front of her."Aw, don't tell me someone lost you some drugs you were selling to kids?" she said pouting. True she was the one who had made the packages and the carriers that he spoke of disappear, she wasn't going to let him know that. "YOU! YOU'VE BEEN CAUSING ME MORE MONEY THESE LAST FEW MONTHS! YOU OWE ME YOU LITTLE BITCH!"

Lotus raised a eyebrow and jumped off the catwalk, doing a flip before she landed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Listen I don't owe you anything. You shouldn't be dealing,"

Created by STALK ME REDNECK! Tag: Jason Todd Words:610
Outfit: Costume Notes: Make up however many guys you want to have in the room and such.
Jason Todd
Posted: Feb 18 2011, 06:05 AM

the failed robin *

Group: Bat Geek
Posts: 7
Member No.: 54
Joined: 15-February 11

user posted image
will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns.
for the sins of our father and the sins of our young
The Tagged: Lotus The Outfit: CLICK HERE for Jason's Attire The Notes BLAYUM

In Jason’s professional opinion most people that he met in this city were idiots. Honestly he didn’t have much faith in the intelligence of the lowlife, small time criminals of Gotham City. That however was to be expected. The idiocy that is. It’s the whole reason Jason came back to his home town. Because crime needed to be controlled and he was the only one willing to control it by any means necessary. Not like his dear old mentor, and yes, there was a bitter tone to that. Jason couldn’t hate or blame Bruce for the way that he thought. Somewhere in the back of his angered mind there was rational thought on the subject. Those morals and values that the Bat had instilled in him when he was Robin were still bouncing around in the back of his mind. As much as he would have liked to push them out of his mind entirely, not everything the Bat taught him was pussy footed. He knew why Batman would not cross the line, and unfortunately he understood it. There was a part of him that could never blame or even tarnish the good name of Batman to himself. Deep down he still looked up to the man, even if he’d rather throw himself off a bridge than admit that.

Which is where he find ourselves. Well, not on top of a bridge, but on an old warehouse in the shipyard. At the moment he was watching over an operation that was going down with one of his “employees” and an overseas buyer. However not as Jason Todd, not as Robin, but as the Red Hood. An alias used by many bad guys over the years…however the one who’d began the name…the one who owned it. Well, he was Jason’s worst fear and if he’d learned anything from his travels and from the Bat himself. You have to become more than a man in the mind or your opponent and Jason had done just that taking on the identity of what he feared most. It was high time that the criminals of Gotham began to share his fear. The deal had gone down well and now it was off to deal with the rest of his underlings.

Jason propelled himself across buildings, catching ledges, jumping gaps, all the things that he’d learned to do when he was Bat’s little sidekick. It was, don’t laugh, one of the few things that he genuinely enjoyed doing. The rush of the run, wind speeding passed his ears, the almost on purpose slip and saves. There was no other feeling in the world was there? Nothing that felt as free and as good as this did. At least to Jason anyways. Now, enough of that silly talk, it was time to get down to business. It seemed that Jason had a lot on his plate tonight with different factions of his underlings tonight. Either they had transactions that needed to be done, or they were fucking up with his rules. Now…Jason wasn’t an unreasonable boss. He really wasn’t, but he had strict rules about how he wanted them to operate. When his little criminals decided that they would suddenly grow a pair and disobey his orders…well, they needed to be taught a lesson now didn’t they? And the Red Hood was definitely going to find some fun in this.

He came upon Crime Alley quickly. The place where it had all began. The place brought back happier and bitter memories for Jason, but that was neither here nor there. Crime Alley was the place where crime and the bad guys ran free. Well, at least as free as Jason and even the Batfamily would allow them. He was quick to come up on the building where these…delinquents had been “hiding”. Ha, hiding…As if they could ever hide from him. The Hood slipped deftly through one of the broken windows of an abandoned building. Though he wore steal toe militaristic boots, they fell with a soft thud on the inner floor. Quietly but swiftly, Jason found his way to the people occupying the building. However…it seemed that someone was already there before him. Cocking his head to the side as he watched a costume clad female getting yelled at by the man that Jason was about to wipe off the face of the Earth. A slight grin came to his lips though it was hidden by his mask.


"Listen I don't owe you anything. You shouldn't be dealing,"

The Hood was now on the catwalk the female had just left. He didn’t stop to watch or wait to see what this woman would do, instead he spoke, “I believe that I’m the one who’s owed here, isn’t that right kiddies?” The tone of his voice was amused but mocked the people below him. Jason brought out his most favorite handgun. One foot stepping up on the lower bar while he leaned against the top bar, idly holding the lethal weapon. He glanced at the girl below, “Well good evening there chica. I’d be much obliged if you high tailed it out of here quick and cute as a button,” He waved his gun around and although you couldn’t see it, a grin crossed his lips, “I wouldn’t want anything terrible to happen to you whilst I deal with my people now would I?” The grin was probably apparent in his voice.

created by STALK ME REDNECK!

Lotus Payne
Posted: Feb 18 2011, 03:12 PM


Group: Bleeding Hearts
Posts: 15
Member No.: 50
Joined: 2-February 11

Proserpine grinned as the minions of the very pissed off drug dealer all pulled out a gun of some sort. It was cute, thinking that they all were good enough to actually hit her. Obviously she wouldn't get out of the fight unscathed but she knew she was good enough to live through the ordeal. "Aw how cute! You've got guns,"

Before anything could go down another voice broke through the room. Lotus looked up at the catwalk she had just come off of and raised an eyebrow."I was wondering when you'd show up for them," she said looking back over at the fuming male."I would think that you would try and get further up the chain rather than dealing with this scum though,"

She was stalling, only slightly though, she knew that the red haired male would attack at some point, and that was her plan. Making the first move always made things harder on her, since she was skilled in gymnastics and well her special talent. A smile spread across her face as the male charged at her. Really what was it with men charging at her lately? with the twist of her wrist a block formed in front of the running male and she watched as he tripped over it and fell. She wasted no time in strapping him down by the ankles and knees before making wires that tied his hands together and pulling him up into what had to have been a very uncomfortable kneeling position."WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?! YOU FREAK! LET ME OUT OF THIS NOW!"

"Aww...uncomfortable? Good. Because I think having some fun with you is in order," She said grinning slyly. Her garnet eyes looked at the remaining fifteen men with a determined look. She would get to them in a moment, and if any of them tried anything, well they were going to be put in a much similar state as their boss."But first, I'm going to have a chat with your boss, carving you up will take longer," She teased, snapping her fingers so that all of the men's legs were stuck in the spot they were standing. "Please make yourself comfortable,"

She spun around and used the fallen and destroyed parts in the building to make her way back up to the catwalk. She flipped and grabbed the bar above the walk and then let go of it, dropping herself down next to the masked male."HEY! YOU LITTLE SLUT! I SAID LET ME OUTTA THIS STUFF NOW!" the male said, clearly thinking that he had control and power over the situation still, though the fear in his brown eyes said otherwise. Lotus rolled her eyes and ignored the male. "As much as I enjoy the statement cute as a button, I don't take orders from you, or anyone for that matter so-"

"HEY CHAT IT UP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND LATER! I DEMAND THAT YOU RELEASE ME!" Lotus didn't even look at the drug lord and waited until she heard muffled noises to confirm that her makeshift gag-which she had made sure to purposely keep in it's liquid goop form- was in his mouth. She looked down over the railing and smirked. "And I demand that you Shut the fuck up," She ignored all the glares she was getting, and returned her attention to the Red Hood. Proserpine smiled and crossed her arms. "Not gonna lie man...your people are fuckin' morons,"

Created by STALK ME REDNECK! Tag: Jason Todd Words:578 Outtfit: Costume Notes: chica?
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