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Title: Roberts, Waverly
Description: Pandora FRESH MEAT

Waverly Roberts - February 18, 2011 03:25 AM (GMT)
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Waverly comes off as timid and some times scared of life or other people.

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Pandora, evils of man, hopes. Her gifts are a reflection of what she carries. Like misinterpreted jar, Waverly is as unstable. She sees the world in many lights depending on what she touches. As the living jar, Waverly has a keen understanding of what humans are like. Their evilness is the most present to her. Human evil or goodness is locked on objects. When touched, she can see the good or evil and be influenced by it. Say she picked up a police officer's gun. Typically, that weapon intention is to protect lives. This will cause a shift in Waverly's personality, causing her to open the "hope" of Pandora's jar. She will become protective for 24 hours. If say Lex gives her an object, his intention will flow into her. His will become controlling to her since evil and the usage of fear controls. Whatever the objects purpose is she will want the same thing that Lex wants and her personality with adjust to meet the wants of that person. A serial killer's blade would have the same effect.
Her weaknesses are she can be controlled by whoever out about her curse. The adjustment only last for one24 hour circle and then she returns to her normal self.
She will wear gloves when she is in the right mind to help keep her from picking up the intention of objects. Naughty or loving intention she does not mind. She likes it when she picks up something that is a little bad but can be seen as just being a stupid kid it is all good. Causing Fun trouble is what she likes. She hates causing evil trouble.
Can this be controlled at some point? Yes, it can but Waverley is to terrified of her abilities. If there was away to control them fully it's through practice and understand how her abilities work. Don't get her wrong, she understands how anyone can benefit from her, she just afraid of what the object will do to her.
If she's at a store or multiple people have touched an object the layer she will receive is the last person's to touch it's intentions.
If in touch "trance" as she calls it, when intentions and emotions are high, Waverly will literally walk through the action. She'll find no control. Weak emotion and intention allows her the ability to mentally fight it. An example of this would be the wife cheated. The husband's anger is to the point of cold blooded murder and Waverly touches the knife. Waverly will follow through on action only to watch herself stab a person to death. It would be the same if she touched something Lex thought would kill Superman.

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Lex Corps employed both of her parents before her birth. They were employed for an enough time to allow the radiation from the kryptonite to begin to affect them just then. In time, they would suffer but they lived and are living painful cancer ridden lives now and are being cared for by the family. During the a few years that stayed with the company, Waverly was born and named in means of favored story between the parents and she was named after three of the different characters. As time grew on no one knew what would become of him or her and of his or her daughter.
Keen eyed in art and medicine, Waverly pushed her grades and her talents. She could perform in song and dance. Science was like her best friend. At this point, her life seemed like a bed of roses and nothing would ever go wrong. The girl was winning awards and such until her family grew ill and she become weird-ed out completely. Her powers started to come about and your basic delinquent behavior started to happen and attempt to control it Waverly tried everything, right down to heroin and what not. She did not understand where the knowledge of intentions was coming from until her father's nurse's intentions with poisoned food.
Waverly took a tray from her found the intention of death to be there. It weak willed away to end his horrible suffering and for reason even Waverly could not handle it. The plate was dropped and she hides in waiting room for hours trying to get rid of the wants. Once the desires subsided the next day, she approached the nurse that was none to happy with her. A fire of words came about and realized that woman's intentions were some how they transferred to her.
Things got worse for Waverly, with little to no money she turned to petty crime and your baseline delinquent behavior. Unlike most Waverly saw the hole she was digging herself and set goals to get out of it or at least try to get out of it. She trying but has not yet found a path that is right for her. She is creative young woman with a passion for the human condition but these traits are all overshadowed by the fear of her gifts. Waverly knows what not being afraid of them can do for humanity but fears the intentions of other people.
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Gotham City, was simply known for Wayne and it’s crime. Gotham crime waves often hit national news. They wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the Batman. Yet, since they had such horrifying tales the medicine here was beyond the standards of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, which of course was second best to Gotham’s medical care. Rumors of wonderful first aid and growing medical field made the city bearable but with the crime it was all to scary. No one knew when something was going to blow up with the amount of sheer terrorism in the city. Nothing was left to aid these people but superheroes and the bomb squad.
Waverly was out by herself tonight. She ran to the store to some shopping for aunt and uncle. The young girl has contacted Rossy earlier in the week and had not heard back. The possible body count in the city worried her. Rossy maybe to busy having fun or in the river. Either one was likely in the scariest of ways. Waverly highly doubted Rossy was busy with school. So, down to the short cuts she traveled as she did exactly what she was told, stick to the shadows and you shall be fine. Oddly enough she didn’t feel that way. Gloves were tight on her hands as she walked with the bags. Steps were carefully placed and she stayed calm and didn’t look at anyone. Awareness of them was up but thankfully the amount of people were slim, which, in many ways was dangerous and stupid on her part.
Breath was brought in and taken out as she noticed a few figures in the streets. ‘Stay aware and don’t make eye contact,’ she thought. She breathed out claming her nerves as villain names riddled in her head. She didn’t need to meet any of them. Getting closer the shapes took form. The first one the worst of all. She nearly dropped the bags of food when the messy hair become something she knew. ‘Oh shit! No. It couldn’t be him. There was no crowd.’
She shook her head and stepped forward as he stepped under a street lamp. ‘oh shit! It is!’

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